(The Weaver's Song)




Giddy Up & Go!

She’s been in her solitude as long as she can remember. She’s been in her silence for longer than she probably even should in order to forgive her children their transgressions.

I was programmed to receive, if truth be told, and I’m okay with that. The eartH knows I deserve the lesson…
Live, Love and Laugh! For the love of all things, laugh! Giddy up!

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


Home has to be held most precious, yes even above our unworthiness of this story of Heaven beneath the feet.

Home deserves our attention, not the drama!

Scrap the whole system and make cooperation the new currency. Problem solved.


I can lead us away from slavery, We, Me, lets get to dancing before the thread snaps loose and the wings rise up on God's child born of the thought of never having known. Constant flux my friends. Smoke up, we're soon to have a drum circle! Boom boom goes God's medicines! Rejoice with me in the know...

Don't make it a play outside of the box, put it on with love and kindness and you'll find the absent Peace.
(Who's that old dude?)
He was lost but now he's found, come along with Me, amen... 
(Oh my...)
© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


Raven Raven

Artwork- 'Feeder of Ravens' © Copyright by Marcin BONDAROWICZ
Good thing the raven stays nesting there
Good thing the mask was pecked away
The truth pokes out
then it takes wing
It will not return with anything less than Love's fullness
and Peace's great Laughter, a cause for all to join in...
Spake the raven...


Words by © 2014 Mark Richard Prime



In Your Heaven

The One Exactness is not known,
Belief in the Truth, however, is.

(But my Belief is eternal, Scribe.)

Not without the Truth it ain't.

(They're one in the same!)

Are they? Is your Belief the Truth to you?


Heaven and Hell?



(Because the word of God says so.)


(I don't know, it just does!)

I believe in your Heaven, friend, it is God-like, it is your Hell that God detests for it is devoid of God, Peace, and Love, therefore, it is not a part of God, metaphorically or otherwise.


© 2014 Mark Richard Prime




There are choices we’ve fastened to our spirits that do not belong
They are constructs of loneliness.

What good are our constructs, like the idea of marriage, it is a toothless endeavor to unite what is only united by the self-discovered, not the uncovered or the unrecoverable, what you find within will surprise you, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Atheist, Buddhist, Non-Believer, Believer, Etc, Etc, Etc…

Within is where we… again… begin,

only now we should rarely leave it for long,

it will die will the spirit when left to soar a lie…


When we lose a loved one, especially a child, we are dashed on the rocks with our grief.

We are all sons and daughters of God, of Creation, of Exactness, of Love and Peace.

Heartache must not be allowed to cloud the truth of the collective. Allow nothing to dim our collective kinship.

Be. Be. Be. Think…


Hell is not to be repeated and most certainly not with Heaven as dance partner. The most foul absolute is not of God, it is of humankind’s fledgling creation. Careful fine feathered spirits, Love and Peace are fierce competitors to silence, yet they are and shall always, spiritually speaking, remain with one another and protect the other. It is built into the latest models of truth. J


You want to be a Peacemaker or a Warrior?

(They both have rather impressive powers.)

Be a Peacemaker, we’ve had damn well enough of War!


This story pours out of Me, I’m giving my brother Jesus, a rest from the cross for a while! You don’t have to believe in Jesus, you have to believe in you. Jesus wasn’t God and neither am I, we do however share a spirit with him among all others. It’s a veritable who’s who up in this cracker-jack box!

LiOn with LiOness agreement.


I weep for my use of her, of Love, of wife, of friend, of lover, of child, of woman, of responsibility. I cannot explain what I do not know how to explain, and I offer no excuses, for there are none, but i am transforming through God and Love, not the other way around. The rage, it only shows itself to enter in with the spirit that will not give up its plans… I have always been in the know that something has me, God, at least to Me, we’re well introduced.

I do not pretend to know what I’ve only heard, but from the horses mouth, it’s the only place that, regarding Me, you’ll get the truth…


I’m Mark, Peace, and I’ve got a story to tell. It’s just a story and I’m a storyteller.

(Jesus had a story to tell, what gives you the right?)

What gave Jesus the right, numb nuts?



The final passage of duality comes when we indeed arrive without reaching. Exactness trumps all… What better way for for me to have garnered truth in the mist from which I tumbled… I fell in to order, not the best way to dance, but you arrive on the dance-floor nonetheless.

I became a true scribe without seeking it, without plan. The flux works in our favor when we find God, it does not work just in ourselves, it functions in all others and all things..


You shall not have her, Jesus! In my belief she is the one to hold it all in, boom’ll go the roof, boom’ll go her lips upon the majesty of bravery, her savior from agony, she does not see that it is she that is needing to reverse course and come with Me, Peace. Not because we are the premiere couple, quite the opposite actually. See, even this story is coming around to greet you, you too, Love, most importantly saving you from the spirit that I had created in you of Me by my actions.

Come with Me, my Love and let’s sort this all out as One!


My sounding board is God…

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

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