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(Is there a place for war?)
(I thought you said there was no such place as hell?)
The only hell that I know of is the one where we craft our own agony, not eternally, but certainly. We manifest what we believe in beyond doubt, especially that of a fearful belief, such as hell. 
This is not "hell" as in "eternal damnation", this is the agony of our fledgling creations. We have built grand inventions and saved many lives, but our genius is lost when it comes to our invention of War (hell on (H)eartH) instead of the Truth of Heaven waiting for its many saviors! Rise up with me and usher in Peace as a collective! 
It matters not who or what, it matters that we act in earnest toward the goal of Peace and Love on (H)eartH. We're on the yellow brick road, my dear friends. We're in motion, with or without our will, let us, as a collective, rise up in our deeds and lift the veil on Heaven! On the Truth of Heaven waiting on its many saviors! Rise up with me and …

Absorbed by day

What surrounds us throughout our day sticks to us, becomes us, absorbed by atmosphere, vibrations, energy. We are, as it turns out, energy, how fortunate for our evolution toward (H)eartH's vibration, our evolution toward one another- and harmony enters...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


CHAPTER ONE: This story is a short trip into madness... A long haul into our echo to stave off what's surely coming... 
The ridge line glimmered as the sun got dressed for the day-tripping across the universe. You'd have to be crazy to see it otherwise, perhaps it's just me? 
(Who's crazy?) 
(Join the club, Poetryman.)
Why me?
(Shit, boy! You know the answer to that weak kneed response!)
Why not?
(Eureka! The boy's catching on like hot cakes with peanut butter! In the wind, Scribbler, just relax and go in hot, brother, have that spirit of Love enter in with you and you're sure to find it a joy...) 
She is with Me. Think. 
CHAPTER TWO: The ridge line beat a trail into grooves, beams of light glancing off of the next command of God: you become pointless if you don't speak! But then the same might be said of your silence.
The chirp of night leaked down its angel's wings and there was laughter in the v…


Some of my posts might seem to jab at things in the shadow of doctrine and some might see them as an affront to their belief, but nothing could be further from the truth. These words are testament to the spirit that I engage and do mingle with in this still mesmerizing dance of Forgiveness...
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Come around me acting like a clown, see what happens to your dreams… See what happens to your reality when it enters my actuality, sky's the limit for us. Toking or Treat? Ha!  Be the tag line on my personal packages of cannabis- I'll need directions to the canyon road through the mist of that which is unknown, and let's not forget through the smog from that which is known...
© 2015 Mark Richard Prime