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These things that come without warning, the flash and then the flooding thunder- snap boom boom! Rain speaking it's song as if for the first time...

U© 2016 Mark Richard Prime

RED SOUND Head-Line Verse

Red's the sound of murder
Blue's the sound of mourning
Yellow, pinstriped cowardice
Tapping toes, a distraction
Rage, the news attraction
Pure gold, rating's satisfaction The sound of murder is red
Blue's next ~ HATE CRIME REPORTS SURGE IN BRITAIN... "Hate is caused by Fear
Fear is caused by Hate
They feed off one another
End both, end all Wars.
Cease both, Heaven arises." Hate, are you Fear's second cousin? (First cousin.) Are you two close? (BFF's!) ~ ISIS CLAIMS 40 LIVES AT SHIITE SHRINE...
How many more are to be lifted before We rise up? (We need rise up just to get a headcount of those murdered.) It would be far too painful, sorrow comes from the actions of the murderer, the victims draw upon our grief...


There are warning signs
in freedom's ring!
It is not a dream,
it's freedom born within,
like all good (human) things.

The violence in the world
is not born in us,
more like enrolled,
the repetition of History,
rinse and repeat by rote.

These wars to secure Peace
are folly!
They cannot secure what is
already steadfast.

We are the collective,
a collection of beasts
who are built for stewardship-body and mind, flesh and spirit.

Be... steadfast.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


The breadth of the yawning cavern we've left between us and the truth of Love is such a great distance to bridge. Love, and I don't mean Love as in the feeling between humans, I mean the Love that is, that is within all things and I mean the Peace and Forgiveness in our hearts... and a Laughter of such profundity that all things bloom and groove as One pon its warble...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


People hustling along trying to convince themselves that they have time to do what they need to do. So when did we stop doing that very thing, convincing ourselves that what we are doing is right?

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime

Recognizable to God

It's that first remembrance that rings a bell
It's that glimpse of perfection a hint
A truth pouring forth beats our stale stories
On the hill I lay upon a field of grass
I was high on life, recognizable to God...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


The day rises, the night fell,
the numbers collided,
and we made our way to the colorful celebration.

When the flags are to their flying,
we must remember that we are a part of the whole
before the invention of the flag
in order to symbolize ourselves,
our allowances,
instead of by our example...

Thank God that the (H)eartH needn't create a symbol for itself.

Yes. Let us celebrate our union with humankind,
not just country, celebrate the collection,
not doing so has the risk of our forgetting.

Remember, don't hold it so tight
that you suffocate the inclination to Love all...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime

God's Wind

When God's wind begins, try to curb its growth.

When God's water begins, try and measure it by your desires and not the water's.

When God has your feet covered in the dust of Home, try to walk away from it all without eventually returning to the dust.

When God rises in fullness within, there is not one smidgen of a sliver of a chance of you not recognizing the song...

I say we do our best to remember these lessons of such import, of such a true nature of God and Love, of Peace and Forgiveness. Now comes the gleeful laughter... at long last.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Dear White Pride, you must first accomplish more than just skin color in your pride.  It is not enough for us to say we are proud, it requires us to give up our colors in order to coexist. It asks us to let go of that which truly doesn't matter and instead pleads that we embrace the spirit of the collection of all things.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime