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Musical Chairs (Head-Lines 1-23-11)

As State of the Union Nears, Congress Plays Musical Chairs
We pace our minutes. protest our fortune, one chair remains.

Consumers downbeat on job, inflation worries: Nielsen
The rock gives way to water, the tree bends with the wind, flowers blossom in our hands, the scent rises inside like a flood.

Rock, water, tree, flower, wind, and we restrain the shadow inside of us, purchase the downbeat, trade away, inflate and fail.

Police: Suspect in 1987 kidnapping seen at pawnshop
Where have you been, Ann? You show up to pawn another child, to be seen swapping beauty for ugliness, love for anguish, deceit for truth?

Should have been a politician, you could have kidnapped children for war.

Flotilla raid 'regrettable' but legal, Israeli commission finds
Regret walks near, deceit moves alongside, our head is buried deep in the regrettable sand.

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