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Unhappy (Nightmare) Train

(Terrorists suspected in Indian blasts killing 21)
MUMBAI, India - Three coordinated bombings tore through the heart of India's busy financial capital during rush hour Wednesday, killing 21 people in the worst terror attack in the country since the 2008 Mumbai siege. The attacks came just months after peace talks resumed between India and Pakistan, which New Delhi has blamed for past attacks. (Read More...)

The train arrives at the corners of my mouth, its passenger, the scourge of Love, nestles up next to my despair.

Anguish does not consider what it asks of me, my cheerless face pressed against the pane of Love’s wet glass.

My laughter’s spent. My smile’s faint. My displeasure lodged inside the gated circus.

I, the train engineer, steers with bent hands. The unhappy prostitute begins her rounds.

Her lips crack and bleed. Her tattered legs quiver near the crossing. She weeps.

The train moans. I, the engineer shrieks. We, the prostitute and I, take off our disguises and feign shock…

Beset on All Sides

Natural Disasters in 2011 Costliest Ever
The truth is beset on all sides by the illusion of ownership.

Breathing is becoming scarce these days, this, during the race for my disenchantment, which will crack the earth wide shut to the parade in the sky, our God and Pony Show, the grim reaper of “May I have this dance?”, and delusions of grandeur, (where everything, beyond my own beliefs, cannot truly be known with any fullness of certainty), rides atop this; the fresh renovations to Heaven, while The Grandmother awaits the mind’s arrival.

Come! Let me create something more than fear, more than mere kindness. Kindness brimming with Love, whirling with joy, most ready to breathe another day.

Let me weave my laughter into food and water, breathe hope back into my brothers and sisters and use my fears to weave a watchful courage!

Return to the sky, the mountain, the stream and in between the all and everything and let me make a pyre of my imagined grandeur and then burn it all away. Humbly …

The Unseen Wind

WW2 Air Raids Affected the Weather
"It was apparent to us that the Allied bombing of WW2 represented an inadvertent environmental experiment on the ability of aircraft contrails to affect the energy coming into and out of the Earth at that location," (Read more)

I used to think birds were happy because they sang, songs tumbling out of their frames, flying with the unseen wind.

Vagabond lover, like contrails etching the sky, your temporary affections and breathless want, stumbling and loud beneath the wordless blue, leave me open-mouthed to the noise found in man’s collapse.

The bluebird doesn’t question why it sings, my kind's the only beast that does.

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