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If This Cruel Thing Bleeds

Palestinians deported to Gaza
Two Palestinians have been deported to the Gaza Strip from Israel, raising fears that more expulsions could follow under a controversial new Israeli military order.
After nine years in Israeli jail, Ahmad Sabah, a 40-year-old Palestinian, was sent to Gaza, instead of being released to the West Bank where his family was waiting for him.
Israelis sent him to Gaza because he had a Palestinian ID issued there.
His family said that Sabah, who was arrested in 2001 for "security offences" against Israel, has no connection to Gaza and he has refused to leave the border crossing in protest at his treatment. "It is my right to return to my wife and family," he said.

He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.
__Thomas Paine

Human beings are so made that the ones who do the crushing feel nothing; it is the person crushed who f…

Howling Cradle ~ Tortured Verse

(Ben Heine Art)

Go now. Take yourselves from here. Your skin is of no use. Never return to this, your wedding of agony.

They were unaided in their howling cradle as beasts of misery called out to them while most solemn things crept by the gate, past the dreary eyed sentinels. And these foul things spoke to them, “You’ve suffered enough” they droned. “It is best that you die” they cried. “Your use is stale and you smell of vengeance”. They were wise to the game, the sport of shackled wretchedness. They would never come back, this they knew in their hearts.

Go now. Take yourselves from here. Your skin is of no use. Never return to this, your wedding with agony.

She approached them smiling, “Come with me now. Leave everything and move your feet.” “But we are chained to the floor” they begged. “You’ve no use for chains now. Come. Walk with me.” They followed her out, through the walls, past the guards who smiled knowingly, they floated beyond their smiles, beyond the gaping wound.

When we…

Cellar Door (Second run Violent Verse)

(Ben Heine Art)
After it all falls,
falls away,
after it all falls,
falls away,
I will greet you.
The green ground is wet again in the St. Francis Forest,
it is weeping for what’s taken place,
and the deer look sad, like old bullfrogs
sunk in the swamps puffing their throats.
I will meet you by the cabin,
by the moss-green cellar door with the rusty handle
and we will hold one another and the bullfrogs
will bellow their melancholy.

The world’s gone mad, my dear,
and no one seems to care.
We’re happiest breathing air the color of smoke
and swilling fury like a rabid dog tethered down.
But something’s changed, the gait of man,
teeth show more than before,
as if we’re grinning beneath our howls,
happiest when our foul fists crack against innocent flesh.
Something’s changed my dear, something awful.
In our quest for compassion, our search for ourselves,
we’ve come to greet the moon like beasts
and we’ve come to crave this ill-used madness
like addicts of failure, sightless hunters of rui…