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The tempest made its way through the damp air.
Hiding a great power looming within,
It did eventually spurn the collective to begin,
To rise as one breath in the unfolding.

It is a very good idea to

The idea is to not just tell a story, it is to continue telling our story, the truth of our journey is that it has truly just begun. If it sounds familiar, if it rings true... it probably is...

Live Love Laugh

Me, We

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


And then I sensed the threshold
Drawing Me into the rebirth-canal.
Couldn't see but what was in front of Me,
But I could hear them breathing ...there,
Just behind my sight, so I dove to the bottom!
I pulled the spikes from the corpse
And found a Soul entombed within it.

This was and is a rescue mission.

(The audacity of you imagining yourself
saving The Savior! You're a fool!)

Then a fool was required to tell a better story,
Before the breathing found us all there.


© 2016 Mark Richard Prime