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SUNDAY (6/28/09)

Quiet crackdown drains Iran dissidents
They took off their shoes and planned and their naked feet paced a new journey which now stirs inside every room. Shoes cannot represent this moment, it is feet and hands and the flame of a newborn star.

Ready or Not, Iraq’s Military Prepares to Stand on Its Own
Prepare to make your way in the manner you see fit like the depth and curve of a valley, shaped by vigor and crushing force, yet on the crimson breath of a new morning.

Jackson family 'want new autopsy'
Speed it past our minds, this doubt. Hurry beyond our sick and prying judgments. Float above where angel voices linger.

Ruth Madoff forfeits asset claims, left with $2.5 million
Poor Ruth, she senses that it’s not enough, her life’s flipped over on a foggy turnpike, skidding headlong into the swindled horde.

Obama Turns Up Heat on Senate to Pass Climate Bill
And the fuming beast tosses our bodies through the clammy air of our mad dash. We watch it as it’s happening, aghast, then turn t…