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In My Beginning...

(Zeus Box - Cosmos)
(Using Supernovae to Measure the Cosmos)
If I measure the distance from the earth to the edges of want and measure the distance from the river to the crests of greed and then calculate the distance between the mountain and the peaks of war, I’ll find myself nearby and still wondering why I'm not going anywhere.

I'm too near my finish to begin to imagine creation.

© 2011 by mark prime

Waltz With Me, Love

(The Hollow Earth)
The eartH is my home. The eartH is my love. The eartH is my sustenance. The eartH is my reason for being. The eartH brings water to my lips, spirit to the self. The eartH showers me in goodness at birth, it is I, who, over time, destroys all that is precious, that which is sacred to Love, to The Mother, to The Grandmother, The Great Grandmother, to eartH, to life and I am nearing the annihilation of my spirit. It is I who is the intruder, the thief, the rapist, the murderer and the hopeless fear.

What I create with my beliefs, ideas or thoughts is what matters most. Love calls out for my design to reverse course and save myself from agony, my own closing image reflected at the moment of final breath. Chart a new course, a new way to discovery, a beautiful and loving waltz with life and death, with Love.

© 2011 by mark prime

They Told Me Things

(Art from InsideLG - Mother Earth Day)
Murder told me it was exhausted of death.
War told me that it was tired of battles.
Rape told me it was worn-out of human paws.
Thievery told me it was tired of looting.
Abuse told me it was weary of fists.
She told me she’d be grateful for peace.

© 2011 by mark prime
Wordful Wednesday: Mother Earth Day -- Submitted by Gabrielle

Daddy? Why?

(Photo thanks to Ray Derousse)
Daddy? Why is there war?
It’s human nature, son.
Daddy? Why is there peace?

© 2011 by mark prime

There’s Reason Dancing With Love

There’s reason dancing with Love. There’s Love dancing with reason. (Fear asks if it might have the next. Yes. I say to fear, but only after Love bows out, will I dance with you.)

There’s Love and then there’s fear waiting in a line. There’s Love. There’s fear. There’s never fear next to Love and there’s never Love next to fear, only attachment.

I worship Love, not fear. Love shall hold me as equal partner, fear only shreds away my bond. Floating in humbleness, I pray that fearless Love still has her chance to invite my soul to dance. (Sinking beneath my reason, my fears dispense with my Love and reign alone.)

There’s humility inside of Love. There’s Love inside of humility. There’s belief inside of grace. There’s grace inside of belief. There’s peace inside of prayers and prayers inside of peace.

Pray for the spirits to begin their journey to self, then onward to selflessness, and even further into the spirit-filled flesh to my own awareness, surrounded by Love's spirits with th…

Skylight Reminders

(Photography Match)
Skylight Harvests Sunlight, Reduces Energy Costs
Sunlight radiates all around me, my dwelling lit by stars, me, by life, beast, by breath, seas by the glint of goodness. I'll reap what is sewn by what is known.

Scientists Still Struggle to Identify 9/11 Remains
Reminders of death are rigid things. Tokens of reason are elusive things. Floating particles, drifting dust and bone enter my lungs to remain.

Quake a wake-up call for Eastern U.S.
Alarms summon me to work, summon me to play and summon me to church. The Mother summons me to do something long before my alarm’s minuscule quake…

Hurricane Irene targets East Coast, many evacuate, cities brace
She’s not aiming for any particular coast, she’s being pushed against her will, madness pushing against joy. I've angered her, used her long enough, she’s unhappy, not mad…

Mexico casino attack leaves 53 dead
Place your bets on hate, this wasn't an act of love. So take your money. Lay claim to your prize, love's …

For all intents and purpose this is unreal

(The Galactic Free Press)
Mark: It’s a figment of my imagination, all of this humankind business, all of it, each and every last one of man, woman and child. 

Mother: And every spirit that is with eternity, crying out to you, jumping up and down trying to rumble a warning for your spirit and flesh. Your love and you. Your animal, lord and life, lord and death. So why are you encased with spirit which is not yours to carry away or to ruthlessly pawn, sell or trade, or imagine that you could begin to own?

MarkBut what of the spirit that is self?

Mother: You mean the spirit you were born from, the eartH?


Mother: Everyone’s eartH.

MarkMother’s are the reason we’re here. Yes.

Mother: Mother and Father, but I’m speaking of everything and everyone’s Mother, The (H)eartH.

Mark: You mean Earth?

Mother: Why not (H)eartH?

MarkYou’re mad!

Mother: And you’re too filled with everyone else’s fear. Filled with everyone else’s nightmares, everyone’s broken heart, another’s pain, another’s s…

Breathing With Panic

Shaving Kit Fits In Wallet
Dense and rigid, reminds me of Mankind and his thinking. Soon we’ll be able to squeeze war inside, between the rape and greed, in front of love and joy, behind hate and cruelty.

What an invention, war…

Roman Shipwreck Full of Wine Jars Found
Their medicine, drained of time, drunk with power, dead from misuse. Rome, then, did burn, wine, its mortal elixir.

U.S. residents, military ships move out of Hurricane Irene's path
To see the shores breathing with panic depends upon which particular shoreline we trudge as our winked eyes witness her gaping tears flooding our use with the broken dam of love.

We’re sorrowful and buoyant for another minute of joy to brush up against our garments, but the stench of melted plastic has us spellbound, like persistent war, famine, and thirst.

Irene’s the latest caution. Her nod, our loss. We stand slack jawed, soiled, terrified, waiting for what moment she’ll greet us with mourning, howling down upon her wayward children.

It doesn’t…

Not Just Another Dance With The Mother

(Ancient Trails)
Have your God, your Allah, your Elohim, your Christ, your Gods all, save for one, the eartH!

She is not mine to leave spoiled, she belongs unto herself. She is beautiful, is she not?

Yes! She waits upon me, upon my love. Listen to my own words. Hear how they move round and round and would never be or have been without The Mother.

My birth? Your birth? Christ's birth? What of The Mother's birth? She’s life, as I know it, but she's so much more than just another planet, she's love, she's goodness, she's the flower and the fruit of all things. All, and I am her child, all grown up now and smart.

O! I've much to learn and grow and even more to learn and groan!

I am a child of the kingdom of creation, The Mother, The Grandmother, The Great Grandmother, The eartH, Love, Life, Water, Mountain, Air, Sky, and Animal. Whatever I choose to call creation, it's a learning ground, not a playground. I have learned so little of where I am, instead, I…

I Dreamed I Saw a Man I Hadn't Seen in Many Years.

He asked me where my brother was…

“He’s shaking your hand.”

He looked puzzled and asked me what I had been doing all these years…

“Mostly messing it up for everyone else, much like everyone else.”

Again he looked perplexed and said that I had always been the odd one…

“Even, odd, makes no difference to me, I love you nonetheless.”

He tensely asked what my brother had been doing all these years…

“I don’t know. What have you been doing all of these years?”

He politely tried to move out of the frame of my dream by saying goodbye…

“And a good day to you, my friend.”

He laughed and said that he thought we were brothers...

“Family, cousin, brother, it’s all the same to me my friend.”

I awoke to a gentle laughter in my heart.

The End…

© 2011 by mark prime

Blood Diamonds, Blood...

(The Sequin Diaries)
Blood diamond, blood oil, blood plain, blood child, blood hand.
Blood sister, blood jungle, blood brother, blood forest, blood sand.
Blood water, blood lust, blood hope, blood mountain, blood land…

Blood love, blood joy, blood hope, blood red, blood war, blood air.
Blood wind, blood ground, blood cave, blood flower, blood grass.
Blood moon, blood desert, blood river, blood eagle, blood hair…

Blood reap, blood sew, blood ocean, blood rock, blood gold, blood sea.
Blood man, blood woman, blood silver, blood red, blood you, blood me.
Blood queen, blood hate, blood love, blood angel, blood god, blood king…

Hemorrhaging Mother…

© 2011 by mark prime

As Suddenly As It Began- Madness!

The thunder rolls, the large rain begins, dime sized drops, then, as suddenly as it began, the thunder rolls again... and it all stops.

Surrounded by life’s nectar I can’t help but give thanks. I won’t curse the rain, who am I to question creation’s delight?

I’ve the tar sands and acid rain! Reduced oxygen and climate change!

I’ve water pollution and warfare! Major flooding and polluted air!

Global warming, greenhouse effect! Population growth and arsenic!

Mercury, cadmium, chromium, and lead! I’ve murder, I’ve rape, cruelty and dread!


Let me emerge with great passion and embolden my Love! Let me steady my hands and ready my head to make up for what I've done!

Remember where I am. Let me love. Let me pray. Let me weep. Come, sister! Come brother! I believe I must celebrate Love’s resurrection and forever remember that life comes from The Mother… You?

© 2011 by mark prime

Natural Resources Defense Council

The Great Light

(Om Kids Yoga)
The great light goes out on one side and comes up on the other as the eartH calls down its fullness of Love. Unreturned affection wheezes on both sides of the sun and the moon as I forget myself and scatter blood about in a sacrifice of self.

I see well enough to recognize the sight and sound of my own shattering bones, well enough to know my fetid use is poisoning Love, so why do I squint in the daylight in my eagerness to catch a glimpse of Love? Love’s the last thing I'd recognize when the eartH lets slip her wrath.

I see well enough, alright. Well enough to plunge down into the shrieking agony of my own design. Love, help...

Boom! Shrieking Mother! Boom!

The great light goes out on one side and comes up on the other…

© 2011 by mark prime

About Om Kids Yoga
Yoga is a philosophy, not a religion. However, while developing their bodies and minds through yoga, children will be exposed to cultural and religious stories from all over the world through which they will be…

Our Fleeting Peace (Head-Line Poetry)

Are We Infecting Mars With Our Germs?
We fret about what’s overhead, what’s intangible for most humans, yet we continue to annihilate what’s beneath our feet. We abuse The Mother without so much as attempting to connect it to our own quickening death.

Infecting Mars will only matter if we draw a line_________________in our minds eye _____________from the earth_________________________to the red planet.

It matters most that we see our own infection, see it before Mother says_______“Enough!”…

World leaders react as battle rages in Libyan capital
Rise up freedom fighters! Libya, Somalia, America, Palestine, Haiti, Earth! Cry freedom to the heavens, wail it across the globe! Speak of love! Howl for peace! Weep for freedom!

Freedom’s gait is slow, man’s gait is swift.

Israel and Hamas agree Gaza truce
Despite the dictionary, the word truce is not the same as the word peace.

Truce is not the same as love.
Truce is not the same as freedom.

Truce has become synonymous with “a fleeting break f…

There's Something Floating in the Air...

It’s all around me. I pray it’s the light of a coming peace. I welcome its emerald gleam over the looming haze.

I’m so exhausted from my willful creation, from my beast shaping its hands into the lethal symbols of a pale dismissal. 

I’m weary of honing my mind with the same stone, with the same indifference as the tyrant. 

I don’t consider myself any better than the worst oppressor, I cannot rise further than their love is or was capable of rising and I can’t sink lower than they've the ability to send their love tumbling away from creation. We are one in the same, equal partners. 

How my love flows, fast, slow, mighty, meek, idle or dead, is up to me and me alone.

The air feels as if it’s speaking to me, if I’ll but heed its steady rhythm infused in the sky, the water, the rock, the air, the heart, the spirit. 

Listen to The Mother’s heartbeat, she breathes, she writhes beneath my animal’s rhythm, above my belief, within my flawed self, everywhere and always. 

Spirit, soul, atma…

Blameworthy (Head-Line Poetry for 8-21-2011)

Humans May Be To Blame For Shark Attacks
Man and his foul illusions of ownership are to blame. His dark fear and his yawning coldness are to blame. His sightless journey and warring hate are to blame. Illusions, fear, blindness and war his executioner.

"Zero hour" for Gaddafi as Besieged Tripoli Rises Up
What’s the purpose of the oppressed rising up if the world remains dispirited? Might the earth protest its enemies with the same bravery as the demoralized greet the tyrant?

Zero hour will arrive with the self-same jagged teeth as mankind’s wrath howls down his doom.

Shhhh… Close your eyes and go back to sleep, it’s less agonizing than witnessing your own suicide.

Sand for sale; environment ravaged
Sand, water, forest and man… Don’t forget the sky and rock, the wolf and lion, the mountain and wind, they too have a stake in this. Buy it all up now, people, because soon there’ll be nothing to imagine, nothing to see, nothing to hate, nothing… and we’ll have accomplished the…