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Send the healing spirit to those affected by war, by crime, by smog, by murder and mayhem. Bring them a peace, a stillness of spirit that swims in search of the truth...


"Doing the will" of God is through me, us, not over our heads, it is at my core, my Heaven's Home from where we plant the seed, better than any hell inside of God and Love's Creation ever imagined itself into existence. This isn't over by a long shot, Life's about to get started in earnest as we are prepared to learn, not knee-jerk our way off of the cliff...

Love, forgiveness, peace, laughter and goodness to you, yours and the earth, just another believer's faith, doesn't mean that either of us are right, in fact we are likely wrong in what we have imagined the one thing that all of this is. Peace is where it's all at, not a book, but the peace with which it gives to you without ever asking again, the symmetry is built for return travel that we might find out where we ourselve…

Risen Again From His Sickness

Hold my Uncle Larry in a while Love, Forgiveness and Peace, if he be held awhile ago, then he is risen again from his sickness. His laughter is the centerpiece of the man he was born to be and I'd say, for the most part he is prepared for the hereafter, but not so quick to dispense of his use in the now until the spirit's within me are ready to emerge- oh, who am I fooling, they were released in me and I'm just now coming to them. They are exquisitely captured in every breath we take, every drink of water, taste of fruit, sup on a salad! Bing bang! let's rouse the consciousness and fly...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Tall Glass

My desired actions are taking place within the Home and the (H)eartH. Actions coordinating with my belief, they are strongly so in motion that nothing can come between but reason, them in my belief, God is Love and Love is God, GodLove, the embrace. My spirit is with you if you are in your spirit mode, your method of acceptance of another's beliefs while being frank and open in the dialogue of God and Love's sway.

No one need make a choice as if it is for me, they have to make a choice because of them, their role in all of this, not mine, per se...

All things are God.

All things are therefore Love. Cool...?

(Echo this call...)

The dance I am centering to my favor only because I promised I'd make it my mission to imagine the Truth and therefore know it...

Sending Loving and Healing spirit to my Uncle Larry, a real hoot and a good man who is faced with an awful cancer. Larry loves to laugh, and fish, and hunt and love, building a paradise where he is. Enough said.

Loving …

Repeating It, Most Precious

And then we engage in truth.

Sounds like a forbidden forest, so why was it ever forbidden?

The belief in another person's spirit, all persons. Be in tune with your fate and your Forgiveness. The more full Love and Laughter that carves our name in our bodies absence, the more our spirit remains loving. You were instructed of this at your birth- Careful what you imagine you are doing when you are young and irrational of fate of my Love and Forgiveness.

I'm but seconds away from my remembering, after tracing so many steps backward toward the light of Love's illumination. I must strive to bring forgiveness along to guide me. The (H)eartH's just my beginning! Rejoice in that idea, spiritual fact- forgiveness was in her absence. I imagined she should certainly come along with me in this quest to salvage my one chance at belief, to rise to something greater than my self; Truth, Life, Love and Laughter.

I keep repeating it, the thing that is most precious in my belief, the …

Gallant Wind

Sorry if I get caught up in this dance with one another's spirits in my prayer and it surprises you. Not a weird thing, a real thing.


The song is and has always been playing beneath our virulent energies, just out of the fullness of our perception...


There is still the self to contend with no matter how we try to diminish our role in it all...


Let's have a Love summit, a belief summit if you will, not about the same beliefs of Love, Suffering, take your Jesus off of the cross already! Not about the fear, the wrath and the vengeance and these rigid holdings, like those we've had for thousands of centuries now. Let us beg another covenant of God and Love. This time, we're bound to get it right...


The spirit sat nearby, wanting only to see that it was betrothed to me. It is, we are, I am, what's the difference, kind spirit?

Live, Love and Laugh...


Will we gather in this spiritual valley and fear nothing, for it is ours to fear and ours to create...


The ga…

Over the Ebbing Water

Question is, what will our reaction be long after our wars have faded, left to its own devices it will die away like an alley way whisper and open its wings and speak,

No more weapons of mass destruction
No more support from we the human population
Release your fears to me,
They'll not have a chance to bloom
Chance to be no boom boom
Boom boom no more
Bing bang a ricochet against the faded truth
Let it hit the truth centerward
Bring out our bleached bones to greet the sun
We need a little help if our songs already sung
Singing of Love and Creation's a journey
A flight, a cruise over the ebbing water
Mother, Father, Daughters
Sons, bing bang, it's what they say
The spirits dancing within my dance
In the dream of the dream's chance.

This is dream's resuscitated...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Spirit and Creation

SPIRIT: The dance comes swifter and more loving when it's beholden to Love and Forgiveness and Peace and Laughter and the enjoyment of good company...

(CREATION: Stop thinking of anything but your fullness of Love, scribe! The rest, all that is beyond the now is nothing more than entertainment and should be considered only if we do not asphyxiate ourselves within faith's rigidity...)



Thank you.

(Who is this?)

Peace and Laughter, with Love and Forgiveness, at your service...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Conversation's with Love and Creation

My conversation's with Love and Creation...

Your hell will lend you no favors when it comes to who you are... What? I'll get back to you on that. All are within my dance, it's mind-blowing to say the least.

Women are the chosen ones, my friends. They summon what is best in our function, in Life. They are nearer to Love than we, women, yet it is their children, all children, that do give testament to their fullness when it presents itself to you, and the children, before the Mother and Father, even before them are nearest to Loves fullness...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Refuse to Become the Suffering

No. I refuse to become the suffering found in our reality as much as we fear one another. Let us love one another, let us rise up together and take back our sovereignty from the machine that squeezes in our sides and bangs upon our head like a gong, bing bong, sing this song, and never imagine me as anyone but Mark Richard Prime, one of many at Peace because of Love and Forgiveness...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

This is Romeo and Juliet, Peace should be our conclusions' found in the spirit, Forgiveness and Love...

This is Romeo and Juliet, Peace should be our conclusions found in our spirits, we've begun the dance. Pardon me, I thought I would ask if it's okay with you that I engage your loving spirit? I promise to give it back without fear...

We are carved of all others, we are brothers and sisters around the globe, we are kinship, Love and Peace, so let's damn well act like it!

But God chose Love and Love is God, bing bang and a rat a tang bang, there are no devils or phantoms within, we imagined them! Imagine your Love into your own story. You, them and they and thee, knew and I did not, the choice was on you...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime