Long Commenced

Just Leave Our Flags at Half-mast

Like, Dislike, Love, Sad, Funny, Huh?

Weapons of Fear

The Battle Between

From Other Living Plants

Forgiveness and Affection

Hold These Words

A Living Perfection Created

Love is With Me

We Have Little Choice in the Matter

The Flag Slaps at Full Mast

9.11.12 - The Rising Wind is Upon Me 9-11-11 (12)

September is Hunger Month, What’s Your Emergency?

Operator: 911, What's Your Emergency?

You've Reached 911, What's Your Emergency

911 Operator, what's your emergency?

911, what's your emergency?

Time's Irrelevancy

What in Heaven is Happening to My Reality?

Breathe Your Love if You are Going to Parrot the Truth

They Stood in Line

The Traffic Snaps My Spirit

A Bunch of Derelicts

A Spirit Lodged in the Throat

Trust is What I Seek