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Met a couple of fellow travelers, Richard (John) and Ania, a couple, "homeless" at the moment. Richard and I spoke for about an hour and a half in the public parking lot on A street next to the trail in Bentonville.

He was a gentle soul, a man experiencing some health problems, cataracts (nearing blindness) and various internal issues. Richard had difficulty seeing so we sat near enough to one another as to make it most comfortable.

We spoke of homelessness, the church, the Cherokee, we both are descendents, though he was nearer to the tribe by direct descendancy than I, and we talked of society, belief, God, Creation, nature, the (H)eartH, the Heart(H), governance, suffering and its possible meaning.

We were doing what we thinking beasts are meant to do, dance with one another's spirit and converse lovingly and thoughtfully about our human purpose. I enjoyed our conversation immensely.

(Ania was most kind as well, but she was catching up on her much needed sleep afte…

A Man Was Born

Imagine this...

A man was born… died… and then was reborn
without the knowledge of who he was before.
This man could not be told,
he had to find himself on his own.
He searched outside of the self for years,
didn't find himself,
found instead that he wouldn't know,
couldn't earn the right to do so.

He then went on a journey
only to find himself alone
searching blindly with new eyes
given him by the one he didn't know,
the one he couldn't have known,
never knew, blind to the truth of who he was.
He wept, he pled with Creation to let him go.

The answer was, No.

What a cruel test of the will,
what a sad testament to fate.
Too soon he stumbled,
too soon, too damned late.

Time’s up! March on now!
Move along, you don’t belong!

See him tumble, stumble headlong,
see him move along
and warble such a tragic love song.

What a cruel joke, what a spiteful worship,
what a misguided missile shot from empty sockets,
the ramshackle spirit using him for sport,
a game of laughin…

I Should Have Said

To all my fellow brothers and sisters
I offer nothing less than my love
And to my Home I offer the sturdiest of my belief
That which counts before another’s truth that I can’t see
Headed for goodness, the one exactness
Whatever it may or may not be, it's trackless
Not for me to imagine in the least
Since I cannot know, I’d be wrong, see
So I am trying my best at just being Me
More should try themselves on for size
At what they find they might be surprised
O, Let it go
Let of what you cannot possibly know
Come along before it’s too late
Might as well be Love
beats the hell out of hate
Boom boom
Dance and sing the heart’s satisfaction
Dance beneath the sky
Laugh with a child’s reaction

Remember three words
"I Love You"
No need to cry my brother, my sister
Only need rejoice in Home
In kinship to one another, father and mother
Life rising up to greet us with a kiss on the cheek
Inheriting the (H)eartH, it’s not just for the meek
It’s for those who've given up and…

Considered Thought

If we considered the thought that we're all the sons and daughters of God, Creation, we might then see that we've all been asked to sacrifice for the good of the (H)eartH, and, shortly following that realization, begin to gather as a tribe of one and fix what we as the collective have done to Home and one another...

Just a thought.


© 2013 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Among the Stones

Sitting among the stones, a place where they cried.
The native stone, tongues speaking to me.
They weep still. Weep for what was done,
lashed by cruelty, tears flowing like the stream.

I am so sorry my sisters and brothers, children of God.
I weep for your suffering, I weep.
I weep for your spirit still roaming these lands.
I weep for your children's children
removed from such beauty by greedy hands.

Love starved by ravenous want,
stomachs empty, hands pleading with the elements,
feet stepping through the mist, through the water
made deeper by your sorrowful prayer.

Your path now ours, some still grinning their gold teeth,
still ravaging the truth for money,
a foul sport of kings and queens
bent on conquering what cannot be overthrown.

No more, says the birdsong.
Move along home now, whispers the babbling brook.
Go back, urges the wind.
Return now to your Home, pleads the sky.
Love and breathe, speaks the soil, the rock and water.
Go back, begs the stream, go back.
Return n…

I Asked Her

I asked her if she could ever forgive me.

I need to come up for air, been down there long enough. Time to refresh my memory, ask for a full pardon, breathe Love into her lungs and watch as her expression rises beyond man's sickness, illness that's crept into Love and held her down like an unjust master. Her suffering is visible. Her eternity spills into the streets.

I shall deliver this into a story of Creation's will and humankind's choice. My veins are the symphony that plays for Me, for We, you and you and you and you, all. Be Love and I shall render Forgiveness, Peace and Laughter. I shall be equal parts Love, Peace, Forgiveness, and Laughter.

I am righteous. I give thanks to your flesh and loving spirit and to the (H)eartH's sway within us all, beneath the feet and before Me. Be still your heart and you swim in my story's spirit. Welcome to the truth of Me, of We. Welcome to my belief and my reality my Lovely angel Love. Feel Me now?

© 2013 the spirit of…


Arise Music Festival 2013 Aig. 14th - Aug 18th The Sunrise Ranch, Loveland Colorado
Arise! Let it be known that the (H)eartH is ready!
Arise! Let it be known that we are its steady!

Arise with Love, Peace, Forgiveness and Laughter!
Let go the raging spirit, and make it sing ever after!

Let go of your fears and arise with humanity's lungs!
Let go of your sorrow and arise with Laughter's tongue!

There’s no time like the present
no time so forget time’s assent

reach up and laugh, reach up
reach down and help, reach down

see those before you and those to come
see them with your vibration's lungs

see them arise with the sun
see them arise with the moon

see them arise and move their feet upon home
see them arise and hold their hands in the air
declaring, we are not alone!

We are not alone! We are one!
Humanity, recognize your own!

Humanity, arise and flex the spirit’s reach
and of the soil, water and air begin to speak!

Arise! Arise! Arise! Arise!
Arise with the sun and the moo…