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SUNDAY (4/19/09)

Obama awaits Cuba’s next steps The land draws nearer and nearer now, it is upon us. We can see moving forms, limbs along its edges waving to us as the seagulls spiral the welcome sky.
U.S. to boycott racism conference over Israel
Right after the stars were replaced with sequins and the moon had fallen from its perch, readily replaced with a wad of Swiss cheese, we were confident that we knew all there was to know.
U.S. says watching China's naval expansion closely
This will not be the same war, said the Iraqi youth. It will not fall so easily, death and destruction, said the old man. Yes. It will be none of those things, yet all of those things, sighed the cleric.
F.B.I. and States Vastly Expand DNA Databases
As I wandered through the afternoon vineyard and its musty odor hovered just beneath my nose, I looked down to see that my shirt was stained. Grapes. It’s never washed out; a permanent and traceable stain.

Police: Man Kills Family, Self in Maryland Home
It is as it will be, our un…