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A Part of Me Dies (A one-act peace play)

(The stage is bare and awash in a low light and we hear songbirds and other creatures performing their wonderful incantation to life. The houselights fade and the natural sounds build to a wonderful crescendo. Lights, upstage center, come up and we see the most ancient of all existence, THE GRANDMOTHER, her flesh is bark, her legs are sturdy trunks, her arms, elegant green limbs, and her face, the rich soil. She holds a very large wooden staff in her hand. She is a magnificent sight to behold. The incantation fades out. On each of her first three words THE GRANDMOTHER brings her staff down to the ground with a mighty crash.)

THE GRANDMOTHER: Fear! (The ground quakes.) Greed! (The wind blows.) War!

(The thunder rolls as lightening strikes the top of her staff and lights on stage suddenly come up to full with a blinding flash. We are now somewhere in Iraq, afternoon, a war-zone. The dead bodies of many Iraqi men, women and children and US and coalition troops are scattered about.)


The Door to Love Stands Open - My Belief, Nothing More

(Photo by Michelle Prime, my lovely love.
(I only see well enough to recognize the sight and sound of my shattering bones, well enough to know my fetid use is poisoning Love, so why did I squint in the daylight in my eagerness to catch a glimpse of Love, the creator’s the last thing I’d have recognized when eartH let slip her wrath.)

Belief Knocked at My Door. I do not Know Anything, I Believe...

I allowed my belief to be written inside of my spirit from what little identity I had left after asking The Mother, The Grandmother and The Great Grandmother who I was. (Maybe I should have been more careful with what I wished to know instead of just being satisfied with what I believed.)

I had no tangible belief until about a year ago when I went on a journey to discover my purpose, my identity. To begin, I had to come to the stark realization that I, Mark Richard Prime, didn't know anything. Not one thing, not even myself. The following, therefore, is not knowledge, it is simply my newfou…

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