The weight of stopping the natural flow by violent means and allowing history to triumph over the present will eventually be made into a future statue to remind us of then instead of now.

A slippery and violent slope...

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


Why don't we feed all, clothe all and shelter all? Isn't that a basic prerequisite for humankind?

(Food certainly is.)

Yes, and one would think that we'd have solved the plight of hunger, and all would've been sheltered and clothed by now.

(Finding the hungry is hard.)

They're not hidden from us, we're hidden from ourselves.


© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


Good is natural, evil is man-made.

Simple solution, it's the implementation process that'll be a bit tricky.

To Do List:
1: End war
2: End hunger
3: End thirst
4: End homelessness
5: End poverty
6: End money's stranglehold
7: Begin with Peace
8: Rinse and repeat...

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


This child is a cherub.


O, yes. An angel the child is.


I'm talking to the child.


Between us.

(I must be blind...)

No. You're sightless, without vision, much like the rest of us.

(Where is this child you speak to?)

It is you and me. The in-between of us. The Child of Love and Peace, a spiritual ballet where everyone sings...

(A chorus of Angels?)

Without question...

(The birdsong peaks out, beneath the rain lifting the veil on Heaven...)

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


(Tell us everything you know!)

(Yes! Tell us of our salvation!)

Salvation came at our unfolding. Born free, only to shackle ourselves to the human-made system built with, of, by and for money.

(The love of money's the root to all kinds of evil!)

And money itself is the master of disguise, playing itself and it's beastly twin named Want.

(Money's a monster?)

And we're the seed of such monstrousness.


© 2017 Mark Richard Prime

So Be It

The Child's hope
resonates with us
it speaks a language
We long ago forgot...

The language of Hope
is the single most universal language known to our species.

Children innately understand
their connection
to all things,
no training needed.

Hope is never prohibited,
always making its way
in our prayers,
always a need away
from the next,
until a smoothness is drawn,
etched by the intentions
to love all.

Let us bask
in hope's resurgence,
for it is our Hope
to suffer no more
and begin to truly live.

So be it...

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


Do not strike your intent!
Leave it be, warrior!
It is not ours to think, but to be warriors!

(Haven't you had enough already?)

Yes. Yet I cannot cease my quest. I must go where I am most needed.


The Spirit. Everywhere...

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime