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I'm Training My Love to Soar

Venom approached me with a varied gait. With urgency, it waited on me to turn away, to dash innocence with my selfish tongue, to flee from Love, to charge with rage. Poison isn't bashful, it dotes on no one. It injects doubt and uncertainty with glee, its wrath constructs thick barricades made of unexplored fear and conceit. It cracked open her tender heart like a levee breaching trust. I didn’t add to its torrent. I illuminated a fresh passageway for Love, a path that curved the creed of the day and opened the gates to her pain; the flood of corpses filling with the emptiness of darkness. It’s not her fault, it's mine. She wasn’t prepared to witness the fetid water puncturing her fortress made by the weight of man’s doctrine, creeds that act as a yoke upon her habitual comfort arriving early. The idleness of sheep digging their vast caverns between inherent Love and unknown misery paralyzed her kernel of freewill, of precious self, and reached its filthy fingers inside her

The Children's Love Wishes

( Heavenly Wishes... ) Without shoes or worries, the children swam their laughter through the fountain that flowed with an eager pleasure; the delight for a day that wafted with their bursting wish. They seemed content, a warm and suspended satisfaction brushing against blameless limbs dangling over the rim, copper and silver grinning the hunger of expectation. We put all of our prayers into a dime, and, without a shard of want, save for the tender wishes coming true, we lobbed it down and I asked the children to make their wishes for goodness, craft them of a love for mankind, for goodness to be made known. Even the dog beamed its happy teeth in humble righteousness. Everyone laughed, as if they’d finally recognized paradise standing before them, green happiness danced of childhood, turning eyes aloft in innocent belief, hands hugging the sky, fondness puckering lips as our love's coin was mad flung to heaven. © 2011 by mark prime