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Bully Me Not (the 2nd Violent Verse)

I look at man,
at green grass, old trees, red clay
and the turn of frost tiptoeing toward me,
and if I say I know,
if I believe I know
what comes next
near this flame,
I’ve purchased a vast untruth,
the crippled body of man’s wreckage,
lies, murder, rape, cruelty,
as if we’re undulating
with the engine of chance
on divine tracks of quietude and not those of ruin.

What does all this have to do with violence?
If I love, I sought love first,
you, only after my love was found.

Thinking of this might seem crazy
in a mad world of self,
a quaking of failure
that’s living upon our existence,
that’s worshiping upon our loving,
set to run aground
where joy waits upon our inheritance,
love upon truth.

Do you understand what I’m trying to say?
In my days,
in my time,
I will lift my love
and my affection will feed
upon the seeds of truth.

© 2010 by mark prime

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A Prayer For Kindness (1st Violent Verse of October 2010)

(Cause Cast)  ~This, A Prayer For Kindness, is the first poem in 2010 for the month-long series of daily poems called Violent Verses, poetry for non-violent resolutions, domestic or otherwise.~
Dearest justice, won’t you smile?
We’ve heard of your coming,
but need your breath within us now.
Now, before our faces turn from goodness,
forgo our account, our worship and love
and make a charade of your sun.

We’ve been looking for you,
for your sunrise in our cups,
entreating love’s gentle bloom to stand
with its silence, its softness beckoning,
asking that we open our steeled fist
that they might again become hands.
© 2010 by mark prime
DVAM - Domestic Violence Awareness Month
NCADV - National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
USDOJ - United States Department of Justice
FVPF -  Family Violence Prevention Fund

(The link below will bring you to all, present and 2009, violent verses) Confession Zero's 'Violent Verse' | poetry supporting non-violent resolutions

Hunger ~ This is the First Day (the final September Song of 2010)

This is the first day I woke up. I rose to me, to a sea green kindness. I found truth resting on my window sill, crowing with it’s intone of love, love, love… It startled me and my sleepy eyes. It moved in me like rain, like joy, like a fortune of food and affection, all my brothers and sisters lifting the one language to truth like doves crooning peace upon the foundation.

This is the first day the old me stayed asleep and the truth rose up with my great shame and began feeding the hunger inside. She sidled up next to me with a gentle charity pursed upon her lips made of goodness, whispering truth to the chaos in my name. This is the time we've been told of. The darkness we've let slip through is like a beast without legs to lift peace, a lie told long ago born in me, in you.

This is not new. This is not me. This is us, the original seed, the collective wish come calling down like morning dew kissing my cheek, like a looking glass staring back at me, weeping for what I’ll be…

Together (29th September Song)

We're together in this, our seed of love. We are wrapped in its cloak, as in the beginning, reaching upward, emerging from truth, blind to the deception, deaf to the chaos.

And it is stolen from us, no food as nourishment, no joy as medicine, no love as bandages to stem the flood draining precious goodness with that which cannot feed, that which cannot heal, accepting our indifference as sacrosanct, our greed as fated and not within our control, as a manifest thing beyond our reach.

Oh! We can feed the world! We can nourish it, and, along the way, grasp the idea that we’re in control of this, the chart inside our seed, the truth that's been co-opted and without our permission, without our knowing endorsement. Anesthetized, we sleep without comfort, walk without prayer yet there is great relief in this simple truth- there is great power in our knowing, wonderful gardens planted with each kernel, a sweet truth upon their blooms, seeds that bring food to all... hungry, or not.

© …

The Age of Clocks (a September Song)

This is the age of clocks...

An age where we must ask, what have we become
If we've already bled and there's no time to heal?

We needn’t weep for what’s been done,
We must weep for what will come.

Weep for what will enter if noise is our king.
Wail for the living, those hungry, that they sing.

Weep for the mother, weep for what we’ve forgotten.
Weep for the child whose eyes seek only peace.

Weep for the gods who seek our noisy termination.
Weep for the clamor that keeps food from our lips.
Weep that the Truth of water coats our barren tongues.

Remember… there remains the rake of love,
Cells of kindness swimming in us like fish.

In this, the age of clocks…

© 2010 by mark prime

Alone (The 27th September Song)

These rocks are not alone.
The waters are not alone.
The skies are not alone.
We… are not alone.

Love.© 2010 by mark prime

Heed the Miracle... (26th September Song)

The miracle is that we still have sustenance at all, still love another at all, still quake with the breath of doves under the weeping stars.

The miracle is dancing upon our skin like a chill, moving its love through us with gladness, in our hunger, toward the radiance of the kind, our kind, kindness.

The miracle is an unwritten charity, a gentleness to wed with humanity. Unwritten with goodness. Books unwritten, without hierarchies of truth, unwritten with love of and for man, wordless joys given to us as bookmarks so we might remember. Words spoken, handed down to us so the future might lift our love out of invisibleness for those searchers yet to come.

Our crossing, arduous, undeniable, ancient footprints beside us, in the open, visible in our expectations seen in the beams of nightfall.

© 2010 by mark prime