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Such a Gift

If you're not where you want to be, stop waiting and get to singing, change your reality!

Love, peace and goodness to you, yours and the eartH, you make of it what you want and can my friend, it in turn will make you. Be sure not to take advantage of such a gift, it is, after all, either a great fortune in your own eyes or an unfortunate one. Both fortune and misfortune combined are agonizing.

Love, peace and goodness to you, yours and the (H)eartH...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Who’s Child Is It

Who’s child is it, neighboring spirit? If it is yours, pray tell how you alone created it?

If you had a partner in your dance, was it you and your partner unaided that conceived the child?

(Two is not being alone, so, no.)

And if you two (alone) did not conceive the child, who and what else is responsible for such a miracle as Life, Laughter and Love? You? You? You? You? You? You? You? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Everything, the one exactness, Creation, God, all there is to know and even that which, for now, is unknown. Creation lovingly demands it of us.

(It’s possible, who knows, Scribe?)

And if Life, Love and Laughter is indeed the case, there is no need for fear?


And if we’re all responsible for the life, we’re also held responsible for the destruction of it. We must Love as one, all and everything, in order for us to recover from our fall. Don’t you see? It’s not ours to soil, it’s not ours to own, it’s ours to Love and cherish and worship in our reality, not…

Dear Apostle Peter

Dear Apostle Peter,
"The only forgiveness is the cessation of recollection of these acts, so that they become as though they had never been."

Seems to me you left out the part about us rectifying our misdeeds through our actions, after all, our deeds obviously speak so much louder than our beliefs. As a matter of fact, belief and action must go hand in hand, otherwise what would be the point of our freewill? You also seemed to leave out the part about us needing to make amends to our destructive breath whether Creation requires it of us or not. You left out the fact that even you have forgotten your own foibles via your illogical deduction and utilization of what you imagined to be true instead of what you knew to be true, and maybe you even forgot that prayer is an action word. I don't know, you're not around for me to ask... Have I not just asked it of your spirited belief?

Love, peace and goodness to you, yours and the (H)eartH...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancin…

If My Answers

If, my answers to your questions or our general conversations, either here or on your own Facebook or anywhere, if our conversations made you feel that your belief was not important to me, I want to reassure you that that is not the reality of my journey. Your spirits are very important to me, if they weren't, I wouldn't be giving my mind and belief away like their candy! Rejoice that we've air to breathe or water to drink or soil to reap and sow and for nature to celebrate in all its magnificence!

Somebody, everybody douse the flame and begin to rise up alongside the fullness of Love! Laugh with joy, do not weep with sorrow, there's enough of that to go around another lifetime or two. Live, Laugh and Love is or should be humankind's greatest tools to save them from self-destruction! Not one more child or human spirit lost to war, murder, genocide, greed, indifference, but there I go repeating myself...

(Whoah... Slow down there, scribe! You're not only writi…

Love, Not War, Will Bring Life, Love and Laughter

(Democracy is extremely hard work calling on all that is best in us to carry it out.)

Sure, but carrying it out with love and not with partisanship for one side or another, that's nothing more than more of the same, why we're in the mess we find our guilty selves in the thick of to begin with, silly sides. There are no sides, we are one, and we must dance with another's loving spirit now... And when we find that Love connection, so to speak, it might behoove us to be ashamed for the way we and our "democracy" treated the (H)eartH. Without hesitation, we must repair our misdeeds. Agonizing over semantics is just more of the same...


We're all descendants of each other...

Peace on eartH, not war, will bring Life, Love and Laughter its well deserved victory...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Love Stands Alone

"The human heart is the first home of democracy. It is where we embrace our questions. Can we be equitable? Can we be generous? Can we listen with our whole beings, not just our minds, and offer our attention rather than our opinions? And do we have enough resolve in our hearts to act courageously, relentlessly, without giving up--ever--trusting our fellow citizens to join with us in our determined pursuit of a living democracy?"

--Terry Tempest Williams (via Margorie Van Buren)

(Change the word "democracy" to the word "Love" and the answers are all, yes...)

Maybe change the word to "trust" . . .?

(No. "Trust" is too dependent upon its partner in crime, mistrust. Love stands alone, it is solitary, it will not die, despite our attempts to do so. Love is all and everything. And if all are solitary, there's no need to distrust the outcome.)

The traffic drops by for a visit, I kick it out and…


© 2012 the spirit of Love danci…

Here for Us to Behold

Damn I’ve sure taken a very long journey now for more years than even I imagine. Spirit by spirit, dashed dreams of my first recollection- Could it be that the remedies are found in the answer if we’ll but take the required time to notice! You and I, brother! You and I sister! You and me and you and you and you and you and me and you caught up in a dance is what we are, my friends, whether we want to acknowledge it or not. Shall we dance more or shall we succumb to our basest imaginary fears? Word is corruptible...

(So all of humankind’s words are parasitic uselessness?)

No. Many of humankind’s words are here for us to behold, it’s just that we’ve closed ourselves off in our current mindset, as if somehow there are levels for Love and trust that ain’t happenin’! No siree! It looks like belief is here to stay, and that should for most of us, be something that causes us a bit of a reasoned concern. No need to run around with our heads all aflutter, best to come in for a smooth landing.…

The Need of an Obsessive Disorder

I think I might have OND, a disorder that brings one to become obsessive about what one needs, not so much about what one imagines that they can or should have…

The eartH is NOT FOR SALE! It is sacrosanct, not only to our lives but to all of our lives and to all else that is known and even the unknown of our existence. The Creator of all will have its ending one way or another, so we best make the part we can control about Love, hadn't we? Always we might remember that what we know most of all is our Home away from Heaven, Heaven itself...


That was going to be the conclusion, but I chose to see it differently, I was in a bit of a pickle. I was drowning in everyone’s spirits of fear, the Love long covered with the guilt of shame at what we were doing to Life…

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

No Choice but to Go

I wrote that "our personal take on our reason for being, is completely and utterly wrong", yet reality might just beg to differ. Ripple effects are a very real and present energy. Energy, not enemy. Energy has no enemy, it just is. It's the balance of ripples that might trip us up on our way to our unalterable destiny, but destiny will have us as guests nonetheless.

To be taken where one has no choice but to go, one must open their eyes and begin to see or focus their sight, so that they might begin to recognize who, what and where they are intended to be and not necessarily where they believe they’re meant to be or go. Now.


You and I and all others are, in my opinion and in this belief, carriers of the loving spirit, who and what we're intended to be as a whole, the fullness of Love. Our fears have attempted to murder what's good for us as a whole along our journey...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

I’ve Not Much of a Choice

Do I honestly think that this is not only my destiny, but yours and yours and yours and yours and yours and yours and yours and do I have the right to incorporate humankind into my belief, or anyone, for that matter? If there are those that would rather persecute me for belief, be my guest. I am not a machine, I’m a human being! Rejoice that we’ve been able to see again! We will know why, what, where and who. It is our fate, for believing, but this new belief won’t take away your rights, it’ll give them to you! Damn! And there we thought me a loose cannon instead of an October breeze. It’s just me, the one you imagined would fail. We are going somewhere, in our journey, not in our God, but as a part of Creation, of exactness, of God, that which brings us to our knees, from above and from upon the (H)eartH, my friends, to our realization of the eartH as the great unknowable known. I for one am tired of my words drowning out my instinct. Weary of my words not coming to a conclusion. I …

The Audacity of Truth

I am the next one, are these words the thing that evade my howling lips?

Do I see them more as a metaphor and have yet to feel the audacity of their truth?

Have I unwittingly staged a coup d'état on hell? Maybe it was purposeful from the spirit of Love. If humankind will but recognize belief as our return of love to Love we’ll have meaning. It never ceases, it is eternal this ingestion of the fullness of love, Love would have it no other way. Did we really expect Creation’s love to end? We haven’t the capacity for such thought? Never-end? If Heaven truly does exist, then we, my finely un-feathered friends, are already inside of eternity, so wouldn’t it be best if we began to recognize where we are and treat eternity as if it’s Heaven, or at the least as a Heavenly Home?




Human-fouled traffic wanting me to fear! Anything and anyone that invites fear into my heart must be regarded as the enemy to the fullness of Love.




If it is…

Tell Me Who I Am, Or Must I Ask?

Tell me who I am, or must I ask?

Tell me who I am, spirit. Help me unmask me, lift the veil before my eyes and summon the fullness of Love…

(You must!)

Why? Because you say it as if you know it to be, as if you know some unknown and perhaps unknowable fact, perhaps you do, perhaps we all do, but until it is made known to me, I'd say none of us likely do. I personally know very little, save for what calls to my inner self and won't let go, yet many of those spiritual kinds of things cannot be explained by words, so perhaps silence is the key to all of this…?


I do, however, like and agree, save for the demanding tone (of which I've little room to talk), but I agree that it would, in my belief, be in humankind’s best interests to do just that, make ripples that are most loving without drawing conclusions or demanding anything, but I don't know. It has, in my belief, made sense in these very real words that have been pouring these idea-filled prayers forth lik…

Never Forget the Medicine Wheel

A fellow spirit said, though it reads like a demand, “Never forget the medicine wheel and remember not to shine off those experiences, which cannot be explained by the word of man!”

But I haven't forgotten the medicine wheel, kind spirit. Though I do not know exactly what it is that my experience has told me of language, it is the only means I have to accompany silence and offer the spirit my experience. As you said, it cannot be explained by the word of a man.

The experience, my personal experience, has been a bit tough to grasp, so this man, me, not I, decided to flesh my particular and personal experience out in prayer/verse via the medicine and on the web. Though it cannot be explained, it is a benefit to me that I explore my experience and see what sticks and what does not (for me) through the dance with other spirit. No restrictions. What others take from it is theirs to receive, not mine to force upon their own experience of it.

Remembering is difficult in this atmospher…

My Duty Has No Arbitrary End

In these posts of mine I am in all actuality speaking to my self, if you take something from my prayers that touches you then I've done my duty for that moment, but my duty doesn't end there, I don't want to pay mere lip-service to my belief, I want my words to mean something at every turn, to anyone that enters in to dance with Love and even to those that don't join in. Love...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

If Love Were the Whole’s Objective

We’re leaving here (the eartH) so what we DO here is relative to the Home that we create, so why not have it reflect an idea of Heaven like never before, though right in front of our faces. We’ve invented and thought our way into our own merger of truth and belief. Welcome to hell with sprinkles of Heaven, when in all goodness we should have it on its head, upside-down with maybe an occasional sprinkle of agony (hell), but, then again, why would one need do that if Love were the objective of the whole…?


(H)eartH of Love of the Mother.
Heart(H) of Love of the Father.

5050 on your “MF” dial. Playing today’s most loving and down to eartH tunes on the radio, that both the Mother and the Father of Creation, might recognize our humankind’s great sorrow.


No. It might be beneficial for us to release our tall grief first so that the fear within it can be extinguished, and our laughter can then keep it afloat.

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

The Unknowable Question

How can I not know until I’m in prayer, until the dance begins between me and the spirit? Have I been blinded by seeing? Have I fallen into the light only to be eyeless to its allure, my belief of my personal idea of my belief, my own thought of it, my own prayers to it? The unknowable has never been clearer…


If you can’t answer the unknowable question, fo
r the love of all seek it out and it shall be shown to you. It will be evident in your dance with another and another and another, open ourselves up to the dance of Love and Forgiveness and away we go!

Imagine the splendid delights that are hidden within the Mother's eartH when she’s thriving, loving and laughing and living! Absolutely! I only believe beyond a shadow of a doubt, I do not know. I cannot know, and that, my friends, is where belief rears its head to dance with logic and reason in order to bring, what I believe is the collective me’s, the message of humankind's reason for being.


My hope in …

Beneficially Reasonable

What if we could fathom it all while we are in the flesh and spirit? Why do we imagine that it's not possible, that it can't be another way, that perhaps we're all wrong about our existence's conclusion?

I believe it would be reasonable as well as beneficial if we bring ourselves to imagine that our belief, our personal take on our reason for being, is completely and utterly wrong. The likelihood of our knowing that answer is as hidden from us as the truth of the (H)eartH that's writhing beneath our feet...

(Balance is most important.)









© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime


O! The spirit I danced with most recently is begging for me to speak, pleading with me to begin my dance in earnest, act that the eartH might never again suffer because of my kind’s errant thinking…

(Isn’t that a challenge more than it is a statement of belief?)

No. Is there truly a difference between what we believe and what we should strive to be?


They are one in the same, belief and our creating, much like the inevitable dance between faith and knowledge, philosophy and mathematics.

I've had enough of the dance with fear, my tap shoes are warn through from my rapid-fire misuse of what I've been given, both physically and spiritually…

Intentions are the things that can manifest themselves as a kind of fear mechanism injecting its ideas upon and over the fullness of Love.

End all wars and murder and fearful conclusions, at least we should try it! Right? I say pray we end our suicidal pact with fear and begin to replenish our Love…

(Please try to read these prayers …

The Weaver’s Song

I believe I’m weaving you And you and you and you and you and a wealth Of threads weaving a belief in Love And duty and kindness and peace and health And joy and laughter, but there I go, repeating my self.
(You are.)
Yes. I am, but what is wrong with that?
(You’re not only repeating yourself, you’re losing the thread of full Love and beginning to weave your own conception of events into a hybrid of truth and your belief, numbskull!)

That is, in this belief, my duty, kind spirit. And I believe that it will benefit we humankind to recognize where, who and what we are long before our fearful beliefs collide with our ill-fated heads.


Yes. To me, belief resides just below the heart of nature. It’s natural. Truth and Belief as dance partners that cannot dance without the other, much like Love, Life and Laughter.


Reaching up with all of my strength I begin to see things for what they are and not as what they’ve become. I believe that we are trying to dictate our own fa…

In the Plan

I am meant to exchange the part of spirit that another needs of me. It’s not as simple as it may at first sound, or should I say it has been perverted to be too difficult to find that needed part of the spirit and take it in without it being inundated with much of that which is not desirable. Why?

(It is in the plan, scribe.)

Is it? Or was it placed there to turn my eyes away from my needs.


© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Is this the Moment

Is this the moment I've been waiting for? Is this birdsong at one in the morning speaking to me? Is the dog baying at the moon and the small whisper of insect trying to tell me what I need to know or what I need to remember?

(It is for you to remember, Mark Richard Prime, because if you know it, you clearly haven’t forgotten.)

I remember, therefore I know. I know, therefore I remember.

(The answer is within you, you just need to seek it within your spirit.)

Yes. And I must seek out the truth of any pretense that rises within me, otherwise, I'm doomed to repeat it.

(You best get busy, scribe, you've a long way to make up for what you've done, for what you continue to do.)

Sounds like an eternity.

(It is. The choice of how you spend it is up to you.)



© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime