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Remembering My Lessons

(Effortless Abundance)
Nature’s night voices enter to remind me, belief cannot cleave itself from the consideration of all life.

O! My shameful use of pride has at last brought me to the answer I’ve been seeking as the night voices pipe in with their symphony of affirmation, arrogance has no place inside belief, for faith should only be driven by Love. An emergent faith should desire to hold its tongue until the canvas and paint are prepared with steady hands, an open mind, the brush immersed in Love.

I ask the night voices to help me remember Grandmother’s lessons, I know nothing, including who I am. Again, I know nothing, including who I am. I know nothing, including who I am...

A hard lesson to be sure is the lesson of an insignificant self. Belief cannot sing, not while the canvas of Love is painted upon with a foul arrogance.

© 2011 by mark prime

Spirit Is Another Word for Soul...

(Photo by Michelle, my lovely love)
I’ve been hypnotized by Love…

The sand couldn’t contain her, the waters couldn’t wash her clean, the trees couldn’t weep hard enough. The mountains stand above to view the great suicide, they've been waiting to come near enough to witness the sorrowful entombment of such greedy flesh…

(Everything’s going to be okay, she reassures me…)

Spirit is another word for soul, otherwise, how could I separate my sadness from its own sadness when joy had, such a long time ago, been murdered…

© 2011 by mark prime

Remember Me, She Said

(Photo by Michelle, my lovely love)
Remember me, she said, as the wind took me away, along with greed, war, murder, hate, sin, spite, rape, oppression, Love, vengeance, famine, genocide, corruption, infection, madness, ego, id and I…

Won’t you slow your pace? Won’t you allow more time for me, I was blind and deaf to you? It’s not my fault. I didn’t remember. I didn’t realize my duty?

Remember me, she said. How could you have been so blind as to have forgotten Love? How could you have ignored the truth beneath your feet, in front of your eyes… eternity?

O Mark Richard Prime! What have you done? ... I've not held her sacred, not acknowledged her presence, save for my weight of greed. O Creation! I’ve built from out of you and on top of you such ugliness in my mortal image, towering, jutting, angry frames, stacked and ugly without regard to the original altar. Ugliness in honor of self, my prayerless beast, my animal without love, the reflection of an affectation without affecti…

“Everyone dies alone.”

(Photo by Michelle, my lovely love...)
When I first heard one of the many variations of "Everyone dies alone" I thought, of course I die alone. I now see that particular truth differently- Everything I leave behind is that which is not and never was mine, of me, but not me, that which, after death, I'm unable to retreat from.

I’ll do myself a great disservice if I carry my body away from life and leave only my hands to suffer and writhe in a pact of willful separation. With self left suffocating, buried beneath other’s thoughts, other’s slaughter, other’s guilt, other’s sins, other's beliefs, all packed beneath my own personal greed, the void that has no love, and without hands, is unable to dig out from under the rubble, unable to remain loving, remain important, unless I recognize and believe in the whole of Love.

Full life has no use for Love’s spirit that's tossed in the ground never to dance again.

(Thank you, Love. Thank you, Breath. Thank you, Water. T…

Man of Flesh and Bone

(Photo by Michelle, my lovely love...)
Can I, a man of flesh and bone and spirit and Love, recognize my image within my kind’s present carnage?

Shriek and howl! Screech my protests higher now! The hymn of peace be upon the eartH, Love visible through the belief in creation...

Shouldn't I long to walk in goodness? Shouldn't I strive toward the solemn directives of creation and Love? I should strive to walk in goodness. A man, yet capable of walking in warless goodness...

So how could I have ever known of such creeping deceit.

(Yet, they are my brothers and sisters eternally, nonetheless... nonetheless. I'm sorry, brother for ever having thought it was my place to question your personal belief, never having had my own. I humbly apologize.)

I have, I would imagine, known only that which was and is knowable... And then I began raging my hunger, leaving myself parasitic, turned by my greed. I chose my beast and I have fallen, fallen so far away that the garden light's b…

The Resonance Of A Tenable Fate

(The Blind Conscience by Kimberley Kermode)
I walked the streets in blindness. I heard the shattering of war. I sensed the felled spirits of the warring. I saw a world going crazy with maddened and maddening madness, the quickening with the resonance of my tenable fate has begun.

I am accountable, me… Guilty of the slaughter found in war, shamed by me, my contribution to murder, rape, hunger, thirst, weapons carved from the lie, my willful destruction of life.

The knowable has never been more evident than now, too many to sustain, too many to recognize the sacred ground, too many hands have grown down into reflective screens without reflection…

Too many hands grown down into reflective screens without reflection… Too many hands grown down into reflective screens without reflection… Too many hands grown down into reflective screens without reflection… Too many hands grown down, down deep, inside reflective screens without reflection… without reflection. Without reflection. Withou…

The Mother's Spirit Spoke to Me of Love

(Mother Earth by Pennie Austin)
I listened. I cried, I laughed, I bowed, I prayed.

In the beginning of Love was creation and in the beginning of creation was Love. Love and Life are eternal. I look around me with living eyes and Love is revealed. I Look to the heavens, but also look beneath my feet and to that which faces me, for Love is only revealed to me if I view the whole of life, if I Love with the same affections that I grant my belief.

I smiled, I frowned, I grimaced, I howled, I stumbled! I found myself bowing at her sacred feet, bent upon my knees in servitude. I was in motion and I knew nothing…

I knew not where I was because I knew not who I was. Until I know myself, my Love cannot grow. Without Love, the self is too heavy to rise. It is tied to me and everything that is before me. I've trudged aimlessly as I sought meaning, as I searched for Love. I failed to see that Love has been and will always be in me and around me, so I'll reveal my Love before the weight becom…

The Mother's Ode

The glow of the ever-changing art overhead always brings me to a quite awe as the night sounds of the insects, The Mother’s ode to her creations that move beneath me, that call out to my dreary sleep and beckon I bring food to the mouths of the hungry, water to the thirst in man’s throat, and valiant love upon life’s home and kinship, reveals the solemn song pleading I open my eyes and ask her to dance before the last call.

The wind, with its pleasing dance of the formless, the invisible waltz with the unknown, breathes a truth that rests in me, in you and all of life. The wind brings my lips to curl up in joy, into a comfortable smile, that, even within the wind’s thrashing fury, I hold.

The moon leaves me open-mouthed in my smallness, humbled by my failing memory and released from the noise of self. The Mother’s stillness is her symphony, the wind, her strings, the insects, her drums, and the moon, her dance of eternal love.

Let’s begin…

© 2011 by mark prime

The Dragonfly and God

(Dragonfly Site)
The dragonfly has no inhibitions, creates no delusion, sees everything around it and is iridescent, revealing its colors when the light falls upon it.

When a bomb is dropped or when murder finds even one, a part of Love dies with the one, another perishes with the slayer. With each drop of venom that oozes into the water, with every war waged, each rape committed, a part of Love dies. When hunger finds its way into the ribs of children, when famine snatches the breath of life away, when death crawls in from the screech of emptiness, a part of Love dies.

The dragonfly, unlike Love, lives without regret…

© 2011 by mark prime

The Language of Time

The mountain speaks, as do the seas, oceans, wind, sky and trees. The elephant, otter, lion, wolf, eagle, and polar bear speak. If I will but listen to them, I may see my looming fall from their grace. If I do not begin to heed and act upon their wise counsel, the wrath of creation will shake him me without warning, without regard. Emptied of me, The Mother can and will again begin to breathe her eternal life and selfless Love.

How much time’s left, asked the clock made of wood?
When will it all begin to quake, asked the house made of stone?
Where will the fools hide their toys, asked the air filled with smog?
What will become of mankind’s joy, asked the water stained with oil?
Why did thinking man not exhale his love, asked the fish whirling in waste?
Who will rescue me from The Mother’s anger, asked the child made of flesh?

No time for questions. No time for fear. No time for regret. No time for murder. No time for war.

Time is up. The moment’s passed, goodness spent, hope fading.