Sep 22, 2014


So many are "planning" churches for the future instead of in the now, instead of allowing worship to unfold on the original altar where it may. It disturbs the dance with Creation this metastasizing plot, this idea of conquering belief, this devouring of all singular thought outside of doctrine. Sorrow just begins to describe my thoughts on this...




If we humans are to truly be honest with what we are, we wouldn't poison what makes up 75%, give or take, of what we are comprised of. Furthermore, we would honestly explore the other elements that exist in us from birth, THC and DMT, to mention the two sorely needed of our self-exploration. I believe these two should be known to all since they are an essential part (physically and spiritually) of what is within us from our births to our passing on.

I may not have given the medicine its boom boom in the first part of this post, yet I am not the one that made it "illegal", and that, fine-feathered spirits, is where the boom boom will certainly be felt the most in the coming echo of our tenure.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Sep 20, 2014


Have I not satisfied your desires? Have I not performed to your satisfaction?

I have to those who stole Love, to those who lied to Peace, return him, he needs seek the truth of his Love. The story is being written, not imagined. Well, twelve of one, half-dozen of the other.
I am ready. I kid you not. Now is the time to summon my story for all to hear, I promise it will be most loving and never offer an absolute that isn’t wrapped up in an understood constant flux, a changing therefore not absolute evolution of life, spirit, and story… Shame on us for having the audacity to think it ever ends! I am here for purposes beyond my own capacity to know, this is being remedied in my dance with all other spirits. The Fayetteville Prayer Room tonight was with the spirit, the realm I’ve long since grown to know. I dance with all and I am about to emerge a free man with one amazing story to tell from this point forward, not an echo from my past, but a return to the truth in the now, an echo that keeps on giving and never without Peace.
It’s a fact, not a belief, or so the union between reality and imagination birthed a child of God in Heaven… Come and get me and let’s make a revolution that lets them know that we are Love and WE are Peace.
Boom boom! Goes the living drum, bing bing bong! Goes the truth in this, our eternal song…
If you’ve reason that I should not step out into a breathing speech, let me know in person, let me know, don’t make things shaded, bring them out into the light that I might knowingly scribe this story, believe Me, it is going to be an amazing journey for all of my brothers and sisters. Without Peace knowing the fullness of his Love’s story, he will be the echo, then his echo will be brought forth by Love’s fullness, not shrouded in secrecy, but a breathing, writhing Love, finally free from the thing that has her in pain. The truth is never shaded, the Truth has no shroud from God’s light.
Respect is not earned anymore than Trust. Disrespect is earned, mistrust is earned, their flip-side is given…
What have I done?
(Question isn’t what have you done, Scribbler, the question is, what are you going to do?)
Be set free… or free myself from the hold upon Me, that I might dance with We and find WE in ME.
(How’d you do that, Mark?)
I believed in it enough to manifest it in the unfolding story. It ain’t rocket science, thanks to all of you fine feathered spirits I am able to bring this story forth in the present, not foul it up in the past…
__Mark, Me, Scribe, Peace, with true Love’s agreement

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

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Sep 19, 2014


This dance with the spirit is an incredible time,
a much deserved comeuppance
with who I allowed the next one,
the last one,
the no one,
the second son,
the new someone,
to become.
I am in this dance for the long haul,
inside or out,
I’m coming about.
Are you more than ready?
Always see the best in people,
have a heart that forgives the worst,
a mind that remembers the good,
and a spirit that never loses faith…
__Being Human, Mark Richard Prime, Me, WE, Scribe of ME, Peace&Love, in prayer with the medicine of Creation...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

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