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Our wants carry more weight than our needs are able to bear and that, my friends, is the greatest crisis facing us today.

We did it backwards.

We made God out to be a brute, and we're the brutes!

We made Heaven out to be some unknown, fantastical destination, instead of where we actually were.

We made commandments that are most brutal to our animal's will. We should never submit to suffering's absolutes in such a Heavenly place.

Backwards from the beginning I traced from the last scene to the first scene, the third act is now in it's echo.

(Lights fade to black.)

---The birdsong soars to it's tallness---

(Lights rise on Act III, The Echo. We are deep within a forest.)

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime

To Be Content Before it's Time

Are we to be content with the system created with our use as consumers, another word that is bent on our enslavement to it?

That's enough questions for one post, the air to breathe the answer.

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


(I want to understand!)

The I's have it and We, as a collective will understand soon enough.

(Sounds a bit ominous.)

Then try listening with your eyes, your ears are obviously betraying you.


There will be tall blooms wrapping around the sun in magnificent colors, which will please the big star to no end.

(What if "time", the greatest and truest illusion of all was just humankind trying to wrap their heads around where they are?)

Then what and who become our primary drive, dictated by our wonderment.


© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


We want an alternative before we take the leap. Let go, then we'll know what to do, not before then. Our roll is in the Actuality, not the Reality they feed us...

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


Now it goes boom boom boom
Now boom now boom now
Boom boom

The vibration reached us that final day as the Life that we knew was gone. We did not do well after we figured out what had happened to us, after we knew, inexplicably, we folded like a cheap tent.

Now it goes boom boom
Now boom now boom now
Boom boom

The vibration holds me close...

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime



Super-Storm Runs its Ruinous Course...

These headlines of our stories
More bluster
Than the band
Of circles winding
Inside the hard rain

Now we recall...



The twisted game wasn't televised, the monstrous score overshadowed any joy found in it...

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime

The Extrapolation of Things





Until Love's eyes
Are wide awake
An equal balance
of urge and ritual

(It is not a jackal)

(It looks more like a hyena)

It howl's just the same

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime

Love, Let Me Go...or so help me-

If we don't blow ourselves up or be done in by a natural cleansing, the healing of the whole spirit, not just our portion of it, we'll be glad for the kind wonder everybody's so empty... Don't let the greed sink our chance to manifest Heaven. Let us rise as the Consciousness of that which Created us! Beneath the child's feet you find their wonderment of journey and the laughter of joy...

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


We must embrace as One.

(I embrace Jesus Christ!)

Good! So do I!

(You're a Christian?!!!)

No. I'm, if you feel the need to label me, a a carrier of your savior.


She fainted...

Laugh, Laughing, Laughter.
Love, Lovingly, Loving.
Peace, Peacefully, Peaceful.

Be content with you and all things, not just your own.

Do not imagine yourself coming for Me if you're unwilling to listen to the truth, you'll find yourself without choice but to surrender to the actual Truth in our unfolding and then you deal with the one who claims to be challenging you forthrightly and peacefully and reasonably...


© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


The machine's have set a much faster tempo than we ourselves are able to reach, it must be similar to what a baby gazelle feels like as the jaguar lunges its claws.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime