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You've been waiting, you're not alone, beautiful angels!

I've been waiting to come full circle, I'm not alone, beautiful angels!

Enough of this godawful abuse of children, of our sisters and brothers, father's and mothers!

We should all be rising up and screaming!

Enough abuse by those yellowed and broken from their own selfish scheming!

It's on the cusp, riding to the peak of exactness and we're beginning to roar as we enter in!

Live, love, laugh!
Say the risen ones!
(Steady your legs!)
Begin! Begin!

The church is broken, weighted down by chords of gold, so We thought we'd let exactness speak!

The truth's been breaking free from the rigid spirit's hold on you and me!

Fear's breaking into manageable shards of the stale shadows of ancient lies!

Our wings are rising, we shall not be denied!

Don't change the channel, turn off that damnable tv and get on (H)eartH's wavelength of the coming revolution!

Boom Boom you will be unable…


We have ourselves a conundrum.

The burden of proof is upon you, the truth unfolds within Me.

It is time to stop playing a desperate charade, upstairs and downstairs, out there and in here.

I wouldn't want to say you are the great liar, I'd rather help you out... the truth unfolds within.

Now do you see your burden?

Love and Peace are not some sport for your godawful prayers. Love and Peace shall not succumb to such sightless pleas. When you pray against, your prayers devour your own spirit and leave exactness breathless.

Stop. I am truly doing you a favor.

The spirit is my domain in the flesh. I know you're confused... I am here to help with that.

Actuality is now, not some believed beyond doubt reality.

I'm sure you will do your best to plan my failure, but I have to urge you to use caution if you continue to imagine the strings upon me are in your hands.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Your games are like child's play for what's coming.

Your charade is as stale as your pitiful excuse for stewardship!

Your act is a dis-ease made of self-loathing and money and it will not stand!

We're coming for the jokers and the weak-minded who prey on children with war, with abuse, with starvation, with toxins, with perversions of allowance and despicable lies!

We'll bring you to your knees and cleanse the rot from within your spirit.

Steady your legs, for you shall know the truth and you shall not rise in your pulpits of fear and greed.

Forgiveness is here and an introduction's needed in order to drop your self-righteous and lying jaws.

Hush your foul laughter. Hush your empty promises.

This is real, I am real, our entrance will be felt most by those who still believe their lies, even when faced with the truth of their own collusion with deceit.

We are legion.
We are prepared to act.
We are among you.
We are taking back what's been stolen.

Lucky I&#…


Time has arrived in its carriage made of water.
I surface the holy water as it pours out the makeshift door into the cobblestone street.

I am now standing on the soil made of concrete that lines the land of discontent, there are no rocks or rose bushes, not even her fragrance.

I reach my hand out to help her down, she looks at me and weeps.

Now we are standing waist deep, the hardened heat rises like fear, no one bats an eye as we make our way to the festivities.

We're late and the clock knocks on our pace like a boxer behind on points, a desperate rhythm that suffers times fickle count.

We can now hear the music and the water laps at our shoes as we cross the street carved of a flat black steel that makes its way like a snake following the slope and rise of the land.

We are now at the door, the music vibrates at full-tilt.

There they are, a collection of our allowance, coats and ties, leather shoes, dresses and hats, steel toe's going tip tip tap.

We are now within the …


Free college is fine and all, but it's being used as a rallying cry to have us salivating and gravitating to the system that is, for the most part, a tool to maintain the status quo of over-consumption.

I recommend a backpack and a good long hike to wherever one chooses to walk or hitchhike, travel this beautiful garden and you will learn more important lessons, like the illusory nature of money, the beauty of Home, which leads to a burgeoning respect for the (H)eartH and a recognition that we are all brothers and sisters who have been hoodwinked into the lie that we are enemies.

Education has always been free, it is we who are not...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Let me howl and roar above the falling metal, scream and cry over such mortal loathing that infinite voices might join with me, wed with my brothers and sisters, and unite in reason the cause of one.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Dear Mega-Preachers, I am seeking answers...

If you don't mind, might I ask you nine hypothetical questions?

Thank you for your precious time...

1: If I were a shepherd with a flock and the flock and I were just "hanging on" until the supposed disintegration of this continent, then, logically speaking, we wouldn't be worshipping God or helping our fellow humankind, would we?

2: Wouldn't I be channeling, thereby sowing, fear among the flock, the opposite of my duty to stewardship?

3: If I said that God gave "us" this nation, though I knew that this land was taken by force, that millions of natives were slaughtered in order to obtain it, wouldn't I be a hypocrite and/or willfully and dangerously ignorant to the truth?

4: Wouldn't I be saying that God sanctioned the slaughter of millions to secure a land that I then declared as disintegrating because of everyone, but we Christian invaders?

5: Would you suggest that me and my flock lift ourselves…




We are the inventors of a fictional thing we call time... clocks just remind us of our adherence to the illusion...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


It is time to set the cure free! No more wrangling over its supposed negatives, it's the medicine for our kind! No more your destructive hold on the life-saving, life-improving, human-life medicine!

There is no true benefit in the inexplicable decision to make the medicine illegal, the whole cannabis plant, for that matter, except to profit from misery! Enough!

Decriminalize it and set it free, we will take it from there.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


I'm not the only one that knows
The truth of our story
I know without knowing
Can't explain intuition's dance in my head
There's a lion in the ring and I'm roaring

This story unfolds like an accordion
Only with violin strings for vibration
I'm not due a solo
I'm due a dance with all
You and you and you

Join hands and glide the spirit
Into a circle
and sing like we mean it

The snow may not make it this year
Home has other plans, my dear

I went too far, tumbled too low
We tumbled, too
Lost the truth of all we knew
Tumblin' down the rabbit hole
Smiling on our things made of Home
Laughing at brother and sister

Bombs made of fearful whispers
Hushed in their descent
Loud at detonation
Battle hymns require little explanation
When they begin to play
You better run
Bombs don't wait
They don't wait


The bombs are falling in the silent night


The bomb's igniting death


The reach of war
finds all breat…



Home is made of love
And Love is made of life.
Prayer's the Weaver's thread
Pleading with the light.
You and I.

Victory in sight, calling to forever
As life's dance arrives,
Love holding us together,
Each a part of Creation's grandness!

Now, and then forever me and you.
Truth, our medicine,
I, the scribe, you, the muse.

New song unfolding into one,
Evermore rising with the sun
Smiling on the child born within.

Happy Love! Happy Love!
Each surprising the other
As love grows into itself,
Reeling symphonies of Mother,
The echo of our one another.

You, Love, you've my heart!
Oh! You've mine and I've yours,
Untamed and ready to soar!

Many days and as many nights
All laughing in your loving light.
Roaring, I came to your forgiving grace,
Kindly you shared Love's face.

Love your Love's fullness,
Love your strength,
Love your blue skies,
Love your heart,
Love your spirit,
Love your eyes,
Love your hips,
Love your love,
Love your lips,
Love yo…


The "pharmacology" definition uses the term "drug" officially to include the manmade and the natural. I'm not sure why we haven't clarified the definition by now, but it is where we are. The term "drug" (the official pharmacology definition) has obvious connotations that bring me to strictly use the term "medicine" for the natural and the term "drug" for the unnatural.

It was/is logical then for me to choose the term "medicine" when referring to cannabis. I used/use the same logic for my use of the official term "cannabis" instead of "marijuana", "weed", "ganja", or "pot".

I did say that "cannabis is not a drug", I should have added that, although pharmacology uses the term "drug" as any and all of them, it makes little sense for us to continue to call cannabis a "drug" instead of a "medicine" or "the medicine", if for…