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Silence, and not the sound of it.
(Could sound be life and silence be death?)
It could be, since all things are possible, but it would be best to look at it in reverse. Life is nearer to Silence and Sound is nearest to death, as if there is none.

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime

Intrusion of Noise

Let us end our industrious intrusion upon the natural flow of life... Fools, the whole damn lot of us!

(Not m-)

Yes! You! No exceptions?

(Isn't that an absolute?)

No, it isn't exceptional...

(That is an absolute. You just defined it.)

The defining characteristic of an absolute is, by it's very nature, indefinable. There are no limits to what is knowable, and, by the same token, unknowable.

(Aren't you defining it?)

No. I said what it is, indefinable, and not what it isn't or wasn't. Rumble the last of foul pride...

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


The line stayed with Me,
"As if the rest of the song needn't even be there."
I contemplated my own role
and found it lacking in servitude.
The rest of the song continues,
it flows like a water fountain,
tumbling down, into itself.

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime