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The Love I’ve For You is Tall

The love I've for you is tall…

I’m finally using my mouth for something worth speaking.

Why does everything make perfect sense from beneath my fingers, these spirit keys tapping their message for anyone and all to read? It is time to be who I am, angel, steward of her shores, her oceans and her soil, her mountains, rivers and streams, let me rise up and get busy loving all peoples and the earth. If I'll but do that, perhaps I'll be forgiven…


I maneuver around it all now. My mind came back to who I am not to who I thought I was.

What’s going on?

It matters not. Let these words soar to Love with feet beholden to her soil. These words can no more their own come forth than they can be coaxed by king and queen to expose love's neck to the blade.

There should be no fear of death.

I'm not afraid. Everything is going to be okay. I've got to believe and begin anon, even as the darkness cloaking humankind wears the mask of agony.

Your beliefs have far too much fear rid…

This Moment, This Exactness, This Progression of Love

The traffic roars like death, the wind jumps over the trash truck. Me? I'm wondering how many trucks it would take if love decided to haul away the suffering?

Think of it as a lesson in recognizing where you are, and then, who you've become- nothing more than inconsequential and a fearful little beast that believes rather than learns, headlong instead of swerves. Trace the steps back that you might see your burden is fitting, given the way you've loved the earth…

Ironically enough, my use of her has tipped the scales in Love’s favor. This requires a drum!

Without the drum, the rhythm of the heart would be without its music’s reassurance thrumming in the silence of everyone, every crowd, every tragically alone, every surrounded affection that’s deserved for a job well done.

It’s a dream you’re having. Remember?


Remember where you are?




My duty has all but disappeared and nearer to a reckoning like no other. This is heavenly earth, paradise, and I'd best …

Let me Love. It Couldn’t Hurt. Love all Equally and Always with Kindness

Let me love. It couldn’t hurt. Love all equally and always with kindness.

The stars are love’s greatest design to creation's mystery. When love roars humans should not squat and war, murder and theft because the rumble could last for lifetimes. 

Straight down the field, right or left, I believe she’s coming, the heart of the earth, to claim what’s rightfully hers.

Love and you've beauty in your belief. If there's fear in your belief, you've forgotten truth and you'll be left searching evermore. Isn't the earth the heart of creation as far as you can tell? Are you so calloused from your belief that you don’t even recognize where you are?

Without the worship of my home I've forgotten where I am. Truth has been replaced with belief, therefore the truth cannot be shown to you by anything on my personal journey, it can only be seen through your own.

What are you waiting on?

© 2012 by mark prime

And Then, Love Mournfully Resets the Clock

Three things have happened. Love has found me, love has wed me and now she's heard my call for peace. Peace, not stinking wars for greed, not grand tales of God as roadmap to battle another God, peace.

You're echoing nearer more of this than meets the eye, even if you don't see eye to eye, you're brothers and sisters, family of the one seed..

Yes. The spiritual battle is me. I am a wingless steward of earth. I am love. I must end my pride and bow to what I know, before what I believe is truth sleeps evermore.

What of truth? Not your belief, but the knowledge that’s surfacing in you now of where you are?

It's not truth it's instinct. Truth never moves, it is immovable. Belief, on the other hand, is meant to grow toward love. I should have no need to speak another word of belief if I'll speak of love instead. I'm a victim of a prideful imagination.

You think you're a victim, imagine how the earth feels? She knows only to well of your use. Humankind it…

It Cannot Have an End Until Creation Calls One Forth

They gave me a gift, did my doubts, as I floated along toward forgiveness. I made them look at me with a spirit that was of only love, her red fruit touching the ground, her green, her sparkling wonder, love’s truth, not human’s use for hell.

Oh! Bring me your nectar, dear mother! I will Love thee evermore! Follow me. Follow me. Follow the shimmer of red now dancing through the mirror, across the bright memory of you…

Rejoice! It is time to rise up with Love! To every man, woman and child, it is time to be what you’ve prayed to be, angels, stewards of creation, everything and all that is love, the beginning and the never-end…


What song is this that laughs a smile wide and sets the spirit to dancing? Humankind’s song, their plays, their symphonies, their architecture of gloom, their destruction, their use, their-

Stop. That’s the one. Their architecture of gloom…

I’m Home with my brethren, all, my love for each of you is equal, the earth will have it no other way…

The truth always win…

It’s All I Need Do If My Belief is that of Love

I've stumbled upon the doorway that leads in, so I thought I’d begin, the waiting’s been hell, the path, love, the destination, heavenly earth.

Did you think I would fail such truth, such a testament to love? Who did you think you and I had become? Strangers? Shadows of our former selves?

Yes and no.

The time that belief trumps truth will be the time of agony's rising. Not hell-fire and damnation, that’s against the love that's love, a recurring suffering. (I do not know. I believe.) It’s all I need do if my belief is that of nothing but love in every word and with a joyous affection for all of life and any justifiable end. I could believe in truth, but I could not recognize love, because I didn't recognize my self.

Look at yourself. Look at your divine grace, your uniqueness. Love is what you are, who you are, and even where you are. Rejoice...

The billowing smoke lingered and I was reminded of the small things, the inconsequential thrum, the sun’s changing days- Away!…

Dismantle the Steel Beast Wrought Upon the Earth

Dear preacher, brother and sister, you needn't have tested me, I'm aware. I'm being guided along the path of love by spirits, so it only appeared as if I didn't know you directed your words to me. Thank you. Peace, love and goodness to you, yours and the world.

All the words written since humankind became judge, jury and executioner, amount to war and hate and mistrust and murder, destruction and rape. The prideful manner in which your kind hold Gods, the Gods written by humankind, must strive to a higher standard and rise to full love!

Yes. There is an urgency in my voice, I will admit, but the scarves of love blow in the wind my friends, we’re not rising anywhere, after the way we’ve left the earth.

Bow upon your knees, Mark Richard Prime, she awaits your loyalty, yet still smiles upon you that you might see, might lift your eyes to heavenly earth.

It is not love’s plan to destroy the earth. Love’s about to deliver a message that we can’t deny. Please, for the Love of…

Make it Entirely About Love and You Will Have Given Love Cause to Rejoice

I’m Anonymous.

The answer came as fast as needed glancing off my thoughts like a premonition, a beautifully painful and wonderfully invented belief. I’m being reeled in by love. What was month by month, then week by week, now has risen to day by day and I couldn’t be more overjoyed! I’m you and you’re me and all other animals, the mountain and the forests and the water and the soil, and all things known and unknown.

I've met many spirits upon my walk. The good, the bad and the ugly. I needed them all to further me, to quench the spirit’s dancing in me, to lift me high enough to recall who I was. She found me there and I will no longer pretend that I don’t know. Love, forgive me for taking so long to trace my way back to you, back home!

Shame upon any one of you if you stand in the way...

The idea of belief being such a weapon is quite familiar to me. ...Careful what you choose. Make it entirely about love, and you will have given love cause to rejoice.

Peace, love and goodness t…

Bow Down and Weep of the Slovenly Spiral

The cello, violin and piano and drums and the voices of peace have climbed their way into my spirit. They are giving me my breath and I am returning the favor, sustaining love, leaving them breath.

Come. The wind grows bitter, another substandard performance, and the traffic sounds angry, noise and anger raging along man’s web. The towering metal beasts formed of your greed and lust and murderous march shine no light on where you are, they dull the fabric of truth and leave you only to imagine as true that which you cannot know.

When did my bravery begin to take the reins out of my fear’s grip?

Last night. Don’t you remember?

Oh. Yes.

You are forgiven, now give love cause to smile upon you…

© 2012 by mark prime

Bow To What I Know, Love Might Spare My Gloom

The music’s changed. The serenade with love has lost its smile. Love’s pleading I awaken from my slumber and join in life’s loving dance.

Cease your warring! Cease all sense of hatred! 

Do you not yet know  Love? Are you as blind as this that you would attempt to destroy the very paradise you believingly seek? You have to look deep inside of you and find yourself, find the animal in you, find the instinct, and, without hesitation, remember.

Have I not suffered enough at my having forgotten, at my having desecrated the heart of love?

The wind blows through the sleeping willow and she sways her hips to chance. She dangles there with Love.


No one is the wiser until they seek inside themselves, not from a book or another’s words or ideas of another, but until they find the very thing they seek,  themselves.

I want to make her happy,  love. She is my angel on earth, heavenly home.

Go to love with haste, drop to the human-stained ground and upon your thankless knees, beg love release you of …