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Dearest Love, Please Forgive Me

( Gul's Way - Where there is Love ) Dearest Love, My reasons for not calling on you to speak in place of my waterless tongue are excuses that have never flown. (Forgive me for poisoning your air.) How could I have ever expected excuses to offer any useful silhouette with their idle legs and wingless backs? (Forgive me for destroying your forests.) Indifference is so much heavier with its shrugging load oppressing even the strongest of voices. I want you to know that it is only my lessons now that have a chance to lift themselves above the cackling redness found in Love's absence. (Forgive me for infecting your water.) I am sorry, I forgot you were waiting. (Forgive me for bombing your children.) I was too busy sleeping to notice. Might you forgive me for not seeing that my back had space enough for a pair of wings? © 2011 by mark prime Peace Bloggers  |  OMNI Center for Peace, Justice and Ecology  |  Psychedelic Pantheon  |  Love Tribe  |  Peace Makers  |  Oc

My Kind's Shrinking Love (Head-Line Poetry 9/28/11)

(The earth and moon) Climate Change Could Shrink Animals The rise of our thoughts spelled doom in the changing mist, spelled disaster against the backdrop of the ham-handed certainty that trembled within our flesh, proved us cowards to the full weight of eternity whose language writhed beneath us. Our self-seeking prayers are colossal birds, powerless to take wing, unable to sense the soil that calls out beneath such unfastened flesh. Shrink mighty animal! Shrink, that you might know your burden and your allegiance to the sacred ground, Love… Osama Bin Laden Photos Must Stay Secret, Obama Administration Contends The dead man kept his secret hidden from the love buried beneath his contempt. Why did he wait until it was too late? Did he wish to never know Love’s hips beneath his overly urgent hands, or was he afraid that Love might suffer underneath the man's graceless feet? These questions have been kept so long as to render them meaningless. 10 Of The Most Unhealthy

Weep, Shriek and Howl!

" this is rock medicine, the talking tree, the singing water " The light of the sun tells me that I'm small. The greenness of the earth tells me that I'm her steward. The influence of the spirit informs me that there’s little time left to correct my grave mistakes. Listen to my soul, put ear to it and remember that my kind isn’t exceptional to life, life is exceptional to my kind. Listen to my heart, paint Love’s green reflection upon its bright pulse and recognize my true nature, a part of the grand procession that is evolving toward Love, toward the full worship of creation. Kindly take her hand and she will lead me to the love of all. Smile upon her gifts, laugh upon her ground, but first weep of the abuse I’ve poured into her waters, loosed within her air, ignited upon her soil and grafted in her children’s minds. Weep!  Rain my tears down upon the grass that she might know my sorrow! Wail!  Spill my grief upon the sacred ground that she might kn