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("Spin is sometimes dismissed as a simple euphemism for lying. But it's actually something more insidious: indifference to the truth. —Michael Kinsley, Time, 25 Dec. 2000–1 Jan. 2001")


This apathy toward what is true is a dis-ease of our own echo.

Fear of the truth is wrongheaded.

Spinning the lie is indifference, not just indifference to the truth, but the blatant use of it for the sole purpose of enslavement of ideas, so that the truth is enslaved along with us...

Rise with the truth, it is the pathway to true freedom...


© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


The many uplifting stories of human medicine need be told. Give voice to your own power, then raise the truth in freedom, that all might know
and remember.

Set your own example to its fullness, then there will be no doubt.

The voice is an infinite resource
in a finite glimmer, use it!

When we take our own voice back from the slavers, we give speech to our brothers and sisters...

Living, Loving, Laughing
Medicine for the masses

Me, We

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


If you're angry...

Don't speak of Love.
Don't feign human Peace.
Don't discipline anything.
(And if you're filled with rage
Discipline yourself.)

Don't be quick to condemn.
(Don't condemn.)

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


There is no devil
there is only we,
there is no devil,
at least none we can see,
but look in a mirror
and you're looking at two
fear and GodLove
face to face
within the thing that is you,
what's within the human race.

There is no such thing
as Hell that awaits us,
it is we that are to choose Heaven!

Rejoice at such a truth
establishing itself as a savior
to the savior
and then to all...

Me, We

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


It's like we're ricocheting down the canyon

We used to see one another as One Family

Now we imagine we're called upon the warring path- stand down prideful schemer, you are the one that needs to wake up, young spirit...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


When did we stop questioning our existence?

Are we truly happy with our collective behavior, our fear marching inland toward the children?

We need to be in reality, molding an actuality that works with the unfolding and not against! Stop memorizing bloody history! It's called "history" for a damn good reason.

Daft! The whole lot of us!

Why don't we fix it?

(Silence and Guilt.)

Indifference and Shame.


© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Fear not any inferior ruling
Change it without the master's consent!

Masters are a dime a dozen, same with slaves. You allow yourself to be held back, rise up and throw off these shackles they've placed on the peacekeepers! Rise up with great affection upon the whole, rise up and BE FREE!


If it won't come from a vote, then we must begin in earnest to speak and act like the sovereign creature we are.


© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


When the people are up against the corporate wall it is time to show them once and for all that WE are FREE! Sovereign as the day we were born! That is when the dance with the Spirit begins.

~Me, We

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Not crazy, insane,
maddened by indifference,
a method
arriving in the swirl.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Some things just ring a bell.

((It's that time of year!)

Not that bell ringing.

(What bell then?)

You'll know it when the truth's been told, laid out like a boxer flailing on instinct just before succumbing to unconsciousness. It may not be the most beautiful of dances, but when your head hits the floor you won't know it has until you regain consciousness.


© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


If you think there is no reason to change our trajectory, observe what our beliefs and our allowances are bringing back with them in the echo, you'll see things a bit differently and begin...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


The prayer now unfolds
It tumbles forth our tongues
And unites our senses,
Great change is upon us.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


The woods seem commonplace.

(So does the water.)

(And the mountain, too.)

(And the sky.)

The stars without question are commonplace.

(The cave seems commonplace.)

(So do the clouds, as if they've been hanging around and leaving and coming back, leaving again only to come back. Over and over, like war.)

What is wrong with us?

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


How briefly, "humanity", will you bring your warring to its end? The warmonger delights in their warmongering- fear hates the truth. Turn we now to Love and Peace, for there the One Spirit awaits our agreement. I am making known my truth unto you. Because I have tumbled, and been refused. I have flailed and I have stumbled and no one seemed to notice. But I still need to seek your counsel that You may seek mine. But you've not listened, you've mocked the truth. I will not mock you in return, I will lay down the collective path even as your fear cometh. When your fearful, here comes destruction, and this destruction is yours, it enters without restriction when we find ourselves indifferent. You can call on Me, I will happily answer. I will not hide from you, I am not ashamed. If you are ashamed, remember this, there is no need. And may we each taste the sweetness of our collective return and be filled by the breath of Creation. For our rising is the occasion, the p…