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Humankind tend to see things through a small lens. Our scope of the fullness is diminished considerably when we don't seek the wholeness of our own Truth.

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Could you end your folly long enough to see the truth of simple political division. It is not our way. We are One Collective, United, Family, Love and Forgiveness. Our first lesson, is to recognize ourselves within in order to know the truth of each...

Love & Peace

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The Things We Miss

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We learn so much from the children, this smiling youth that laugh their way within us, that bring our joy soaring, tiny invitations to ourselves...

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Surely it is known that the fullness of our Spirited Story swims in my veins, the breathe of Life? If not, if by some chance that finds it's way into the unfolding that fails to see this speech and hear the quietude found within it, then we only need begin anew, a fresh beginning of our tumbling wits.

Come on! No more tests, trial period's over, recognize the truth of our purpose by remembering it. By recalling it from and through the return of our mist filled truth...

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For Love,
Be in prayer.
Prayer, not devoutly and rigid, but freely and pliable,
Equal action from the Peacemakers and prayer translators.

Want your prayer's answered, your thoughts recognized in the mouths of speech? Act upon them without regret and all will be fed. React upon your pleas, that each might find their mark, that each might be answered by believing in their collective and simple truth found in our kinship...

•Mark Richard Prime

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Country first, then with a humble pride spread it's blanket knitted of our kinship to all natural things. It is and it will be, all we need do is make it our consideration, the Spirit One will do the rest.
__|•Mark Richard Prime

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Kiwi had an unusually agressive morning at the Downtown Farmer's Market. Not sure, I suppose she was picking up on my own. I would like to apologize to those that witnessed two dogs being dogs, not at war or with any foul weapons or schemes designed to illicit the unseemly, none of our home made trappings do our pet's wield, but they don that which came through them from the core that we humans are in tune with in a most agressive manner, spiritual conquering through the physical horror of War! No more...

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Want to know how vulnerable we are? My phone died and I wasn't disappointed, I went with its flow, not my own. It sure as hell ain't rocket science... It's an existence based on battery life. Create a Heaven now, or suffer in the one we don't.

Assumptions are made worse by our unsuspecting expectations of being asses.

So... Jesus was a prophet, a man who existed, if not in reality, then beyond doubt in search of a savior.

Think as if it is all backwards, told in reverse order from a beginning to a new beginning, and the core truths we tell ourselves and that that will be the reflection we experience, that we sent forth into our own private echo chamber.

Back away with haste, for it will strike at us in the balance. We remain stymied because We hold tightly to truths that we cannot possibly know, and these truths become the return of our own thoughts which are thoughts and not (necessarily) truths.

We KNOW nothing...
Think or don't think, but let us do our best to …


We've been fighting wars, particularly after 911, like savage beasts bent on even their own annihilation from existence, savagery unseen on the scale of the war on terror's honed sense of one, the other.

End this madness forthwith, or the (H)eartH will begin to heal ahead of us and without our choosing the method. We must react to Home as she is our Source, our Creator, seventy percent water and Home'seighty-five percent water. Think. Now let go and evolve away from the system's monstrous grip on actual Freedom! Rise on up and let's begin to reach agreement, a balance has yet to be found that satisfies Heaven's cherishment...

__Mark Richard Prime, wLGaF

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Unnatural Instruction

War has not been a rare thing in our experience, for sure, but that just means that we've been lost from the get go.

War is a very unnatural thing. It's like feeding an animal raw carcases of bloody flesh for their meals. Perhaps this example is "natural", but the point is that the animal will likely become more of a savage hunter from the constant taste of and for blood.

We are one of the most intelligent beasts on earth and, by the same token, the most ignorant and bloody foul of them all.


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Be like the little children with the quietude of dog's sleeping and we'll see war, there and here, as a rather ignorant thing to have ever waged.

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Teaching vs Remembering

(Teach the child to be loving, etc!)

We have obviously forgotten ourselves, so we have little to teach them, yet much to learn from them naturally. Be like the little children, don't instruct from ignorance...

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(Define Peacemaker?)

One who bridges divides instead of bombing bridges.

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There are homeless vets on our streets dying! That is certainly disrespecting them while We groan about flags and honor and damned anthems!

Wake up, America!

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Trust in Humanity and Home, otherwise we have already lost...

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They kneel for those slain by our own citizenry, by a system that is far too prideful to imagine itself culpable...

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I am not ungrateful, I am a peacemaker and keeper. It is Peace that has been and is bludgeoned by our fears.

God bless the warriors and the peacemakers...equally honored, not seeing some gaping difference between them that cannot be bridged. It is happening now, my friends. Now, not then.

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Defense is one thing, my friends, but what is happening is risking our human annhilation, then freedom will have failed to see the human collection, and that will be the most egregious and offensive wound of all.

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Too many graves have been and are being dug for us to continue warring. Let us rise as Peacemakers for now, not then...

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I personally don't see War being about freedom for all, therefore I find war the most repugnant thing humankind has ever created. Peace is the goal, it is the only thing that will grant the world the freedom we all seek, which we have yet to find.

I will never disrespect the warrior, but will stand for anyone who is no longer able to do so, and I will remain a peacemaker until there is no longer a folded flag to be handed to a Mother...


© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


I'll take a knee where I am.

I am a Peacemaker
that Love's the warrior, yet detests the war.

I am a Peacekeeper,
and I will kneel and/or stand in solidarity with those who can't, for any reason.

The warrior also fought for our freedom to take a knee in grievance that we might recognize all as equal to ourselves and to defend against "enemies", both foreign and domestic.

There are many warriors that agree with those kneeling and who themselves are taking a knee, on and off the field of play, since they fought and died for our and their own right to do so.

United... States, not a divided people's, but a United People.

A divided house does not kneel or stand... it falls.

Let us then assure that we unite in the cause of One human collective...

God bless all...

Love and Peace

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


Maybe if we stopped being so prideful about such things and used our "advanced" thinking to feed, clothe and shelter all in need, to cleanse our foul toxins from the source of our creations, to stand up or kneel for those who can't, maybe then we'd truly understand our growing selfishness and our massive ignorance to what is actually important to our subsistence...

Home, Life, Love, Peace, Forgiveness, Laughter, Freedom, and Truth...

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


They should know a wall is a divider and not a uniter.
They should know that people are alike more than different.
They should know that wars are about money/power/resources and not about people.
They should know that taking a knee is giving voice to those without.
They should know how privileged they themselves are to be able to afford to travel around our beautiful paradise.
They should know that we are a loved people's, despite our allowances.
They should know all of these things and more about the collection of Life and the great and varied beauty of the (H)eartH and its collection of things with breath.
I am sure many of them do, yet not all...yet.

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


We are the people... we are the government of our allowances. All Trump is doing is following a script and being dangled like a puppet to separate the wheat from the chaff...the extremists from the docile and indifferent.

Trump's just the latest puppet, yet not the master. It has been happening for quite some time now, a slow coup over the people toward our own enslavement, yet the revolution is underway in the Spirit and will soon enter with our actions...

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


I think any "business contract" protection is problematic in that the denial of free speech in a profit driven system can cause graver damage to individual freedom than one might imagine.

The very idea of a contract demanding one do something that is NOT constitutionally required is a dangerous principle if applied to any business contract, especially that of a powerful, easily recognizable, and televised business... of any kind.

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


If a business contract is more powerful than the constitution, then isn't the contract itself unconstitutional?

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(Ten thousand years)
The model isn't just
For our genius to know
But for our instinct to feel
Our animal to grow
Before our own extinction
Beyond our own nose
To grasp our tumbling
To hold our heads up
To prop open our eyes
That We might know
The truth of our use
Of our over-consumptive now
Not then or when it's set loose
But right this very moment
Now and now and now
It ain't rocket science
It's logic, a seeing temple
A reaction to our allowance
To our indifferent example
Our furious rage
Our hunger and thirst
And this loveless warring age
Our present worth


© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


"Protest the protestors!"
"Mock them!"
"Yell, scream and screech!"
"Curse their very breathing!"

Let us end such madness.
We should support those who peacefully protest, otherwise we're dangerously missing the point.

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


Yes, "our America", yet it is most unfortunate that we do not see the constitution's agreement with those taking a knee in "our America". The very idea that a "boss" would demand they ignore their rights based on profit is very sad indeed. We are dangerously lost in our respecting a flag over those expressing their constitutional rights who live under the flag's massive fervor in "our America".

We're doing it backwards...

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


Dear USA,
Give those living in you reason not to take a knee and true freedom will smile upon the united...

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


Let's no more be confused
Not by our pridefully wagging "ism's"
Nor by our waxing and waning "ist's"
Let's come together now without schism
Without derision

Peace is our decision
Peace bows to no flag
Peace does not wag
Peace pledges no half-measures
Peace pledges itself to all
Entering to a warless pleasure
We decide
(Peace and Love shall be
With or without "humanity".)

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime