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With the Grace Everyone Expected

The silence came when I turned off the car…

Y” stands for “Yes”. Yes?

What do you want the formation to stand for?


Then it does.

Yes. I imagine then, that the game is afoot, or I’m a fearful and flailing beast.

Stop! You are not flailing, nor are you a beast.

Then I'm fearful. There is no removal of all of my instincts, the fear is only from things I haven’t imagined. It’s much less severe than when I searched for truth…

Friends will be hard to come by if you sometimes imagine them foes. Love is what will open your eyes to paradise and grant you more brothers and sisters and more love than you ever thought possible. Believe in what you know and be careful of what you imagine of love. 

The traffic pulls at my fears unfolding around my belief. Surely I see that I'm meant to believe, and surely I know that my beliefs are becoming my fate, my love and my rage, my peace and my war, my life and my death, my paradise and my agony?

You are meant to believe and be aware of truth. No…

One of Love’s Many Spirits Smiled Upon Me Today

One of love’s many spirits smiled upon me today. We hugged a warm love, her name escaped my mind, but not her spirit. Her love for all was awake within her eyes as she occupied the space with joy.

Peace, love and goodness be unto you, spirit.


The last note of a song holds me aloft, the net return shakes my knees- a song, cello, Bach, track thirteen, one, thirteen, twelve- the willow would have spoken with me longer tonight, but the traffic stole her thunder, her lightening and her rain. Oh, rain! Cascade all around me like a curtain falling its dust in the sun...


I’m trying to remember what I learned yesterday. I suppose I needn’t have to memorize something for it to suddenly escape my ready lips…


It started as a notion. No. That’s not true. It came as truth.

Let the truth be without name. Without verse, without need of humankind’s input, without the sludge of humans, the radiant toxins of their beliefs, instead, bring love’s joy, love’s peace, love’s loyalty.

Let me try and us…

I Haven’t Lost My Way, I’ve Removed My Instincts and Settled for Machines

There’s room enough in belief for love, and love is all of what love created.

I've lost my way because I removed my instincts and settled for machines.

What do you smell right now?


What do you see right now?


What do you hear right now?

The hum of machines.

Rumble the horns to announce you've been listening. Sinking away, may her echo be another try to reach you…

Balance is key. Believe what I may, but, for the love of love, I should rise up with a belief that doesn’t settle scores or one that ends in misery for some (and not all)…

© 2012 by mark prime

A Question of Creation

Where would it have led to if Love had remained?

Heaven, without the stench of greed, want, and war.

Belief is required for one to find unbelievable Love.

Hadn't seen her around lately. The sleet taps its dance on the windows, slipping, ice cold, wind. Sleep. The radiance was just enough to see by through the clouds thin enough to breathe.

Where would it have led to if Love had remained?

© 2012 by mark prime

Belief is Humankind’s Blindfold

Remember where you are. Over and over and over until love’s song nestles inside of your breath and billows a refrain, then the journey back home can begin, before human, after love. The reason is simple, the lesson, immense.

Belief is humankind’s blindfold. Empty gesturing and corduroys-


-that they were wearing that day?


Irrelevant. Barren. Nothingness.


Dear fellow human, I looked for you today. I hunted for you in peace, but found you not. Sought you in truth like a butterfly seeks out its flower. I hoped to find you nearest to love, rejoiced at having been greeted accordingly.


Did you expect me to be an easy target?


Let me then speak of peace, of love, of goodness for all , not of treachery anymore. Stand with me, brothers and sisters…

© 2012 by mark prime

Might This Be Paradise and I'm a Thankless, Reckless and Arrogant Predator?

Might this indeed be paradise of which you've been a thankless, reckless and arrogant predator?

Yes. I am becoming restless. I sense it.

In the loveless spirit, rests something impenetrable, something so grand that you cannot comprehend, let alone, pretend any longer. 

Love is tumbling all around and through me now and I'm fairly certain of where I am.

Breathe love evermore. Feel its presence and you will know without a doubt where you are...


I say "rejoice" a lot now, it’s a pleasant word, worth repeating, like "love", a ballad that bows to the earth, from varying plants and animals beginning to sense where they are at long last…

So, if you're home on heavenly earth, where you've always been, where full love cannot be slain- 

Yes! A thousand yeses!

Nothing keeps moving like love, so you better get to loving in full or the loveless spirit’s will win and earth won’t have a choice but to heal from your use…

Might this indeed be paradise of which I'…

Love, Have Her See My Worship

Love, have her see my worship and let me evermore remember that I'm a steward. If I come back around again in this our race to truth, then so be it, I will remember my lessons from the earth with which I know or can even begin to recognize my amazing surroundings. Heaven is a word, an emotion in a larger sense, it is and must remain unknown util I can and do again begin to see the basic truths on my way toward the reward of knowing where I am, who I am and what I am...

Rejoice! My prayer's been answered. Let her love you in return that she might offer eternal devotion.

I shouldn’t be flying? Maybe love has no direction, or at least it didn't. Breathe. Inhale, exhale...

It's okay for you to tell me. Otherwise, I'd be nothing to you and you nothing to me. My right as a privileged mug, among billions, don't get me wrong, I've been relatively poor my entire life and where I've not mush to show in the physical sense, it's made up for in my loving beli…

I’m Prepared to End My Search for Love

I’m prepared to end my search for love if I feel I’ve done my best to care for the earth. My search will end, because I’ve found it. I have sought long and hard for this pleasure, the overwhelming influence of  love and was able to grow nearer her with great joy in my heart.

The most incredible thing happened. I wasn’t expecting the grandmother, I loved mine like no other. I wasn't even expecting the pain, the fear and the suffering to be lifted, but it was and through this liberation I arrived home and found her there to my great delight.

The earth is in need of prayers, of your help. You've much more to do than merely be forgiven of sins, you have to seek beyond the threshold of human ideas and dance lovingly with all spirits. What humankind has brought upon themselves is their war with war, their fear of that which they cannot know in the flesh. Never forget that life is extraordinary and that your beholden is the earth.

This is not me. I’m not writing these words alone, I&…

The love I’ve found in my belief is the Love of Love

The Love I’ve found in my belief is the Love of Love, and we humans are defiling the Heart(H) of Love, yet still, we imagine we’re destined for righteous glory...

This mind needs rest, but it’s kind of busy at this leg of my journey. Many of you seem to understand that it is from the Heart(H) that I’m expressing my thoughts. The words I write of belong to Love.

The Love I’ve found in my belief is the Love of Love, and we humans are defiling the HeartH, yet still, we imagine we’re destined for righteous glory...

Have we earned Love’s Love?
Have we been silent long enough to sense Truth?
Does it end with Love of all and everything?
Might we, after our debasement of Love‘s Heart(H), truly still imagine we‘re on our way to Heaven?

Love is everything. (Man’s mind hasn’t imagined himself even remotely near to Love.) Love is Love. Love is laughter. Love is water. Love is forest. Love is rain. Love is wind. Love is thunder. Love is the moon. Love is the ocean. Love is the sea. Love is …

Shhh. It’s not your fault, not too many of us ever imagined themselves into heaven.

Agony on eartH, transformed into Heaven, right before my loving and thankful eyes. Truth.

I’m listening for our scriptures, those that are counterbalance to truth, painting you, Love, as a foul beast instead of peaceful Love. A Love of peace for a suffering eartH and for we, Love's creation turned parasite.

(What did he just say, asked the tremblers.)

(Amen, cried out all the worshipers of Love!)

All of those that honor the eartH, do so by taking action first and belief second. Will our Love let us slip out unnoticed and into Heaven to never suffer again after we imagined ourselves owners? If we will care for the eartH of Love, Heaven shall rise. And this would make liars of all us who pray to Love for fear of agony. Love and remember, that motion creates, so revel in your having landed in Heaven! Rejoice! You are Home! You are a steward of Love.

Fear is fear, the formation of our own making, agony on eartH, instead of Heaven. Is there something I haven’t quite figured out yet, lik…

Will they listen to you? Will they hear your anguish? Will they sense your love?

Will they listen to you? Will they hear your anguish? Will they sense Love?

Yes, my friend. They will listen as much as I will to their anguish, and I will suffer with them and they with me. Yet, since we now find ourselves together, brothers and sisters, realizing our grave error regarding Truth, it cannot be known until we’ve returned the eartH to her glory. We must consider making the eartH heavenly again, as Love created it with humanity as her stewards, her angels upon the eartH, it is Heaven, it is Home...

© 2012 by mark prime

My belief must come secondary to my treatment of my home, otherwise, why bother with having a belief, it wouldn’t matter, it can’t come true because we’re trapped inside the opposite of love, in the hell of our making.

And I thought you’d never get here.

I knew where I was headed, but found myself faced with spirits that were stronger and more prepared for the inevitable than my little brain could ever imagine.

You are right. Yet is there not a soliloquy worth repeating within your miniscule existence, relatively speaking? And is this story not worthy of Creation? Have you not a duty to imagine the eartH as most sacred? Her waters need you! Her soil needs you! Her air needs you!

It is time to show her what we believe of her! Of eartH, which is  Love, which is heaven. If our belief does not begin with Love and only contain Love for the sacred eartH and for  Love, we suffer our humankind made manifestation of hell. They are the same,  Love is everything. Everything! And, with our belief, have come parasitic leeches who imagine we can wait to fix our wrongs to eartH, to heaven, to  Love! We’re hell bent on destruction of the only place we humans can lay our belief-fouled heads!

Remember where you are.