A Good Balance is Required

It's not Credit, it's Penance

Our Escape From the Mountains and Caves

Death, not being the end

Upon Fertile Ground

-Another dance, this one from on line, Friday, 8.24.12 LESS A PRAYER AND MORE A BREATH-

Morning chat with a couple of neighboring spirit continued...

A Visit with a couple of fellow spirit today, Friday August, 23 a.m.

Mercenary Freedom

Grown Slack of their use

Limbs Unfolded

Long Before it's Prepared

Grimness and the Sermon

Creation's Gravity

Green Rhythm

Make no Motto...

Be Vigilant

With a Warning

Moment of Truth

More is Needed...

Open to Truth


Evolve Now

The Plea for Peace...


How Long am I going to Wait


My Share of This Day 8.22.12

8.22.12 Suffering and intolerable cruelty to be the vessels of Love

8.22.12 We are as a Whole of Creation

God and Love

8.20.12 Forgiveness All Around

8.20.12 Instantly More Perceptible

8.20.12 I am not God, I am a Product of God, as are You…

Full of Ourselves

8.20.12 Come Dance With Me

The HeartH of Creation’s Song

The Imagined Suffering Found in Peace

8.17.12 I am Born to be Love