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POPE: Christmas is approaching: there will be lights, parties, Christmas trees and nativity scenes … it’s all a charade. The world continues to go to war. The world has not chosen a peaceful path." Reflecting back, Francis, when exactly has peace been the world's focus? It's silly to speak of the "charade" as if it has just suddenly risen. Surely you understand that today's chaotic "charade" rises from the echo's of our longstanding love affair with War.
It's akin to you and your church ignoring the longstanding abuse of little children by your very own church. The charade, Francis, is something the people of the world are quite familiar with.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


I certainly agree with the post overall, Care2, but the refugees were not born in the "wrong country", they are fleeing the human condition due to the world's allowance of war. All nations are a part of where we find ourselves, and the US is certainly no exception. 
I say open our arms to them, if we do not, we were born in the wrong country...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


We've seen these images before, not long ago, the same suffering found us panting with rage upon the fearful shores of indifference.
End them before our God abhorrent wars paint the collective with a gruesome fierceness found within our reflections...MarkRPrime

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


In many places around the world and this country people are not sitting by indifferently, so the two methods, not causing harm or interference and proactively reaching out to those in need can coexist, both with arms outstretched and instead of doing no harm we merge the two flip-sides of one another, staying clear and positive action. Makes sense...
(Prayers an action word as well, two birds, One prayer...)
We must also remember that the method can also contribute to the madness, yet also not detract or harm our fellow travelers, and improve their chances by breathing forgiveness in our rescue of them, fellow human brothers and sisters... Amen to that! Rise up and change, collective, rise up and begin to be what our birthright demands of us. Freedom...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


---Bomb Kills At Least 32 At Busy Market In Nigeria---
The shattering of glass The shattering of stone The shattering of silence The shattering of bone
Terror’s done enough
---An explanation for why Turkey fans appeared to boo minute’s silence for Paris attack victims---
We distract ourselves with such dismal assumptions, Lazy enough, just crazy enough, Rage and fear have little time to spare…
---32 US Governors Refusing or Opposing Syrian Refugees---
Thirty-two, nice and even, Refugees, no time for grieving, Governors, refuse their breathing, Fear is the worst kind of leader…

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


You cannot have your book and expect that that alone will reverse the course of your beliefs... Let them go... all... save for the Truth...
God, I Love my Father, my Mother, My Sister, My Brother, my Ucle and Aunt, my Cousins, my Wife, Love, oh Child I Love you most of all! Oh, God, I only Love you when the world, your Creation is at Peace, let this, I pray be done that We might join Me in celebration of the long awaited Truth! Truth, that I may suffer no more! I Forgive, I Laugh as the one True Peace as the Scribe of this Journey... Oh! Dear God, I pray for my collective family...MARKRICHARDPRIME and MichelleWardDPrime, the collective of Family, One! All! One...
Jesus commanded only that you love. Nothing's changed, save for your man over my shoulders to a collective truth and without any instruments of suffering in the least... It is, I am.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


We should walk our shame without shoes on our feet. The warmonger without shoes is made to change his or her pace. I'm making sure that there will be no more War! Try walking in your own feet, leave the shoes for battle and pray to God we never have to put them on to march with death in our intent. This is not an option in Heaven. If you make it one now then Hell, without question, shall arise! 
I am inheriting (H)eartH and Home, Heaven and Love, Forgiveness and God's Will...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime

I Am Therefore...

This came before and this is my story, like it? I don't have a choice! I am therefore it is. 

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


The war drums are being banged loudly and we are damn well deaf to who's doing the drumming. We are being led, my friends.
It wasn't long ago that we were led into supporting the most expensive (ongoing) war in history based on lies. Can't we grasp that the warmongers are pulling out all the stops to foment a war to end humanity's fragile grip on the truth behind it all?  Surely humankind can rise up and lift the veil from the war profiteers and end this madness before we slide off the edge of reason and lose our minds altogether? Warmonger's are patient beasts and their "war plans" unfold in purposeful stages.  1- Fear 2- Grief 3- Anger 4- Indifference 5- War  This method has been used for a rather long time and we are still the perfect Guinea pigs. We're prideful, ignorant, distracted, fearful and greedy. Let's open our hoodwinked eyes and begin to rise up and end this madness by demanding that the world usher in Peace! Don't be slaves for corporatio…


War's are profitable to the corporation and not to we the people of any given nation.  The consideration of richness of nations proves that not only do the victors "rewrite history", which isn't history at all, merely a false narrative that benefits the bottom line, but that they rewrite history and profit greatly from its revision. And this only serves to beget the cycle of war and maintain "the people's" servitude to the machine and not to that of any single nation.  ✌️ is the only thing capable of breaking this cycle... Shall we?

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime

Why Attack?

The media's use of the word "attack" when it comes to the politicians versus their political opponents is a rather dismal way to frame a democratic process. Dismal and dangerous because we seem to be incorporating it, as if the elections were a criminal act. 
It is dangerous for us to become used to the word "attack" being tossed around so nonchalantly, as if we're at war with our fellow citizens.
Come to think of it, the word is trying to or already has become us.
What a tragic shame...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


Laughter, Love and Child! 
A thousand words are painted by a child's joy, by their little cherub hands and feet and the wonderment upon their beautifully joyous faces.
© 2015 Mark Richard Prime