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I Do Not Know... I Believe...

I do not know. I believe.

I don’t know. I am but a man. I’ve done little to dissuade the talon’s in my own hands, save for screaming and crying out loud! Save for my most despicable sin; abandonment of belief, of child, of true Love, of truth.

But this is not about me. It is about that which sustains me without my asking as the crimson fireball of my collective desire is imminent.

I do not know. I believe.

O! What a thing am I and my dreams of control! Escalating rage and suspicion strutting about the span, taking their place in the conclusion of the unknowable.

I do not know. I believe.

Why copy what another thinks because I just can’t be?

I do not know. I believe.

My kind's gutless that way, emptied of any feast for truth, beholden to that which cannot be taken back, which cannot tote sustenance to a child’s lips.

I didn’t dream this! It is real!

It is the spirit’s will! It is ready!

It is red with Love, green with life and the last white-hot hurrah!

I must prepare myself to be…

On Great Grandfather's Lap We Lay

(WebShots - Kings River Overlook)
As we gathered on the warm cliff that is Great Grandfather’s lap, our breath whirled its greenness upon the midnight sky, Great Grandmother beckoning us across the threshold of her ballet.

The moonlight danced upon the curve of the sacred water as lines traced across the sky like limbs, thin branches to prop up the stars …and my kind’s ungodly thoughts.

My Love was wide eyed with awe, with sorrow. Her gaze, like a sentry without fire, led me to stagger over stones. (Her breath told me that it was going to be a long night.)

I felt Love’s grief pierce my heart as we cuddled up. It wasn’t fear or regret; it was anguish lifting us to imitate revelation, to act out nature’s drama with hanging eyes.

The mountain came alive with voices; Great Grandfather bellowed his return as Great Grandmother slapped the air. Unaccompanied, I ascended the dark mountain in search of the hallowed ground where corpses slept, the path was lined with vipers and silhouettes of m…