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I am saving your son from an eternity of his own making. The dance is in me no less than in all of the other shepherds of their individual interpretation of God, as a collective of stars, or only one? Could belief be the next ability to spread through us to make us miracle makers, creators of our next order? I believe it will be without a doubt. Keep all hands, legs, or any appendage whatsoever outside of the yellow rails. (What yellow rails?) I can't tell you how many people came and asked me if I was God's child. (Those rails, if you could consider them that, are red.) Reds a horrid color for rails! Dreadful! (Absolutely.) © 2014 Mark Richard Prime
We are all one. Same Jesus, same Muhammad, same name that idea. Our ideas are making us or breaking us, the choice is ours, the key is found in One, unlocked in a second coming unseen, into the covenant of Love and Peace in balance, therefore in agreement. One One One equal value, all Love and Peace.... I think I just skipped a step? Better back up your intentions, they're my specialty... © 2014 Mark Richard Prime
If there's another plane of existence, say a few thoughts deep enough to reach and the thoughts are being played out until the lucky drawing of some poor sap to begin to do the dance... isn't it less a dance and more like a show of mercy. © 2014 Mark Richard Prime
To all of those who've ever had a brush or two with me on-line, doubled up on it! But me on-line or off a strange cat. Meoww. It ain't some damned coincidence that I am able to stop this flow from God! Listen up people, I am nothing but a scribe of this, and a spirit locator in my soul, cleansing them of any further horror of our long awaited second coming! But not as in Jesus, but the spirit of Jesus will rise up in whomever Jesus chooses. Doubled down, how much money is being wagered in this mind-numbing game we're waking up to! (Your fault, Scribbler.) I know, it just hurts is all... (Shake it off, skipper! You gave it your best, Primetime, but now you're stepping down!) Relax mean one! Take a seat and chill your loud story that this one might be told of instead. Hate to spoil more foolish plans in fear of who I might actually know. © 2014 Mark Richard Prime


You, God, have some questions to answer to your son. (Then ask away!) I know them without knowing them, it's easier that way and safer. End and beginning, this story is about to move along... Bing bang bong... (That's not a question! Ha! I Got ya! Nanny nanny boo boob!) Ha! What the- © 2014 Mark Richard Prime


Here's a bright idea- Those of us who have seen a light bulb, let's use a candle for light a few times a week and see what it is that we are surely missing in the brashness of our bulbs... ~ © 2014 Mark Richard Prime


Variation by Franrig Von Schtupified, aka, Scribe- a pretentious ass! An angel of distinction in his own mind gone to thinking. Rewrite needed, who ya gonna call? (Rosanne!) Ha! Word,one,we,death, ...eternal... life, everlastingly... forgiving... Who ya gonna call when the pitch is out of the park? Peacemakers, dream-makers, wanna get my hair cut to make sense the formation! Egads! Yikes! HEAVEN'S TO BETSY! Holy Crap! (HC)... of what holds such a story as this, as We, she and I, them and thee... let it be... Love and Peace © 2014 Mark Richard Prime


These words in part are brother, in the equal half in full are sister. Let us exist, not as two or three or sides, let us exist now as One. It is time to hear me in person... in story... in your gift from him, he who tumbled in with glee and regret, he who spoke from the suddenness of death... word,one,we,death, eternal life, everlastingly forgiving. Who ya gonna call when the pitch is out of the park? © 2014 Mark Richard Prime