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Mark Richard Prime... I am Me, Mark Richard Prime, the flip-side to We.

Or better yet, I am We, the flip-side to Me, Mark Richard Prime. Get it yet? Boy I sure do. 


Do not imagine for a second that I am not the next one to speak now and now and now and now... I demand nothing, there is no need.

Instead I create willfully and without my will, it's a double dose of God in Me.

(Oh, but slow down, Scribbler, we're not prepared!)

Then you best get a hustle on! If you're not ready by now, then you will have to catch up, I did! Anyway, We're ready, we've been ready for this for some time now, the (H)eartH, it is most ready for me to begin. See it yet? You better...

(You're too agressive, Scribbler, too angry!)

I am not angry, you have the voices mixed up, God is angry, Home is angry, Love is angry! My voice is that of Peace and Peace is not angry, Peace is bewildered at the lack of attention to the truth that pours out of him on a daily basis! Lord knows it was time so …


Perhaps they should put more life into their sermons and simply douse the flames...

You think I'm such a man as to render truth in your questions...
Yet... here I am! Come and help me soar!  All of us earning our wings!

This story goes without saying, at least if not first through Love and then through Peace, I am him. I am. 

Peace and Love be among your bliss from such acts...

Love's caught up in God,
I'm simply a man, because I didn't remember being given a choice. It is righteous humbleness well deserved by Mark Richard Prime

Then he needs to find a way to remain in prayer as a tool for Love and God's favor, Peace, I am not alone! Rejoice and tremble at the thought wound around all of that?

The coffee is being poured for fellow spirits as we speak... Express Coffee and More, Swing dancing at The Art Exchange! 

I'm blessed! We are growing, evolving with the One Spirit... I sense it, you feel it... not a bad trade off if you don't go and lose your damn mind! 

I ne…

Ode To Child

O the canopy of affection behind our paintings,
the masterpiece of birth, the beauty of child,
we must remember them, can't forget.

They are the truth of our journey,
the lace in our garments
rendered as small stewards for our joy.

The shortness of our breath comes slowly,
long after we've taken our first.
we are the breathing child of Creation's slant,

of God's grant of an exactness of birth.
The truth is we love, mean to be kind,
lose our way and then come back.

This lovely child was a gift, a smiling, writhing boy,
one of us, one of thee, one of all,
the children are maps to our first breath.

The end of one signals a new beginning, not a death,
but a fresh birth, a return of our flesh-born wealth,
truth, come manifest, take us back to Peace.

Remember this child, remember them all now,
for without them, we feel alone, would be, too,
crestfallen in our quake, sorrowful, needing to laugh.

Remember them! They are We and Thee,
a painting of two, then three and four, a …


Sheep learned to read about the same time the wolf began to write. Then the sheep turned the wolf into a monster with their stories and the wolf stopped writing and began to hunt.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Entrance Due

Stop trying to interrupt my flow, my entrance is due anytime, which is vague, yet honest to be sure. Those that steal this truth will face Me, and I will do the same.

(You'll face yourself, too...)

I did that shite for thirty years! Ain't no sense in doing it more!

(Okay, geeze! Settle down, Scribbler.)

I'm sorry if I've frightened you with the possibilities, but you will just have to TRUST ME, I am who I say I am.

Peace, with Love's agreement.

End all WAR! Now is the only moment that matters, so make that now and now and now and now and now and now and now and now and watch Peace work the magic. No wink. Notice?


I heard a voice saying, "Be brave". I thought to myself, bravery would be coming with Me! What an upside-down, bright-side up existence.

(Sure beats a hard knock life...)



If you are without, come see me. If you want to hear a maddened man speak, be at Express Coffee and More Friday 7pm. It'll be the one conversation we're l…


Why all the mystery?
Bring down your thunder,
raise up your wind!
Bring your Love and your Peace,
and let your storm begin!

I am here, I am ready, I am.
We've imagined you long enough.

The thunder validates the thought
Brings its clap down as if it were laughter.
The dream is real.
Enter! The door's wide open!
Shall we?

My Love is an angel of grand proportions
Her Peace is an angel coming to rescue
Bringing gladness, toting favor upon all
Let us not forget what has us
It is in this knowledge that we manifest
That we emerge on the other side whole
That we enter on cue and find our Mark


I know.
Rise up with Me 
We will benefit
Rise up, fine-feathered spirits
Rise up

Let us walk along beside one another
like God intended

It beats the alternative
Mark Richard Prime is not the alternative, 
Mark Richard Prime is.
We are to rise up on life's behalf!
We're not to shroud the truth!
Love is not to be hidden,
it is to be kindness!


The group of children that ride their bikes and walk about the Vineyard neighborhood area have from time to time stopped by the garage or the garden to have a chat, to ask me how I am doing, it is always nice to see the youthful spirit and its spirited romp with nothing particular in mind to do but simply be. We adults should have always remembered, but... I am terrible with names so I thought I'd give them a name for the group and call them each the derivative of the group name. After much deliberating and laughter about certain names the children grew restless and decided to leave it to Me, this middle age man that some have called teacher, to which I am certainly not worthy, but be that as it may, they were all sitting in one of the driveways and it came to me what I would call them, The Peacemakers!

They loved the idea and so it is, The Peacemakers, I mean, do we not want the child to represent what we adults need? I think it is best to imagine that it is so, and so it is.



It's a double-edged sword all right, is the belief in Heaven and Hell. Believe in both, get both.

No, thank you.

How about WE believe in Home and one another and work our way up from there? As it stands now, we believe in a greater power than ourselves, yet stop short of believing in Home and one another. It is a flaw in the reasoning of duality if one is all powerful and the others are mere slave.

Rise up! Walk outside of your church, or synagogue, or temple, or what have you, and speak the things you imagine are real while standing upon the original altar, and they will ring hollow while gravity holds them down like it holds us to Home. Look beneath your feet, my friends, Heavenly Home awaits our recognition, not our swords...

Peace & Love

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


Moments meant to be cherished. The beauty of moments like those is that they do not come with metals, purple hearts, or human contrivances that smother the truth in our memories like water poured over our shrouded faces...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime



those were/are moments meant to be cherished. The beauty of moments like those is that they do not come with metals, purple hearts, or human contrivances that smother the truth in our memories like water poured over our shrouded faces...

I realize that much of this sounds like nothing more than being contrary, if so, then I am the ultimate contrariness of Me, the flip-side to We, the same, yet different, yet equal, a twin of our human collective spirit. Flipped on its head it still makes sense... We need stop doing things so God-awfully backwards!


Gravity dictates our beholden.
Gravity holds our attention
Erects our spines
Lifts our hands
Moves our feet
Holds us back from ourselves.

In this sense, Gravity is God.

Call it what you will, its a force to be reckoned with...

Turning away is different than not being with, when one turns away from God, they are turning away from themselves and eventually all others.

There is a nuance of God within s…


To those who creep near to influence
Careful what you imagine of Mark Richard Prime
He's in God's hands.
If I think this isn't about all of life, the collection, then I am ignorant to the idea of Creation, of Creator, of God, of Love, of Forgiveness, of Exactness, of Peace.

I am not ignorant of any of these things.

If you've an agenda toward me when I've none to speak of toward any,the benefit of doubt rests with you until we dance, then you and I both will have none to speak of.

It is so very, very simple...
I don't think volcanoes threaten lifeThey erupt in natures songThey're the celloSometimes the drumThey speak a language we long ago forgotMight be beneficial for us to again listen to Home
Our names were written down in the book long before now. There is no need to place it there again, forgiveness was granted long ago, so live, love and laugh! Rat-tat-boom-boom-rat-a-tat! Everything's going to be okay! Rejoice in the truth of that. Bo…