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The eartH Needs Our Silence

It is not written anywhere that I know of that the eartH needs our silence (as well as our life, laughter and love), but I’d imagine it is so based on the fact that our noise brings nothing of any benefit to the eartH. By noise I mean war, genocide, murder, machines of extraction, machines of pollution, and most, if not all, machines of industry. Our foul noise truly has no benefit to our survival as a species and it certainly has no benefit to nature, at least none that I can see.

(Where is it written that the eartH needs silence? I mean it sounds stupid, numbskull! It’s just another planet!)

It may sound stupid to you, Curmudgeon, but I see the eartH quite differently. To me it is not just another planet; it is water, air, soil, vegetation, life. It’s not too difficult to see the eartH as an exceptional planet, is it?


© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

In Order to Bring About any Loving Change

The eartH was here before humankind. Life, Love, and dare I say, Laughter, began before us, we just personified things…

If the eartH superseded us, then it is, in my opinion, and logically, the eartH that we owe our first known allegiance to.

(What of our families?)

Without the whole of “family” we have little ability to effect the changes needed to cleanse the eartH of our foul uses.

(Are we not then required to Love one another in order to bring about any loving change?)

Positive change, yes. But this still does not change the order of things. The eartH is humankind’s only “known” beholden, leaving what we believe to be, second. We should absolutely love one another, family is most certainly sacred as a whole, but we should never forget where we are.

(So you think our love for the eartH comes before our love of one another, even our own children?)

Yes and no. YES, in the sense that our first duty, stewardship, the cleansing of Home, long now neglected, comes “first”, that we mig…

Men Without Eyes

Men without eyes will go out alone, shatter the portrait downward and to the jackals offer pennies of our jaded wish. Does anyone understand this? Have we thought of our lovelessness?

Behind our last breaths of our unfortunate disgust, the fear-fouled goodness, the bleeding run through, the repellent nationalist, the deviating line in the sand, the scraggly-toothed oppressors, the slipshod parishioners, the depleted silvery-white, the dabbing stroke of agony, the bleakness of genocide, the onslaught of despotic ideals, the limbless industrialized slavery, the brutal sacraments of hypocrisy, the barbed fruits of empirical reckoning and the headless optimism of whole ruination... Does anyone know what I am saying? Have we thought of our collusion?

O! Let us anoint our occasion of peace! Revolt of this, the master’s haunt! War should be our slave, not our medication! Not a haggard monster to move about or flaunt!

Starvation can better be murdered than the humanity of our soul. Hate can …

Dampened Mass

Growing silent now, dampened mass- O! Knotted eartH, your organism smothered in echoes, `We have failed thee!' Under the darkened trench of your tears, entwined with your petals, your softness we’ve surrendered.

Of your grass and stone and leaf and moss, we've not loved. Upon the base of winter and the crown of summer, we've tramped upon your back and tossed your gifts down upon your altar of our consumption.

Veiling your horizon in the haplessness of filth and the shapeless shadow of war, we’ve coated your basin of tears with the ugliness of greed.

Your creatures are failing. Your creatures are failing. Your children are failing.

Growing silent now, dampened mass, polar bear and hippopotamus, vulnerable to our squander,
exposed in our rush. Exploding mantle in maniacal audition for toxin-jawed craving, inky hubris supremacy.

Growing silent now, dampened mass- O! Knotted earth, forgive us...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Slaves to Apathy

Men live such lies. They march and rave, warring backward, spewing hate. It’d have been easier to witness, but for the slaughter of humankind.

Do we not stand for anything? Have we such hate, spangle-toothed graves? Our humanity’s winnings in pain’s pragmatic deliverance.

Isn't it time for us to be heard. Have we not the will to be free instead of slaves to apathy?

March forward with lips wet of hope and legs heartened by love, life, laughter and liberty.

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

In My Hands

I dreamed I had colossal hands. I mean the size of hope!

Someone asked, “Are those your hands?” and I said, “No."

"I wish they were, my friend… If I had hands that big I would have held the (H)eartH before the war and kept her children in.

I’d have put her in my hands and ran so far away! Away from empire!
Away from conquerors and maddened men!

And, while I ran, I’d have held her close near my ear and I’d have learned to speak her language, yet still heard her people dear.”

Then my hands started to shake and I heard the people in them
begin to slake, `Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!

A small child then stood upon my wrist and declared to me,
`You can put us down, my friend, we are finally free…’

I awoke suddenly! I could still hear the echoes of `freedom’...
My hands trembled.



© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Brand New Again


After each bomb removes blood-stained sidewalks, after each bullet eradicates love-stained happiness, after each grenade bursts hope-soiled reverence, after each body wrapped in fury-fouled vengeance are we to tell our children they’re safer for our rage? Are we to smile, hold hands, and sing sacred songs? Are we to not know the truth of that offended land? Will our history books tell the real story of this age?

After each bombed sidewalk is made brand new again will shoes step off when war walks their way?

After the happiness is replaced and made to laugh anew will sadness travel elsewhere, less sorrows need to stay?

After holy worshippers again lift their prayers to the sky will man need evoke God’s name to take a life away?

After each body finds no reason for strapping death to rib might fury's mask then be lifted and no more children die?



© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Somewhere Something has Plunged Beneath the Surface

Somewhere something has plunged beneath the surface toward the fiery core of last rites. We are now confronted with our assured darkness in the bending supremacy, wet and ascending, nodding to God’s turned eyes.


We should be determined to face its pitiless shadow, lash it to truth and force it relinquish its wish. And at the foot of the drifting tree of our knowledge we must implore it lay down its malignancy now pointing upon the touch of heaven.


Somewhere something shall burst through the surface toward the stunned sky, wet and ravenous. It will beckon war, the murderer. It will summon the thief, greed. We must beseech it free our reckless child now bending of annihilation’s reach.


We must love all. We must love.


© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

The Test of Word

(Of the Rorschach test--- "Some psychologists use this test to examine a person's personality characteristics and emotional functioning. It has been employed to detect underlying thought disorder, especially in cases where patients are reluctant to describe their thinking processes openly.")

I'm more concerned with what my posts "say" (what they mean) than I am with "who" might be reading them, although it would be nice to know. Why not?

We need to explore Home more often. We need to find the eartH’s remedies, the eartH will provide, if we but begin the fullness of our pledge to love…

(Is there a guarantee that comes with that?)

No. Humankind needn’t a guarantee when it comes to the eartH, it’s the eartH that needs a guarantee of humankind’s love.


If not love, what good are we to the eartH of Creation?


© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Float into Love

Float into Love…

It's not the trip taken that necessarily is most important than the journey that's always underway, in or out, up or down… always.

Love might be "all" there is (desired by Creation), but we must remember that the fullness of Love (all) is dependent upon the intentions found in our human thoughts, our vessels of prayers, and most importantly in our actions, otherwise we destroy the Heart(H) of Love, and then what?

Float into Love, I highly recommend it, but just remember who and where you are. There's a fine balance between we and the Heart(H) of Creation, or at least there damn well should be...

Earth, Wind and Fire- without fire, humankind would have succumbed to the eartH's elements, without wind, the scene might seem flat and unmoving, but without eartH? Who knows?

Let's have the wind blow out the "Fire" and lets laugh with the (H)eartH of Creation...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

What We Become Because of Our Beliefs

Perhaps it’s all one big practical joke? I mean who's to know in this, our cloud of innuendo?

The truth of the matter may well be hidden from view, but the pathway is clear and it is nothing but the fullness of Love.

It is indeed the thought that counts… as prayer?

(Thought counts as prayer?)

Yes. Thought is prayer. It is not what we believe, it is what we become because of our beliefs that we must concern ourselves with, belief won’t always be here, but the truth, well, that’s a different matter altogether…

The only reason a gag order would be needed is if what needed to be muted was the opposite of Love...

I am who I was born to be. Along with you, and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you-

(O! Tell me what it is I am to do, the who and where have long been solved...)

Why do you need more proof than these words?

(Humankind’s words are flawed!)

Not according to them.


You’ve need to come to me, I’ve need to pray th…

The Light From Love Burns Through

I am supposed to be loving in my belief. I am supposed to be loving in my reality within the HeartH of creation, I mean it makes sense that we are to love, for the opposite is adulterated fear that challenges Creation’s (H)eartH.

Open the eyes, for what you have need to close your eyes in order to believe will be crafted of your darkness.

The light from love burns through everything and all, it is the truth of our vessels built of blood, carriers of the loving spirit hidden from our wits by our own greed.

Want over need never ends well. And the same can be said of love over fear.

(Blah blah blah…)

The duality of humankind is now evident in my belief’s trajectory.
The two sides of one spirit faced with its own mortality.
The mortality of its own creation
built in to electrify the loving sensations,
to adhere human prayers to their source,
after so much “time” of not knowing an important thing
relative to where they were born to be.

(What exactly moves beneath my feet.)

All you …

Dancing With the Loving Spirit

(I’m like a shadow, you’ll not see me!)

Too bad. Shadows generally follow. I was hoping you might walk with me. I could use the guidance and do without the curmudgeonly reluctance. Walk beside me, spirit, that I may not feel so alone on my journey, though I’m surrounded by the fullness of Love and Creation, a fellow loving spirit in the flesh would be nice company…

(They don’t want to dance with you, Rimnod!)

How on eartH would you know what the loving spirit desires? You’re too busy scheming and bellyaching to dance at all…


Yet, Curmudgeon, you are dancing with the loving spirit, you’ve no choice, none of us do, it’s just become so unrecognizable that you have become sightless to its step…


Silence is golden, even in prayer…

(Thoughts tend to fall to the sheen of the worthless metals.)

It’s not our place to say what a worthless metal is, after all, metals are a part of the (H)eartH of Creation.


Then it is the bone just beneath the Mother and the Father’s…

The Loving Spirit, that We Might Return

Love and Creation, but there I go repeating myself.

Love, Life and Laughter, a Joyful Creation is Goodness.

Affection stroking the loving spirit, that we might return Home with gladness in our Heart(H)s…

Why must we imagine it any other way? Are there not ample reasons to give the (H)eartH it’s return? It is Life as we know it, not as we believe it. It is. The eartH is our original Mother, a birth she’d grow to regret. Her children tear into her flesh like marauding beasts bent on suffering at their own hand. Turn away from your imaginings for a moment to reflect upon what it is you’re doing with what you know…

O! Rejoice at such a truth! Rejoice that the (H)eartH is forgiving, that Love is all, is God if you must, but Love alone covers all we need remember, the truth in humankind’s directive.

Remember, time is a creation of humankind, Creation is eternal and cannot be considered time. Right? I mean time is a frame of reference and eternity is timeless.

Now is the only “time” that…

The Spirit Walk

The dawdle in his gait seems to speak of the joy at having breathed at all! Selfless and filled with an awe at his great fortune, the spirit walks by…


Money is indeed the root of all evil, which means that there must be an origin, a source of such wickedness that seems to be hidden?

(Perhaps it is in your pea-brain, but not mine!)

Which is exactly why you, dear Curmudgeon, are the perfect spirit to be asking, your pea-brain is churning toward God and mine is churning toward Love, surely we’ll see one another along the way?

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Our Tree

A tree with healthy roots will flourish, a tree without, will wither and die.
The same may be said of anything. The root is the soul of the tree,
the root is the heart of the flower, the rain,
the life spring of the river, the source,
the breathing core of civilization.
When we confront the knowledge  of this with the root of ourselves  we realize there is no alternative  but to strengthen blood's derivation  so that we might grow
out of our seeking.
Our source is humanity.
© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

The Ark is Within Us

The ark is within us.

(What the?)

The ark is within us.

(No. I heard you, I’m just trying to figure out the tragic plot we’ve unearthed?)

We've not unearthed it, we’re both the angel and the fear- the key to both creating and Creation. Full love is our purpose. Our wants that supersede our needs and soil our Mother (H)eartH, are nothing more and nothing less than fear…

(What’s the opposite of love, fear?)

I’d imagine…

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Abel & Noah

I hope this note finds you well my talented friend, one who seeks his truth within the self and finds God standing there.

Love, peace and goodness to you, yours and the (H)eartH.

Abel & Noah, two sides of the one coin that we humans can summon, love, or fear. The battle's not to be waged on eartH, but within ourselves, the battle comes when we recognize who, and then where, we are... The beginning needn't any remembrance, it needs light, that we might stave off the Freewill's death.


If you must.

Two sides of the same reality. One is the freewill of Love (truth) and the other is war (fear), pure madness!

There's hope in this one, the other's dry as a bone!

Boom boom goes one, welcome home goes the other. The one I need to trust in this duality has been hidden by a name. The spirit's alive and well, not an nth of fear. Been playing longer than me, you imagine? Our age in the flesh is impatient compared to the eternity of lifetimes until the (H)eart…

Forgive and Forget

(The Essence of Shakespearean Tragedy by David Chandler)
(The essence of Shakespeare's tragedies is the expression of one of the great paradoxes of life. We might call it the paradox of disappointment. Defeat, shattered hopes, and ultimately death face us all as human beings. They are very real, but somehow we have the intuitive feeling that they are out of place. They seem to be intruders into life. Tragic literature confronts us afresh with this paradox and we become fascinated by it. More…)


Forgive and forget, for if we remember transgressions as a lesson in fear, fear will do its best to mask our Love with contempt…

Let Love free! Send it out like the first breath! Echo its message of forgiveness! Rejoice that the savior is we! The source is known, the truth will bring you to tears, but fret not, instead, act upon what is known instinctually…

(Instinct’s so yesterday!)

Instinct! It should have never worn the tragic mask…

(Comedy of Errors, instead?)

Better than the …

Given Such Status

I've felt as if I were operating outside of my self, outside of reality, for most of my life, or, should I say, for all of this life that I can recall…

Am I not supposed to be writing legibly? Am I supposed to be writing something that will summon fear of my words instead of Peace and Love? Well, my head is upside down, so I’m writing as me for love, for peace. My toughest opponent has been the fearful spirit, now Love and peace feel like instinct, routine.

(Careful, Scribe, there’s nothing routine about Creation.)
I beg to differ, kind spirit. The unexpected routine is the most intriguing part of its genius.
(How can the “unexpected” be given routine's status when it is a part of that which cannot be known?)
But I speak of the one thing that is most knowable to humankind, the (H)eartH. The (H)eartH is, I suspect our only true known.
(Humanity seems to have missed the larger picture of what it knows and opted instead to rely on what it believes, though the (H)eartH still breathe…

Love and Peace as Cargo, Forgiveness as Key

(The Silvereye)
The birdsong takes flight and my ears summon its truth. Truth, they sing, will be mine to craft with nothing more and nothing less than the fullness of Love…

(Or so you believe?)

Yes. Beyond even your own pittance of doubt…

(Silence… Sound…)

The spirit arrives in a clanging transport, with love as cargo, forgiveness as key to the Love locked outside. Love’s banging on the door, wanting in.

Let us begin the long journey back Home to retrieve our forgiveness, love and peace…

© 2012 the spirit of Love and Peace dancing through Mark Richard Prime

The Silence of Truth

The truth of the matter is… who knows, but the joy felt in being okay with the silence of truth, the resonation of the unknowable, is as powerful as the belief that one imagines what the flesh cannot possibly have known, but damn well should have remembered…

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

The Dynamics of My Experience

I will not again become the man who doesn’t believe in anything! I am a sovereign entity and I demand to believe as I see it, not as you or you and you and you and you and you- so I chose to believe in the truth.

The first belief, what was it? Well you can bet your bottom dollar it was nearer to Heavenly Home than anything humankind has yet to offer…

I am not some babbling lunatic, I might not be the most dynamic person you know, but you can rest assured the dynamics of my experience, as we speak, gives me cause to continue upon my quest at having gone where I wasn’t prepared to go. I cannot cease my journey. I am in control of my own self, and the spirits that swim in me are magnificent in every regard. They dance as if they are most urgent to speak, ready to tell me what they desire most.

Have I fallen too fast and I'm having difficulty getting my footing? Yes. Am I still most sure of my path? Yes.

(How can that be, staggering, yet sure?)

I must be sure, even as I stagger. The s…

Love Is a Symphony

Love is a symphony, is it not?

The night began to move beneath the mist and the trumpet sounded in Heaven! The call to Love is a symphony of sound and it is hidden from us by our machines and wars and Godawful thoughts and rage. Let us fall away from hate and indifference…


Can’t everyone see that I am in need of a listen, if for nothing else, the fact that I believe this belief is Humankind’s wish, as are all wishes. Yours and yours and yours and mine and yours and yours and yours and- it is ours to create! Ours! Rejoice that we are able creators on our way to wherever...

(Ask and you can bet your worthless dollar, you shall receive it…)

I feel I must have your ear, one way or another. I am begging you my friends to help me solve this riddle.

(Discretion is the better part of valor, is it not?)

Go ahead and be discreet, just help by engaging me…

Question what I write. For the love of all and even me, engage my dancing spirit and let’s get down to business!

(Why challenge …