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A Suicidal Pact With the Ego

The squadron came through me. It crafted its path to my belief, a tiny fragment of the whole. If non-belief has any unremarkable qualities, I’d say it is that it is a “belief system” like any other. Non-belief is a belief, none firmly, but all total, the belief in nothing.

I can’t remember a belief that ever stuck, including love. Human love is merely a tiny part of the full love of love. I couldn't help but be confused because I was too busy trying to stay alive. Too busy robbing the poor to give to the rich, too busy stealing from the rich, too busy wanting, too busy bombing!

Bomb to bomb!
Bomb against bone!
Bomb against bomb!
Bone against bomb!

Bombing flesh and blood, rigid heart and vacant soul, love went missing long ago as humankind equated themselves individually, instead of realizing that there are billions (seven and counting) to untangle from a thankless and nearly heartless mess carved of a suicidal pact with the ego, seven billion to f…

Journey Onward Dear Spirits of Love

The previous words are true, though no more so than all of the things that have happened to me and that continue to bring me to dance with confidence knowing they would never permit harm to befall me.

My brothers and sisters, I’ve never forgotten all of my vile rage. The great journey toward peace, the sovereign journey I had to make in order to know love awaits I've taken. The rituals and medicines of original man are all but wiped out and that, I’m rather sure, is abhorrent to love.

Journey onward dear spirits of love; find out who you truly are. You’re not some misbegotten child, you could and can be the next one to ask the question who am I and have the answer come back affirmative. Seek the cure for your dis-ease…

Love gave me the courage to speak, to believe in something greater than myself. I’ve had enough! Being blind to love was my curse. I’ve had enough with myself as my self waited in the wings with an aria pursed upon its lips.

© 2012 by mark richard prime

Love Upon the Wagging Tongue

I am me… and I never quite engaged until I became one with Love. Of course I had always been one with love, I just had to recognize that fact. With the help and comfort that is love along my journey, I’ve been blessed. I’ve put much upon those I Love, my brothers and sisters of the one seed who seem to know who I am before it is revealed to me. The veil is being lifted as we speak, the who I am and the what I am, the where's been solved. My emergence in heavenly earth, another place I’ve always been, just never quite engaged the idea of such a thing, has made me see again after far too many lifetimes.

I’m the next one, of course, most of you already knew that. Where have I been?

The next one to do what, exactly?

Have love upon my wagging tongue unsure of what to do next and, at the same time, prepared to die for what I believe in.

You mean the words of love?

Yes and no. Love speaks through everything, I'm not special, I’m just becoming aware of, after all of these years, all o…

Suffering at the Hand of Consumption

Love breathes in me like an echo from my past. Life after life after life and she begins to feel the truth in my grasp, in my words and I feel her only desire, to be loved.

Memories only come from-

The song can’t end. The song must go on, brothers and sisters…

Rise together now or suffer at the hand of your consumption.

Four seconds and counting in one way or the other that is for certain. I know. You can welcome me from the misty reaches of fear. That should just about do it. Let’s begin our dance anon that less need suffer…

Everything’s going to be okay in the end. It pays to have the reassurance of love.


It doesn’t happen all of the time. Your senses are mine, you are my brother, father, mother, sister, cousin, family, love. Play on now good soul, carry us to full love…


I don’t desire the solitude. I need speak with love if I am to say that I worship full love.


Stand up for the trees, the rivers and the streams. Stand up in unity with the children of this earth, …

I Could Not Let Her Go

I need you. Yes, you, the one reading, to reach out that we might know one another as humans are supposed to.

Human’s use is love. Not war and genocide and mass hysteria, not what you silly humans dish out to your own kind is utterly mind numbing, as if you hadn’t a duty much greater than country, greater still than the world, the one you've not much choice but to choose, she is, after all, the earth of love, for it is your home...

Echo… Echo...



Go back!


No! Back! You echoed twice, sounded like the only thing that came back was your own echo when you uttered how shamelessly we cried and how pathetic we had become under greed and wants disguise, parasite, freeloader, sponger, blood-sucking leech-

Stop! You might scare the shy ones away with your doom and gloom speech!

Why? The spirits I dance with are of good and they are dreadful, they are human. To be more precise they are- (Pulling herself across the carpet with her front legs, our dog, scoots across and I see t…

It Stands Now Before Me Like a False Love

See? This journey had to go this way, me in a fog of what if and what now, never seeing it as the whole picture, this battle with my brother, my brethren, my sister, my family, my affections, my vows, dancing in the open without a bit of regret, save for any undue suffering at the hands of a most loyal love asking me to lift my sightlessness that I might then see my gravest sin...

It stands now before me like a false love, my lust and desire, my foul want, my god-fouled consumption. I made a mockery of my duty. It reached out to me with needfulness in its motion, for my eyes to see and for my blindness to be temporary.

Breathe and Love, breathe and Love, over and over until they join one another again…

© 2012 by mark richard prime

I Must Act in Order for a Heavenly Earth to be Revealed to Me

I’m also forgetting who I am when I am not in prayer, but I’m getting there.

All things in moderation. 

The spirits, the muses, I dance with, will remain with me on the ground I walk upon with goodness alone upon the earth…

When one plays chess, a game I know little about, one, I suppose, uses strategy to best his opponent, but what about when the chess game is with love to worship the earth more than the self, the other half of full love. (He said he was tired and needed a rest. I didn’t really even know I was obliging, not until right about now…)

Where from here is the joy of riding the pathway toward love, I'll meet and greet and begin to wear my love upon my sleeve and within my very walk, in my prayers that rise, those crafted of love.

I could not have known. I’d have to be full on instinct to begin to gather where I’d landed. Human’s irrational fear has led me to an inability to recognize love when I see it…

Are you saying that human’s are unable to-

Yes. Yes. Yes. An eternit…

The Heart Within the Earth of Love

I’ve climbed a mountain thrice, snakes roiling beneath my feet, and I’ve found solitude in love. I can’t tell you that Mark Richard Prime thought these things, but I can assure you that his spirit did. Rise up this time, rise up with love as your guide and savior…

Step away from the front door, it’s not yours to hold in shame, no, not even yours, my child. You’re knocking at love’s door.

I couldn’t let that one go unforgotten. I had to want, before I loved. Please, forgive me. I should not have summoned love, I should have summoned my animal to know where my breath was, the water, air and food, when the quickening had begun. (My instinct is wide-awake.) My belief tempts me to hell through wants gateway and to heaven through needs doorway.


The want over need is the same as the want over belief.

You mean it’s turned around?

I chose my want as my belief and my belief as my want and all heaven’s breaking loose. I Love. Mission accomplished. Love. Now. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Lov…