Imp the Musical...

Imp: what's my Line?

King: what's my line...

Imp: you too? Damn must be something in the water...? Where else would they put it?

King: I see you've learned a lesson or two after all.

Imp: imp's a hard knock life...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


Special Kind

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.

Learning to fly while falling takes a special kind of tumble, it takes a special kind of humble, it takes a special kind of love, it takes a special kind of peace to be in agreement with the truth...

Wholesale Madness

It is wholesale Madness when war becomes an option, such a distinction between madness that is collective and the madness of an individual...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


Forgiveness comes at birth for all, therefore, we either make a Heaven with what we're given or we create a Hell beneath our feet by what we believe... There is a balance to be met, we are far from meeting that balance given our over-consumption and unwillingness to find an equilibrium that ends all wars, feeds all people, respects all of Life, loves everyone and cherishes Home.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.

To the mimics... do not mimic my actions of the past in order to summon some secondary story, you will fail and I will help you up and bless you as you are my brother or my sister. The suffering from such a story tells me that any mimicry of its Scribe, will be changed before your acts have made you an ally, then you will join the collective of protagonist of the story and not antagonist.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.



War's Glance

We may imagine that we are defending ourselves from an "evil", those "others", who, by the way, believe that they too are defending themselves from an "evil", those "others", but in truth, we are merely buying into a lie we tell ourselves in order to sleep better and to support a machine that has no interest in our well being as a collective peoples.

When we go to war, the circle is no longer utilized for harmony. When we humans insist upon marching back and forth on only one segment of the circle, and only march to another segment to bomb and kill others as commanded and/or chosen, then the circle becomes a conveyor belt with sides and walls and borders that return us again and again to our fears and to the destruction of humanity and the circle we all walk around on. When one segment breaks away and its "perfection" is broken again and again, it is, and rightfully so, no longer a circle.

It is a vicious cycle that must be stopped so that the balance of Peace and Love can meet upon the circle.

I do most honestly pray that all of the warriors return Home safe, yet I realize that in order to break the cycle of War and destruction we must end the madness of fear and might and implement the sanity that only Peace and Love, that only Forgiveness and Kindness can assemble.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


1775–83 – American Revolutionary War: an armed struggle for secession from the British Empire by the Thirteen Colonies that would subsequently become the United States.

1776–77 – Second Cherokee War: a series of armed conflicts when the Cherokee fought to prevent the encroachment of American settlers into eastern Tennessee and eastern Kentucky; under British rule, this land had been preserved as native territory.

1776–94 – Chickamauga Wars: a continuation of the Second Cherokee War that included a larger number of native tribes attempt to halt the expansion of settlers into Kentucky and Tennessee

1785–95 – Northwest Indian War: a series of battles with various native tribes in present-day Ohio. The goal of the campaign was to affirm American sovereignty over the region and to create increased opportunities for settlement.

1786–87 – Shays' Rebellion: a Western Massachusetts debtor's revolt over a credit squeeze that had financially devastated many farmers. The federal government was fiscally unable to raise an army to assist the state militia in combating the uprising; the weakness of the national government bolstered the arguments in favor of replacing the Articles of Confederation with an updated governmental framework.

1791–94 – Whiskey Rebellion: a series of protests against the institution of a federal tax on the distillation of spirits as a revenue source for repaying the nation's war bonds. The revolt was centered upon southwestern Pennsylvania, although violence occurred throughout the Trans-Appalachian region.

1798–1800 – Quasi-War: an undeclared naval war with France over American default on its war debt. An additional mitigating factor was the continuation of American trade with Britain, with whom their former French allies were at war. This contest included land actions, such as that in the Dominican Republic city of Puerto Plata, where U.S. Marines captured a French vessel under the guns of the forts. Congress authorized military action through a series of statutes.[1]