We're so damn sick
We're so damn sick
We're so damn sick
Doing the same things
over and over again
as if
as if
the truth
were some magic trick
as if
as if kindness
was hiding from us
up some bloody sleeve
some god-fouled machine

We're sick
We're sick
We're sick
Telling jokes that aren't funny
just hurtful to another
a skin color
a brother
laughing at another
a sister being demeaned
by power-hungry jackals
hanging onto rage
fear and ignorance
warring our way
off the edge of the world
that's never been ours
to own
always out of our control
laughing at things
the same things
for thirty, forty
one hundred years

Grow up!
Songs, memorized
for nothing
pledges of slavery
jeering and sneering
making fun of something
doing nothing
nothing worth repeating
ricocheting like gunfire
like the whistle of bombs

As if love's
an unknown language
blasted to both edges
of prideful swords
distant and absurd
stupid godless wars
as if generosity
and forgiveness
were too fucking hard
to understand
just mazes without end

What the hell is wrong
with us when children
are still hungry
and wall street's
rolling dice
and bones
crack like ice

death's still the godawful price
the easy murder
smashing children
with a different color skin

We're parasites lost
in prideful reflections
again and again
insanity a game
a game of bullets
a game of murder
again and again

Stop Stop Stop
We've done enough
Enough indifference
Enough killing
in the name of God
or any other damn thing
Oil! Oil! Oil!
War! War! War!
Rape! Rape! Rape!
Pollution, genocide and hate!

Religion's too prideful
to let angel's breathe
too angry for sins
yet to come
laugh laugh laugh
too empty are prayers
mocking others
resentful tones
dragging chairs
across the floor
noise noise noise
just to silence our death

God's on his own
humankind turned to stone
the echo of the last
blood, peace shattered
flesh and bone scattered
like seed on the ground
suffering for a cross
for a vengeance
reserved for beasts
we monsters
of foul grief
of pointless terror
priests of hypocrisy
stewards of derision
leaders without vision
blinded by the fear of fear

We're sick
We're sick
We're sick
We're sick
I pray we love
Wake up
Wake up
Wake up
It's time
Now begin
Now begin
Now begin

God, I weep

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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