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There’s no set date. 
End the madness of time.
Bunch of damn fools tugging on the line 
for arbitrary points remain out of reach.
I am. We are. Home is Heaven beneath our feet.

The tide is in control 
and it is surely coming.
Make no mistake, Peace is here, 
so is Love, the story will not wait 
for some fool to make their plans,
the Scribe assures it as Creation demands.

“Rise up!” And so it shall be, 
echo back to front. November eleventh, 
December first, January one, 
or then or then or twenty-fifteen, 
exactness has no limit 
and truth does firmly come.



(Humanity seems to have missed the larger picture of what it knows and opted instead to rely on what it believes, though the (H)eartH still breathes beneath its feet and gravity holds its thankless flesh and blood to the degree of forgiveness it gives and receives.)

This is not mere belief, it is actuality... the grand wedding of reality and belief coming forth, thank God, as love and peace. Better yet, the union is that of kindness? Yes. Kindness working its way through me, trying to take hold to become my breath from Creation's (H)eartH.
I pray for the truth of Me, the flip-side of We...

__Mark Richard Prime with the Spirit's agreement

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


Where is our laughing water and our sacred soil?
Where is our beautiful living and breathing air?
Isn't it time to give it all back to Home in this stage of our existence?
Haven't our beliefs nearly toppled the HeartH's crown?
Are we not sufficiently sated at having thrust the knife into Life's veins?
(Too many questions!)
We must assure that the (H)eartH senses our cherishment, our thankfulness for Home.
(Is that a question?)
No. They are thoughts I leave as crumbs for my actuality, as testament to the acknowledgement that these words are breathing.
(That they are, Scribe, that they are.)
I simply pulse the winding experience, give way to the spiritual dance and allow them to speak as they see fit through me.
__ Mark Richard Prime... with the Spirit's agreement

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


Drenched in sweat I see her reflection before me,
wings high above her shoulders, shading me,
eyes the color of Creation, the heart of an angel.
She had again returned to me, guided her heart to mine,
we danced along the same pathway.
So why is she a stranger to me?
(So why are you a stranger to her?)
The reflection is read in reverse by me
and from front to back she reads.

I suppose then Love and Peace must be walking past one another on our way around the circle… With enough patience, we’ll meet again and have learned more of our union and find ourselves bending toward the other with a deeper understanding of our evolution, with a more insightful glance and with a recognized truth.

If we must, we’ll lovingly bow to the other as we pass by again in search of this union’s exactness. We’ll either humbly bow, accepting our opposite course, or respectfully fall into one another’s dream and breathe in our fullness.
Pray for what is true.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


We stand in the intersections to wordlessly speak of peace
We’re hushed on the sidewalks praying our signs get seen
We clasp hands to assure the collective compassion escapes
We weep, wail and moan to send our pleas outside the gates
We must not stop, we must not fail when love is our motive
We shall overcome fear with the use of our affectionate will
We’re waiting on our use to blend with the whole of our dream
We must remember our connection, assure that all are seen
We rise as One and One until the collective One’s the sum

Peace & Love

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


I became a true scribe without seeking it, without plan, the flux works in our favor when we find God, not just in ourselves, but in all others and all things.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


It’s time for our fullness of affection to breach the walls we've erected into prison cells, that we might free Life, Love and Laughter at long last and evermore.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


If one follows the pathway to Love they may take the exit ramp just before Love and instead challenge God. Which came first, Love or God?

(Too easy. God.)



Both, simultaneously.


© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


Let us resurrect our story, be our own savior for Christ's sake! For Love and God's sake! For Woman's sake! For Child's sake! For Man's sake! For the sake of Love and God, a union like none other known, a wedding of Love and Peace. A union of Forgiveness. A "just got hitched" sign attached to Laughter's glance.

We are all born to be the heirs to Heaven, to be Christ-like, God-like, Love-like and Divine-like. I believe it cheapens the "human" experience to imagine it otherwise. There was never meant to be only "one" or "two". We're all born with the same qualities as the figure known as Jesus, etc. If we imagine otherwise, only then will we find the need to "claim" we're someone else instead of being who and what we actually are.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


I say let us ponder upon our purpose. I say let's examine what we know, we've examined what we believe until we're blue in the face, let's not forgo our own image of God or Allah or Yaweh or Christ, etc, but instead begin to listen to what we know for a while. Let the wars vanish, the dust settle, and then just listen to our inner spirit of love and peace, listen to the (H)eartH's song that's been beneath it all, since before man, before word, before belief sprang out like a mad engineer of doom and gloom...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


Sometimes our own sorrows overwhelm us to the point that we tend to not recognize the attempts by those who are doing their best to help us. Try to sense that they are there with you trying to help, it will go a long way in alleviating the stress of all involved.
Once we see that loved ones are there for us our own sorrow will ease, therefore allowing the collective flow to be evenly distributed among all present in the situation.

The more we say that we're alone in our struggles... the more and more it will seem that we are alone in them. Remember that you are not alone...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Bird Food

Let us anoint our occasion of nourishment
Let us heal them rather than conquer,
Bring a gentle nature, instead of cruel,
Free the birds of peace, not the beasts of war.


© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Ordinary Extra

The (H)eartH is the most ordinary and extraordinary entity known to humankind…
Don’t be indifferent to it. __mrp

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

The Now

We need end our obsession with living historically and live in the now, there's less suffering in it. __mrp

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime