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IRAN'S LABYRINTH (A one-act fantasy)

----A young girl in a magical land as her father foments war----

On stage are a large group of massive, ancient trees, center. They appear angry, their limbs extended in a gruesome dance. As the audience waits for the houselights to fade and the fantasy to begin, a haunting didgeradoo solo begins to play. As the houselights fade, the didgeradoo will peak and then fade down, but not out.

(Nighttime. MASOUMEH [Sinless, Innocent] stands among the many colossal trees. She is waiting on someone…or something. In her hand she holds a small wooden doll with orange hair. The hair brushes against the leaves on the ground as she waits. The wind begins to pick up now as the didgeridoo gets stronger. Soon the ground around MASOUMEH begins to quake and the wind becomes fierce. The wind is furious, yet she is not lifted by it. Soon MASOUMEH looks up directly at the audience. She holds her doll in the air as if to offer it to them. After a long moment MASOUMEH brings the doll down again, its hair dan…