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Your Belief Had Better Come From Nothing But Love

Your belief had better come from nothing but Love or there’ll be agony to pay.

You’ve been waiting on me. I didn’t know, or perhaps I failed to remember that you loved me. It must have just slipped my mind and I forgot that you are the timeless heart that thumps for Love.

What was that? Dogs and Cats are outside into something damned. You’ve been waiting on me. I know. I simply forgot you were there?

Here. Not there.

What was that? People and rats digging in the gutter for food.

You are the one that is there. I am here, beneath you. Why the expression? Where did you imagine you were? No. Your belief had better come from nothing but Love or there’ll be agony to pay. If damnation is what you fear, why cower at what must be your greatest contribution to Love- Caring for creation. It’s your only duty and it pleases Love.


A mother will not be a true mother until they’re both. She is The Grandmother. Let us have a rebirth of Love! Let us not look back in regret at what we created from pe…

The Suicide of Love

We, humankind, are noteworthy in that we are able to craft our own reality. That’s animal, what of the spirit? Does she benefit from our abstention? Will she allow her own death? Will Love allow the spirit to vanquish itself? If we succeed with our current method we will have not slain Love, we will have forsaken Love’s most precious gift, life eternal, the (H)eartH, Love. Why would Love knowingly commit suicide? For that matter, why would Love make the most perfect creation ever known that sustains eternal life’s fluidity for only a select number of souls? (Again, why would Love commit suicide?)

Love’s not dying, we are. Each trace of manmade things that taint the earth cause time to slip, days come swift. Having failed Creation, Life, Love, The Mother, the Grandmother, the Great Granmother, we won’t even be able to recognize ourselves.

It is not Love that is to blame for our penalty, we shaped it of fear, of our imaginings and nightmares instead of our dreams. Creation did not set…

Lift Your Prayers Downward

Is it just me. Have I, the ego, come unfettered and clanked my way across my own senses? I’d hope so…


Today I smiled. I wasn’t supposed to know. I was to be.


I’m smiling now.


This journey of ours only seems like its forever, until the next, and the next and the next- oh swim me your sultry doctrine, lift your prayers downward, reacquaint them with truth.

This trek across the familiar seems familiar, yet unknown. The instinct of where we are allows us to remain humble.

We’ve wrecked our last lifetime. Us, we, you and I are guilty of attempted murder, bribery and thievery of The Grandmother, the Heart(H) of Love, Heaven and Home!

You’re as guilty as charged. How will you plead?

Might I say I loved most of the time? Might we say that we deserve another chance?

You’ve had so many! You’ve had an eternity of chances. How many more might have to suffer because of your foul arrogance?

Are you hearing these words, spirit?

They are mine.

Oh spirit! Send me beneath thy veil that I might s…

The Opposite of Love is Fear. Fear is of Man, Not of Creation...

The opposite of Love is fear. Fear is of man, not of creation...

I should want to be Love. Why am I holding my tongue like I'm too frightened to speak a truth or too blind to see that Love is Love? Why am I contributing to the warring, the raping, the murdering and starving when I'm supposed to be a steward of Love? I need my beliefs to be beautiful through and through, Love, not fear.

Love is Love, fear is fear.

Finally a flicker of light in the tower! Remember, I’ll need my mind to repair the mess I’ve made. Afterward, I won't need the thinking part of my brain nearly as much as I will the part of the brain that remembers past lessons. I'll begin with the spirit and remember that I am responsible for its safe passage back to truth, and then to her water and then tending to her shores and trees. The sun and a fine mist of Love will blanket my work and I’ll dance and rejoice. I’ll give thanks to Love- her sway within all and everything. I'll look beneath my feet …

Occupy Heaven

Oh, Love! She moves… Ask thy queen to hold back her wrath or there will not be enough time to convince seven billion flowers that they'll live forever if they'll but bloom with Love.

Shuffle, schism, boom! Now! Love now! Bring forth your best and brightest Love for all to witness! Bring your tired faces out into the sun, laugh your tightening lips, cry your eternal joy, rest your tired soul and always Love. Love always.

Love me for eternity and I’ll for eternity Love thee and together we’ll open Heaven’s doorway. Look beneath your feet, wait to feel the pulsating Love, if you’re quiet enough to listen, you'll hear it pulse through us all! She waits for us to receive Love’s signal to begin our collective and full Love. Pray we heed the call. Pray our answer comes swift that we might have enough time remaining to hold away her righteous anger.

Oh, Grandfather and Grandmother, I am so very sorry for having wielded such man-made weaponry against the surface of Love. I’m humb…

Pray It Forward

I could have gone about the business of Love with my sights set on what Love can do for me, achieve for me, yet I've done my best to remove the ego from belief and have chosen to humbly worship Love.

It matters what awaits us in what we believe- heaven, hell, nothing, another life, eternity. (Truly believe you are in heaven and heaven’s where you’ll be.)

Pray you’ve created something beautiful from out of your belief. Pray.


Lose the ego! Lose the ego! Lose the ego and win the day! Merge with life as it was intended. Live, Love, laugh and give. Pay it forward, pay it ever onward toward splendor.

Look at her! Look at her! Look at her! She weeps of our foul wishes, weeps of our loveless art, weeps for our wayward spirits that they begin to walk with Love… with Love.

© 2011 by mark prime

Love Is Quite Simple Really

The pain was enough to make me cry. Her sky revealed my insignificance.

Life is actually quite simple- Love and care for my home. Love is quite simple really, live life with Love on my sleeves, in my smile, in my eyes, in my walk and in my treatment of all things upon the path that is my journey.

If I am to be a loving steward, why am I not bowing to her if she is Love? If I forsake Love, my imaginings will come true as I unfold them for all to see. The remedy for achieving full Love is to Love fully. Love, and I will be in heaven, sneer, and I'll land in hell. Love merely wants me to choose.

© 2011 by mark prime

To Have Served a Purpose

You’re forgiven…

Her voice rang out like an eagle’s shriek summoning me to me. I landed on my knees and stayed in supplication for days, touching her damp loam with affection… and regret.

Don’t dwell on your regrets. Dwell on something that moves Love forward.

If humankind is to have been for a reason, might it have been for Love?


© 2011 by mark prime

Here Comes the Rain

Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop your death. Prop up the rain another day.

What do you do?
You slather liberty for a privileged few.
Leaning against the wind, see it topple?

Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop your fall. Stop it! Swim the sun another day.

Do you know where you are? You must bring your legs behind your prayers and use motion to fly them to consciousness.

Begin! Begin! Begin! Begin your Love. Here comes the rain...

© 2011 by mark prime

It’s Too Late For Repentance

It’s too late for repentance... now is the end... now is the end... now is the end... now is the end... now and now and now and now and now and now without end! Love now. Love now. Love now. Love now. Love now. Love, that you might be and be that you might Love…

Take me homeward, daughters. Lead me through the darkness with my mind trained on the light. Though I walk through the valley of the shadows of death, though I walk through the valley, I Love. Though I walk through the slums, I Love. Though I walk through the halls of false power, I Love. Though I walk throughout, I Love.

I Love…

© 2011 by mark prime

Begin To Weep For Our Transgressions

We figured it out. The web of our making brought us nearer the other, nearer to Love. Nearer. And we found ourselves, find ourselves marching on the streets smiling upon one another. Heed this call, heed her prayer that she might see our change even before we feel ourselves begin to weep for our transgressions. Weep not! Do!

Motion creates. The universe is in constant flux…

© 2011 by mark prime

The Rumbling Floor of Heaven

You’re the one that is called innocence, you are most virtuous and have risen to the heights of angels. You are blameless. You soar, yet you’re firmly rooted to the eartH in your flight. She and thee are both Heaven and Home, my Love.

Echo… The Grandmother is the promised gift of eternal life! The eartH is Heaven.


© 2011 by mark prime

This is not a Prayer or a Dream…

The gavel came down like the gargantuan thunder of Love. The storm passed too quickly, we thought. The squall ran its brazen claws against the mountain side- Drum, pound me your thunder! Roll across the valley like a comet and- Hit it! Bring the stick down hard against the skin! Let us hear our wailing prayers! Again and again let us memorize the loss if humankind succeeds in self-fulfilling prophecy.

So we are what we think…

There’s no need for formal introductions, brothers and sisters. We’re family. Two equal shorelines encircling bodies of water waning from pollution. I prayed to Love that we see with enough time to correct our grave mistake. I begged creation to wake us up from our slumber. Humankind has poisoned the apple, my queen.

Awaken, children! Your mother’s calling you…


My neck is stiff from sleeping. Maybe I’ll write something…?


I bent the light with my mind. It blinded me.


The music stopped playing with the drone of a failing battery. I was at a loss for…



The Grandmother Versus The People

Now we’re in the thick of it. Muck up to our eyeballs, poisons seeping into the heart of Love, The (H)eartH.

The people stand accused of the attempted murder of eternal life, spat the sleet.
The people stand accused of deserting heaven for their own makeshift concoction of agony.
The people stand accused, blasted war!
The people stand accused, crooned peace!
The people stand accused, reasoned justice!
The people stand accused, trumpeted the wind!
The people stand accused… of sheer stupidity.

Your job is to be stewards of life, proud of your home, sure of your kinship… loving.

She raises her voice with grace, plants the seeds that open the eyes, lifts the green with her loving water and begs that I begin to implement the promises that I’ve made.

Objection! Leading the witness!


© 2011 by mark prime

Is this the reality you want to leave behind?

Is this the reality we want to leave for our children and grandchildren? Push it off on the next generation and their children and then to theirs and then to theirs- an infinity of others following suit across a sky of diamonds? She is our precious Love and we're set to topple her trees, ruin her water, all the while dumping depravity into the children’s minds who grow up to become accomplices to the attempted murder. We must realize that the eartH is not just another planet, it is, quite literally, the Heart(H) of Love.

Jump start me, bartender! Bring round your liquid-wrench to loosen the chords we've hung around ourselves and then stood back and jumped as if we didn't recognize our own guilty faces!

Within us all there is Love or an attempt to murder Love through words that are lined with vile intentions that have been blossoming throughout our sleep. Life and the eartH react to the will of Love. And humankind thought they would don their masks and then have the nerve…