Aug 21, 2014


We can't continue to be rigid in our walk
Can't continue to fail Peace
Can't continue to worship the unknown
And fail to cherish Home

We can begin to be giving along our way
Offer affections for strangers
Release the fear we have of one another
Recognize our sister and brother

We can begin, we can begin again
Tote our love from within
And bring Peace out into the open
We've begun, let it never-end

Peace & Love

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Aug 20, 2014

The Dance of We

I do not condone "attacking" anyone, verbally or physically, I condone a healthy debate where we can all learn a thing or two, not about the subject at hand necessarily, but we can learn, must learn of and within our abilities or inabilities to handle certain aspects of a debate on-line, a discussion. We must learn from the nuances or viewpoints found from both sides. We must learn to accept others, even those that "attack" us for any number of reasons. There is a fine balance to accepting that what those who attack us might say or add to a debate might well contain a nugget of truth or a word or two that aligns with the discussion in a way that is understood and may well benefit both parties to understand.

I recommend not pointing out the "attack", but diffusing it, softening its edges, by being steadfast with kindness and with a genuine regard for the opinion and viewpoint of those you perceive as attacking you.

I have learned much about my own viewpoints and even felt them evolve when I truly considered what others were saying and where they were coming from.

We all have something to offer, even in disagreement, we can learn, evolve and join our wings with all of our fellow humankind.

I am Peace and I am not alone.
Within Peace is Love,
they are not religions,
they are kindness,
they are laughter,
affections born of truth,
the dance of We.

Mark Richard Prime, Me, the flip-side to We and One with We, all

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Let Us Rise

Let us rise up as stewards to Home and one another, then our expectations will align with Creation's idea of salvation. (H)eartH is most precious to the One Exactness, for it is Life and we its personification. Remember.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime, Peace & Love

Poaching Tomorrow

Let us not allow tomorrow's ivory to be poached by thieves.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Ferguson Missouri

When Peace and Love are there... we'll then know we have arrived and on to the next battle, the next war, until Peace & Love are seen where we are at any given moment, globally, harmoniously lifted from our suffering, self-inflicted or otherwise.

Peace & Love, a union like none other toward all other's salvation...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Family Connection

If we are family... we are connected.
A collective family is fluid, loving, peaceful,
completely, globally, brothers and sisters
One connection, complete. Shall We?

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Aug 16, 2014

Methodical Prayer

I sense a method to things,
to the story unfolding as I pray.
I sense its violin deep within,
the spirit's mortal instrument
serenading us in Heaven.

(Wake up, ya idgit!)

I'm fully awake, finely-feathered spirit.


Merely translating my dreams.

(In what language?)


(Never heard of it!)

Then you are the one that need awaken.


© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


From a conservative standpoint, humans kill people with guns, etc, from a liberal standpoint guns, etc, used by humans kill people. Two sides of the same coin. Blah blah blah... the root of the problem is humans, the surface of the problem is fear... the gun is the instrument. Better to pick up a violin and play it than a gun and kill, right? The rest is blah blah blah and doesn't get into the root...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Aug 15, 2014

the Echo of Mark Richard Prime, the Flip-side to our We, Me.

This is the Echo... I offer you Smokey and the Mirror, a metaphor in my belief that rings a bell as to the unfolding taking place now. WHen it begins sliding down and out of control, the truth is summoned to change Peace in Love's mind.
My path is my own, it can be no other way, so I thought I would change that and make it about everyone, with me being the least. It is selflessness in its most comforting form, not, "O my God! We're in agony! Help us!", but in a more comfortable God who needn't such absolutes in the constant flux. I offer no absolute, I'm human on his way to God. Come along if you choose! Rules were meant to be BROKEN!
Belief is a powerful tool when used to divide from instead of to join with. See?
It's less about what we believe in ourselves, but what is being believed in the whole spirit, the kit and kaboodle, don't lose your kit for your kaboodle or visa versa, this is the God train and it's rolling just enough to take on passengers with Mark Richard Prime, Me, the other half of We. Peace Choo choo! Rejoice! God is working on our story, I'm jsut unlucky enough to be handed the hands back, the hands of my confession! Rejoice! God is within! Bada bing bang boom it could not have happened sooner. The dance is rough, the opposite of God is a dance we all get to have. I can help with that.
I know my place in the story, it is after all, the place I was born to be. Our roles in our own stories are not yet completed. I, for one, am stoked! where I'm going only God knows. Purposeful, purposed, purpose. Love does not leave. Love stays. Decide for yourself what you believe, what you see, what you do, what you imagine of Me, the flip-side. Its going to be Heavenly, watch Me.
I have lost it all in order to know the truth, otherwise, I'd be in trouble with God. See? If I start from my birth, my beginning, God, Creation, (H)eartH, Heaven, will show favor upon Me. Truth. Let's dance, shall we?!
I'm about to tell my story in all of its glory, no more of this game which is hidden from my knowing. I will know and I will forgive and readily forget, for if I don't, forgiveness has not been... It is not possible, we are meant to forget, it is part of our being, not rocket science, simple logic.

I will have it. I will justify my existence by the words that pour forth from God, through Love and into Peace to scribe his way free.
The ultimate Forgiveness is our Forgetting the pain and suffering, its where Hell is released and Heaven is realized. I am there now.


Please smile upon Me, I'm the other half of you, i will enter in at the end to tell my whole story, without names or fame or fortune due to my singular self, but to our collective self. Truth. If another is using these words as a shield to their own truth, they will soon have to face their flip-side, Me. See? We are meant to be Heavenly Weavers, all, not some, all!

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime, Peace, Love, Truth, Scribe, Forgiveness, cause for great Laughter MIRROR MIRROR, SMOKE, TELL ME

Aug 14, 2014

The Treasure

A: Is our not knowing Hell?

B: But I do know.

A: What do you know?

B: That all things are of God.

A: Are you in Heaven?

B: No. I am on (H)eartH, Heaven is above us.

A: Isn't Heaven where you believe it to be and not where you know it to be?

B: This is more like Hell.

A: It is if we believe it is.

B: Everything is agony that isn't with God in Heaven.

A: Then believe that you are with God in Heaven as it is on (H)eartH.

B: Plagiarist!

A: Ha!

B: Heaven's gotta be better than this.

A: Why?

B: The (H)eartH is where we've been sent to learn of God.

A: And what have we learned of the (H)eartH?

B: It's not flat.

A: Is that it?

B: It's temporary.

A: Doesn't it provide us everything we need without asking for anything in return?

A: God gives us all we need.

A: Then we should cherish Home as if it were the Heart(H) of God's Creation.

B: If you want God to strike you down you'll worship the (H)eartH.

A: Why would God strike me down for cherishing the one thing I can possibly know?

B: Because you are bowing to that which is not God.

A: Yet, it is created by God, it is of God.

B: Yes. All things are.

A: Then Heaven is where God's Heart(H) is.

B: Yes.

A: For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Mathew 6:21.

B: I'm surprised that you know a bible verse.

A: I'm surprised you don't know where the treasure is.


© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

The Answer Is...

I do not know, my friend.
but I agree with Dylan,
the answer is blowin' in the wind.

Lady Peace says,
it's all messed up but we're alive,
it's all messed up but we'll survive.

Depeche said,
I dissolve in trust,
I will sing with joy,
I will end up dust,
I'm in heaven.

Angelika and Demons say,
in the stone you're not alone
the never-ending home keeps you warm, from the cold

This is a Heavenly Home to Me,
but still, Adam, dear friend,
with Bob I most agree,
the answer's blowin' in the wind.

Peace & Love

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Aug 12, 2014

Pray It Forward

Pray for the collective, for all and everyone, known and unknown. It, I believe, is the way to finding ourselves as we should be, One.

There is truth in numbers, especially One.

Exactness seeks us within as we seek it outside of ourselves. Pray we find our way forward, no more division, no more wars, no more prideful absolutes without the whole within them.

Pray that it will be so...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

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Love, peace and goodness to you, yours and the (H)eartH...