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Showing posts from September 27, 2015

Secondary Betterment

It is justice that must be secondary to the betterment of all others...
Rise now red bird, sing us the song meant for me... (Love is red.) Love is all, the full "rainbow" of color! 🌈
© 2015 Mark Richard Prime

Tap Tap Ground

Ground Zero Engage, Ignition Confession Zero Transmission
Hello. Now's the time for once upon a (fill in the blank) Give thanks. Duty 1: be grateful.
2: be kind. 
3: be savior to, not of.
4: Craft a Heaven all around you.
5: Love. 
6: Laugh.
7: Live.
© 2015 Mark Richard Prime

The Job

If anyone is going to take anything from what I have to say I'm gonna make sure it's a positive note. I may not have been the "best man for the job" but I am certainly doing the "job", it's my duty.
(How much you getting paid?)
Money doesn't exist in a truly free society.
(How on earth do you get stuff done?)
By doing it. Need before want and satisfaction's garaunteed... 

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime