Not sure why some are afraid of the monstrousness of war, probably the monstrousness.

We haven't any duty to country, we've a duty to Home.

I wouldn't go to war for any reason whatsoever as a peacemaker, and if more (all) humans realized that they are/were born peacemakers and not warriors, there would be no damn war!

We raise them up to diminish and destroy their empathy in an atmosphere of battle and fear, so it is obvious to me the reasons the world's people are at war with one another.

Then one must consider the (H)eartH, the planet of their birth? Why are we, in general, colluding, allowing the destruction of our Home? The most inexplicable war the war, the destruction of the very thing that gives us everything we need to survive.

I suppose then the answer is priorities, brother.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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