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I sense the Truth in you,
As though, it does flourish thete.
Ticktock, that the collection of Peacekeepers might begin to rise, within, first, to solve our great thirst.

(Knowing Laughter...)

Mother's are a tireless reflection of (H)eartH's roundness.
The child's needs.

(Less rigid and systematic instruction, more observance.
Be like them- loving, needful, true.)

I love you!

Happy Mother's Day Everyday!
The offspring of our wonderment
Comes from your royal carriage,
A procession of delightful kinship...

(H)eartH of Mother, Water of Father, One,
Birth of Child, as precious as the Sun.

God bless... 💚✌️

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


MOTHER, may I have more of you, less of your unsolved mystery?

(Love & Peace, child, didn't satisfy your want. You mustn't nourish such dull things.)

I sense your depth of sorrow,
Oily tears sounding like a drum,
Like our paintings of the sun.

(The sun needs nothing from Humankind, however, Humankind needs much from the sun.)

And the moon, ocean, star and sea.
I give praise to the known and the unknown,
Who am I to say what is true? We unfold with time, with gladness, with Love and into Peace. One of these is an illusion.


© 2017 Mark Richard Prime