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FRIDAY (4/26/08)

Justice Scalia Defends Bush v, gore Ruling
The ears and eyes of Justice, flesh deadened flesh, a steamy odor of wax smoldering inside tears ghost the fringes of exhaustion screeching on in these grief-stricken years…

RAND study: 300,000 U.S. Vets Have Mental Problem, 320,000 Have Brain Injuries
The count, like a metronome ticking off reason’s death, drifts up and up… unheard, seen.

New embassy in Iraq short on beds
Where shall you put your feet up tonight as the hoary smoke paints shadows outside furiously trying to find you.

Ship hired by US military fires warning shots in Gulf
Hit men, marauders, pirates floating oils proximity, unloading their weighted calculation, urging hostility, itching for a reply.

NY Police Acquittal Sparks Anger
The oak can support the added weight of blackbirds. But these birds, bent with expectation, won’t leave any time soon. The load, in the end, the grave displeasure- Damned right they’ll fly down!

Israel: Hamas 'playing games' with truce
Come closer …


Gen. Petraeus to lead Mideast command
Then the blindfold was removed from Liberty’s eyes revealing two seeping wounds, the rot of injustice and war flowed down the corpse lined streets of Iraq.

Lead on general…

Ethiopian troops 'took children'
Directly spoken to the Ethiopian troops: Your dark manifestation of cruelty and murder will not remain on the throats of the innocent you cut open like farm animals. No. It will twist in you, a tapeworm infesting your wits and you’ll wish you’d loved.

Carter says Secretary Rice "not telling truth"
The peacemaker runs exactness headlong into the ship. The bow cracks. Trickling red seas flood her depths as truth ascends the liar’s lips, too late.

Iraqi Widows Assume New Roles
Daughter- bint. Sister- akht. Wife- zawja. Aunt- hala. Mother- umm. Grandmother- jaddah. These roles came prior to war’s audition, before the careworn maw of the widow- iddah.

Climber kicked off Everest for Tibet banner
Peace mounts the slope of want, faint toeho…

MONDAY 4/21/08

Obama readies 'swift boat' defense
The Bay Hap River, a swift boat, the banks of the Tran Thoi village. A dry day, no rain. A Viet Cong soldier, a rocket, Lt. Kerry fires his weapon, Ba Thanh is slain. A six year old smiles at his mother.

Rice in Iraq, violence surges after Sadr threat
She entered with the moorings of night, staggered to find that she’s unwelcome- Not one flower.
Message Machine: Gitmo- The Pentagon’s Hidden Hand
These are the criers, the aged and brassy men of warring that congregate in Cuba, charting the king’s defense. They only know the one breed of war.
A House of a Different Color
The mournfully blue shutters hug the sunrise and the pale reflection evaporates giving rise to a new color.

Report: Mogadishu battles leave 81 dead
These two days of an unleashed dying! Who are these many unclimbed souls that bridled my wish?

Teachers' strike could shut 1,000 schools
Befall a splendid melody, teacher. Become your worth in this dying age. Stand and struggle for wha…

SUNDAY 4/20/08

Iraqi cleric threatens 'open war'
Five years in... fury continues to eat what feeds it, grief flows through oily veins. Rage isn’t vacant... it’s occupied.

US Church needs purification, pope says
US church? That’s not all, your holiness, your church, your collusion, your cleansing, our war, our apathy, our worship of you.

Rice asks neighbors to offer Iraq debt relief, ties
Asking to borrow sugar from your neighbors is a custom I can comprehend, appreciate. Asking for their home isn’t.

No Fortissimo? Symphony Told to Keep It Down
Music, you noisy bully, earsplitting thug, you’ll deplete us of our beloved auditory sensations, a mother’s unbearable grief, a father’s hell-dipped shriek, a child’s startled cry, war’s rise.

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