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We continue to play along with an unnatural game that has serious consequences, soon we'll find ourselves enslaved without recourse to the system.

(Is that true of local charades?)


(Why can't we free ourselves from the system?)

The madness of money.

(It's not money, it's people, right?)

It's both, money and us in tandem, thus assuring money's might and our adherance to its loudness.



© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


I sense the Truth in you,
As though, it does flourish thete.
Ticktock, that the collection of Peacekeepers might begin to rise, within, first, to solve our great thirst.

(Knowing Laughter...)

Mother's are a tireless reflection of (H)eartH's roundness.
The child's needs.

(Less rigid and systematic instruction, more observance.
Be like them- loving, needful, true.)

I love you!

Happy Mother's Day Everyday!
The offspring of our wonderment
Comes from your royal carriage,
A procession of delightful kinship...

(H)eartH of Mother, Water of Father, One,
Birth of Child, as precious as the Sun.

God bless... 💚✌️

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


MOTHER, may I have more of you, less of your unsolved mystery?

(Love & Peace, child, didn't satisfy your want. You mustn't nourish such dull things.)

I sense your depth of sorrow,
Oily tears sounding like a drum,
Like our paintings of the sun.

(The sun needs nothing from Humankind, however, Humankind needs much from the sun.)

And the moon, ocean, star and sea.
I give praise to the known and the unknown,
Who am I to say what is true? We unfold with time, with gladness, with Love and into Peace. One of these is an illusion.


© 2017 Mark Richard Prime

Collective Nature

(What's the nature of the Collective whole?)

To never end up being completely alone.

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


The clouds look like dragons
Storm's gonna mimic their roar
Gonna lay itself upon a track
Train-whistle and warm vinyl

The storm's are waking up
from their distant slumber
growling a slow wake up call
Serenading the coming rain

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


(Do we know what we leave for future generations?)

Not to any alarming degree, no.

(How do we fix it with what we know and with what we have?)

I think if we leave the man made system to its own inclinations, we'll be enslaved by our adherence to it.
Why don't we change the way we exist, become a kinder gentler beast reflecting our true nature?

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


(Why are the people suffering so disproportionately?)

Because you don't want everyone suffering, do you? I mean, can you imagine every single human on the planet suffering? The foul noise alone would be monstrous. Yet, if no one suffers, then what's to keep the privileged from losing their shit when they break a nail or miss a putt?

(People are stupid, huh?)

Pretty much...

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime

Spin Cycle

If you continue to spin your belief to remain beholden to the past, instead of adapt it to the present, you'll soon have spun your tale so tightly that you'll have nothing to spin nothing changeable. All is stagnant in a world at war...


© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


Trump denounces fake news media after a string of reporting errors exposed

The falseness clangs of scripted news,
Long ago suspected, even known.
Speak of this, use it as deflection
For some future mis-direction,
Corporate strings dangling there, exposed.


Wildfires kill at least one as high winds threaten more outbreaks

The raging wind and searing heat,
Nothing to stop it or slow it down,
Moving upon the land at war’s pace
Wild-eyed flames rising in the air,
Naturally, unlike battle, same despair.


Netanyahu: Palestinians must face reality over Jerusalem

O brooding Minister,
Regarding an already imprisoned people’s,
Must you scowl at their misfortune?
It gives you away, a tell of prideful plans,
A collusion, the plot thickened by indifference.


Seven charts that explain the plastic pollution problem

These charts that provide us with a view
Of the things we’ve allowed,
Seem counter to the sense of ourselves,
Yet we continue the rampant creation of hell.
Haven’t we found caus…



Okay, now that you are both in the “agree to misunderstand” mode,
Take off those damned corporate clothes- you should know enslavement’s code!
It ain’t white, it ain’t black and it ain’t brown!
Problem comes from bein’ a Nigger for Nike or a Redneck for Remington!
Problems arrive when we choose our weapons as entertainment!
When every dumbass human goes fuckin’ blind!
It ain’t sublime!
It ain’t fine!
It’s a crime!
Wake up cracker!
Wake up nigger!
Wake up all you fools rushin in for a dunk
Or a shot at a trophy
for making the most junk!
They don’t give a shit what color or hue,
They just want to use you,
use your shame to divide and conquer two!
Both improsoned in their human rolls, wardens and prisoners, didn’t you know?
It’s like Hell has rooms for different levels of ignorance
when we all go together to our never end entrance!

Wake up! You’re both enslaved,
not because your an ignorant racist,
but because you’re ignorant!
Can’t you see?
You’re just like Me