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Sleep now, Mother. We’re here. Father and I are here.

There’s still a side of me that wants to scream. We are a self-destructive beast without regard to our surroundings. Why do we think that we must imagine, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that our belief is truth?


There’s still a side of me that wants to scream. I Love you with all of my Heart, save for the part that I know and not the part that I believe. My eyes were opened and I found solitude in your quivering limbs.

Sleep now, Mother. We’re here. Father and I are here.


I’ve jumped ship and I’m swimming for my life, which belongs not to me, but to  Love.

Man overboard!

No. No. Bless you, but I am not overboard at all. I’m in heaven.

Man overboard!

Ha! I like your game! Shall we play, or might we begin our duty to the (H)eartH and to  Love?

Man overboard!

You've worn the die down to so many chances, leap! Go forth and tell them what they want to know!

My belief that this is heaven and we are damned fools for ever having imagined it wasn’t! Rejoice!

Bow to what yo…

Love should have never gone unnoticed beneath our feet

Where does this road lead? To heaven as we create it, a chance for truth and art within the garden.  Love, the ebb and flow of life, which is Love, which is waiting to see if my speech is sufficient according to my belief, what I‘m urged to speak, but won't. I have been, preparing for this day, when it was completely out of my control, much like my life floating here before me now, in Heaven. Heaven on eartH, Home.

(Why would you do such a suicidal thing?)



Peace and goodbye. Easy enough to say. Yes?

No. What do those stars forming a Y mean? A confirmation of the path I‘m on? Wait? Surely I know that the path I’m on is indeed the one of  Love’s Love. There’s only one. One path I could be on.

Why has your mind spun out of your control?



Love should have never gone unnoticed beneath our feet, over our heads, or in front of our eyes. We are all, bar none, brothers and sisters of the one seed,  Love. We are murdering members of our own family. We’re preparing the path of…

We are in Heaven! Man is Blind Indeed, Love!

We are in heaven! Man is blind indeed, Love.

Is there no dignity left in our parasitic carcasses than this, our beholden is the eartH, the Heart(H) of  Love, if eartH’s song does not satisfy, then man is too intolerant. The truth comes with both, spirit and the knowledge of  Love and if they came at the same time, we’d either, wobble around drooling of our ignorance, or death would come weaving its potion over us to absolve us of our gravest sin. When did we garner the nerve to question  Love? Have we questioned  Love in our books? Have we confused the truth with deceitful lenses? Lenses so filled with beauty and surface that the eartH just has to suffer our witless imaginings! Will this time be the last time? Echo…

Not with my words, they mean very little in the larger scheme of things, but with my actions. Love. Action is truly the only prayer. If you see a wrong, stop it. If you commit a wrong, remember, you do reap what you sow, again and again. Remember Love. Everyone faces some …

Oh, Love! She is heaven!

Oh,  Love! She is heaven!

Mother Earth, Heaven, gatekeepers to the souls that now writhe in agony of humankind’s abuse, we must believe and then know that this is Heaven. I am in Heaven, safe in the arms of Love…

Come!  Love waits for us to begin the journey back to our selves and to Heaven beneath our feet. Creation awaits just beneath our will…

© 2012 by mark prime

If humankind holds up their end of the bargain, Heaven will be shown to them

If humankind holds up their end of the bargain, Heaven will be shown to them

Do we really want to take a chance on our numbness to the truth delivering us the exactness of who we’ve become? Murderous beasts without regard to our beholden, thankless wretches, become murderers of Life’s Mother, eartH. If we do not reverse our course, she’ll have no recourse, but to bring her wrath with immense sorrow and lay all down …to sleep.

Don’t you see? If humankind holds up their end of the bargain, Heaven will be shown to them…

© 2012 by mark prime

Breathe once more before you begin your shriek

Breathe once more before you begin your shriek. Breathe once more before time jumps the tracks and I’m left without a breath, without a shred, lost in my own web, unaided, save for the spirits that swim in me. The eyes of creation, you, the ears of creation, you. And so on, and begin to correct the grave injuries to our mother, eartH. Her eyes swim oceans to me, her arms, Love to all. All and everything, this is heaven. Please consider it the only heaven, up to this point that you’ve known and look what you’re doing to the eartH,  Love. If it is not "Love, why do you care, I’m out of here and off to heaven with-"

Out! This stage shakes beneath my feet and you pretend to pretend to understand the weight? Bring me from beneath my questions! I want to soar with you!

Let me remember this moment,  Love, my expanding mind may give way…

Life’s indeed a stage, but how can we all be actors in the very same play and not imagine that we all might be wrong? One of us is wrong. And I ho…

Fear. My sin is fear, yet there have been times...

The box floated before me. It seemed to crumble the nearer to truth it grew and I was scrambling around for the pieces that resembled me and there were so many of you and I danced as fast as I could, but these secrets, they‘ve got to go! Those that sought my heart like a hunter and those that shrieked at my sightlessness came calling their whispers for me to turn up the volume on my dreams and the old familiar song would begin and belief would carry me to the brink of me and… I cried because of what I saw of man. I howled when my choices were revealed to me wearing their grave sorrow.

Fear. My sin is fear, yet there have been times when my elixir was courage, another name for spirit. It’s true.


This night I’ve learned a thing about myself, dancing with all spirits can be a distraction, each of you- Goodness. Safety. Love…


Where am I? Heaven?


There will be those that have believed in truth over belief and to those I smile on and ask, where was your voice protesting war? L…

Love is above all, is all and cherishes all and would no more send part of Love to writhe in agony than breathe hate into our lungs.

My vision suddenly strengthens the lens of which I view the world and the perfect combination of art and eartH rise to my seeing and heaven smiles upon me with the most loving affection I’ve ever known. Who, I ask you, would forgo such an embrace? The queen come calling with her Love held like a newborn Love, again and again and again she watches her children, much to grandma and grandpa’s sorrow, believe more than you could ever know in the flesh and in our sad spirits, believe and know nothing.

Love is above all, is all and cherishes all and would no more send part of Love to writhe in agony than breathe sorrow into Love.  Love is Love. Understand? If  Love is Love then where is all of man’s fear (hatred) coming from? See? Fear, hatred and want comes from man, the only advanced human-thinking animals who could ever have dreamed up hell!

Yes. Make no mistake,  Love is real, it’s just that we’ve never believed in Truth. We favored deceit. Man has no idea what or who he’s messing with!…

Bring the bridle of Love's creation and you‘ll find eternity!

Bring the bridle of Love's creation and you‘ll find eternity!

Soon after the horse gallops, kind magician, bring forth your peace and Love and joy, your eternity? Wave your wand, bend your knee, clasp your hands, rock back and forth, bend in obedience to that which you cannot know, to that which gallops like the horse, might we raise our cries to grant this wish, this dream of our making, of our making! Oh! Come! The time is nigh! We must begin the journey's end and our walk backwards, away from the edge of madness and into the arms of  Love! (Now!) Now, away from the edge of  Love. Stave off your hell, it fast approaches…

Loving children all! Listen to her moan, her cello bleeding out her Love, his sound, murmuring our haste. Pray we lift  Love’s eyes upon our joy, our delight at having found ourselves in heaven,  Love‘s creation! It’s all  Love! It is  Love! Inside all of us, drop your pride and wars and hypocrisies, and for the Love of  Love, breathe! (And so on…)

This is…

The landscape's been littered with my former self

Will you tell me when I'm ready?


I urged The Grandmother to open my eyes, she lifted them to a slow and steady revelation of who I‘d become. I believe...

The landscape's been littered with my former self scraping its jerking corpse across Heaven like I owned the place, indifference after indifference, sightlessness run rampant hand to hand, heart to heart, spirit to spirit, Love to Love. My shadow is all but gone, my payment, the suffering witnessed through eyes gazing upon Heaven.

You’re ready.


© 2012 by mark prime

The Heaven I paint is the Heaven I get

The Heaven I paint is the Heaven I get. The agony I paint, is mine as well, and so on, eternal blue bird, your sweet reverie wafts into my spirit, you too, eagle, you too, lovely bird. Sing me your stories and I’ll weave them into Love’s graces, and we, together as one spirit, can prove our allegiance to both, Mother and Father, honor the home, cherish and Love it, our reason for being, our beholden,  Love.

Wake up children! Quick! Into the cellar, there’s a storm a brewin’ between Love and Fear, Heaven and Hell, Here on eartH. On eartH for it is Heaven, in heaven as it is on eartH! We are home! Heaven is indeed ours to paint!

Heaven is yours to paint!

We are angels! Woe to the next line- brothers and sisters of Love, we’ve been led away from truth. We’ve been stumbling our thick wits across the globe like raving zombies! We’ve set our air off with a foul venom, we’ve deadened the soil from a rabid human race, we’ve blasted bone, blood and flesh! We’ve bludgeoned souls and tortured h…

Two. Twenty. Twelve. - Heaven and Home, A union of Love…

What music is that? It sounds fearful, it sounds frightful, and we believe and turn our favors inward and go blind to Love’s creation and endure the hardships and wars and murder and greed which walk to our doorstep in our shoes and tap on the glass to wake our sleeping affections and whisper into laughter’s ear the joyous things that serve as echo chamber to Love’s sweet and eternal Love.

The air writhed in cello as my mind swayed with the strings, the music, painted as big as a welcome home sign, moved me to smile upon her glee in me. Creation could not be happier, my Love, Mother, birth, Grandmother, eartH, Great Grandmother, truth, Father, mountains, Grandfather, oceans, Love The HeartH…

Might I see what others believe? Might I then wed the two into a lovely marriage, a music so profound it strokes the Heart in a cacophony of instruments, as varied as they are mutual lovers? A rock concert‘s freedom, a rappers words for equal justice, a country star driving the crowd mad with th…