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Make Up Your Mind

Make up your mind!
You are or you aren't.
You can or you can't.
You have or you shan't.
You will or you won't.
You do or you don't.
Make up your mind!

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Laughter Come Again

They asked me to wait. To wait for God to come laughing, wait on His voice to destroy the golden temples of man, hold my tongue until His powerful breath was upon me, and from His loving casualties I’d at last know the Savior.

They asked me to wait. To wait for God to come laughing, wait for His followers to die away their persuasive babble and the murder of Islam to breach the walls of the earth as the many damned souls drowned under holy laughter.

“O! The Lord God is looming! On his way with God’s wrath! We are to take up swords and send evil howling back to die their well deserved and slow death!"

Their faces popped and spattered these words as they fell back, caught in His fiery presence, twisting their tongues into drivel and thrashing their minds in the glory of an Eden unlike any other. Then the snake planted his venom through the laughter of their gyrating madness. Tears emptied their pockets, spirits came crashing, and the anointed rapture of their making grew tired, wea…


I say voting has become a voiceless shell of itself in this atmosphere of the majority of we the people not voting. Perhaps just like these votes I've seen in congress where, despite a majority voting FOR the measure, it is struck down because a specific % wasn't reached in order for the measure to be recognized. Talk about a vote that doesn't count...

Since the majority are indeed supposed to rule, then the vote of no confidence has already been rendered. How many times now has it been rendered without even so much as an understanding of this fact from those that were "not elected" by the majority?

And the results of our most recent election? Did they satisfy the majority of people? No. Why? No confidence. Did it satisfy the majority of voters? Yes, but who were these voters? The minority.

When enough of us understand this fact, we will begin to rid ourselves of a system that is failing and then form a new, more vibrant collective of thought, a collective majo…


This day’s count as it leaps higher still
allows death to rush in unscathed,
a blinding illumination crests within
the winter of those still living.
And while they’re airborne in that nameless sky,
because only vengeance can offer them comfort
while torture moves in chorus with their stillness,
they shall go in any direction the sightless point.
It is the count that we most remember, all of them,
the living, the dead, and the dying toppling as one.


Within all that is observed and undetectable
A memorial service, a knot in the quaking cosmos
The boots and helmets and guns are at attention
They stand ever still staring like creation
The devout sermons trailing them
Leaking a thimble of truth.


In the room with the talking box where we gather to be awash in consumption, a tiny flicker adheres to our wonder.


© 2014 Mark Richard Prime