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So What Should This Human Do?

(Art from TAHO electronic with a HEART)
Love is the only thing with legs enough to outdistance fear.

If there is a reward in belief it lies in that which is knowable, not in that which is simply believed. The only thing I can know is what's beneath my feet and even that cannot be fully "known" (which is where, I imagine, belief can best be implemented).

So what should I do? Clean up the environment, cleanse the water, the soil and the air and treat the eartH as if it is "heaven" and all of humankind as if they're "angels". It's the only way to satisfy those that believe in Love and those that don't, and even those that don't give it a thought.

It's simple really. Instead of demeaning others, or what have you, I should treat all others as I would like to be treated (with full Love and full respect) and treat my home, the eartH, as if it is fully divine. Everyone wins and I, as an "advanced thinking" creature, can go about…

The People's Obedience...

(Milgram´s Studies on Human Obedience)
The world's problem is not its myriad of governments, it is the fact that its myriad of citizens have obeyed their respective governments and leaders of every stripe, secular, spiritual, religious, and favored and followed those that have no interest in being stewards of the eartH or in coming to the aid of their human family. The problem is we have bent over backwards to accommodate the beast of consumption, to mine and drill and destroy the water supply, and in general, poison our home, as if it were not the only one we have.

The problem is not that we haven’t been obedient; the problem is that we have not been disobedient! Until we realize, and admit, that we, the people of the eartH, are to blame for our problems, we cannot possibly begin to rise up and change course.

Take responsibility! Rise up! Rise up and be heard! Rise up and save the eartH from humankind's virulent self-indulgence! Rise up before the eartH brings our misguided o…

Always and Evermore, LOVE

According to what I believe, the eartH is not mine to sour, this prayer, this heavenly orb. It is only mine to care for and to pray that I only love, for that is what I believe I am meant to do. I am a steward of Love’s eartH. It is imperative that I begin to recognize where I am, who I am and what I am. These realizations will open my eyes to the one truth, which I needn't question at all, it's rather obvious to me. I only need breathe and walk with Love. I must use faith in my calling to Love, in my duty to the eartH of Creation.

If I attempt to calculate that I am somehow separate from LOVE... I'm on a fool’s errand. I am as inseparable from love as love is inseparable from me. LOVE is everything and all, always has been, always will be...

© 2012 by mark richard prime

LOVE Now, Heaven Now, Now LOVE

I, Mark Richard Prime, plead with you to love. I pray love for the world. Not a flag, not a country, not a religion, but for the earth. There is no doubt that I am to become one with love. I must strive to end all wars and begin to walk in goodness, for the sake of all that is love.

Yes. Begin your walk with LOVE in your heart. Pray for LOVE to begin its walk within you, not with hope for your role in this, but for the sake of LOVE!

I must begin, for I know who I am and I ask love to walk with me...

If you belong to a church, ask the flock to begin their journey that is required of them. Ask them to march for peace, for justice, for truth, for those hungry, for the children, for love. Feed, clothe and shelter the less fortunate...

I am. Peace, love and goodness be with you, yours and the world...

© 2012 by mark richard prime

Above the Telescope’s Reach

I am set to arrive any day now, in the place of my choosing. Might it be agony that I’ve chosen as my particular destination of self-annihilation, the one of my making, or might I yet still have time to find myself in the heaven that I believed?

Belief is not about what I imagine there to be, it’s about the truth of what there is in this; my exactness, but more important than any of that, is the truth of where I am, an instinct that is not in doubt, until I forget my duty.

Agony is what you’ll be handed at your own culpable paws. The earth is most loving, for it is but full love, yet, when earth’s children begin to plot her murder, the end of the rope’s been reached…

I will never fly past my orbit; it’s my thinking wits that tell me this. I am home, ladies and gentlemen. I am home on my heavenly love, which seems now more like hell, for it is what my kind has made of it.

Imagine the deceit that had to come packed to the hilt with utter fear to begin to pull off a plot such as that? ..…