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Don't be a mimic in order to make yourself appear as what you're not, to persuade others of your supposed role in the unfolding, such a willful charade makes you a liar.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


On a day like today
Is it time to walk away,
has the sun found me
or have I done plenty?

It feels like Love
has had enough.
Enough, her eyes speak,
this brings me to weep.

Can't she see,
I still breathe
this all for her,
it's not for me?

Every word I write
paints her face,
every line inscribed
climbs the trees.

Every breath she takes
moves deep in me,
echoes over the surface
of my dreams.

There's still time to be,
the fish and the fowl,
the oceans and the sea,
the bear and me.

Love's worn to the center,
about to break in two,
time is manmade,
the chorus sings true.

On a day like today,
is it time to walk away,
has the sun found me
or have I done plenty?

I am filled up with Creation,
waiting to be joined,
met on the pathway Home,
brothers, sisters of the rainbow!

Let the wind carry our song,
raise joy with the sun above,
purpose worn like a ring
a ring that fits like Love!

Rise up and carry the old man
out into the wide open,
let come what will, what may,
be that …


Some say respect is earned,
I say it's returned
only after it's lost.
Firstly, respect is given,
and we often forget this.

If it seems as if someone has lost respect for you, don't bend over backwards to somehow "earn" it back, be, be respectful, and allow the other some space that they may gratefully "return" it like something borrowed that is needed by both.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Not sure why some are afraid of the monstrousness of war, probably the monstrousness.

We haven't any duty to country, we've a duty to Home.

I wouldn't go to war for any reason whatsoever as a peacemaker, and if more (all) humans realized that they are/were born peacemakers and not warriors, there would be no damn war!

We raise them up to diminish and destroy their empathy in an atmosphere of battle and fear, so it is obvious to me the reasons the world's people are at war with one another.

Then one must consider the (H)eartH, the planet of their birth? Why are we, in general, colluding, allowing the destruction of our Home? The most inexplicable war the war, the destruction of the very thing that gives us everything we need to survive.

I suppose then the answer is priorities, brother.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


We're so damn sick
We're so damn sick
We're so damn sick
Doing the same things
over and over again
as if
as if
the truth
were some magic trick
as if
as if kindness
was hiding from us
up some bloody sleeve
some god-fouled machine

We're sick
We're sick
We're sick
Telling jokes that aren't funny
just hurtful to another
a skin color
a brother
laughing at another
a sister being demeaned
by power-hungry jackals
hanging onto rage
fear and ignorance
warring our way
off the edge of the world
that's never been ours
to own
always out of our control
laughing at things
the same things
for thirty, forty
one hundred years

Grow up!
Songs, memorized
for nothing
pledges of slavery
jeering and sneering
making fun of something
doing nothing
nothing worth repeating
ricocheting like gunfire
like the whistle of bombs

As if love's
an unknown language
blasted to both edges
of prideful swords
distant and absurd
stupid godless wars
as if generosity