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I like this, but I find myself drawn to clarify the river's position and ours regarding water. Please bear with me on this one...

(This should be lots of fun...)

I believe that time is nothing more than a concept of human thinking and isn't truly something that exists but in our minds, yet the river does exist regardless of human calendars and clocks.


Therefore time is irrelevant to the river, not as in the seasons, but as in minutes and seconds, right?


So, if time is irrelevant to the river, then it is also irrelevant to the water that creates it, so we humans therefore are equal to the river since we both rely on water and not time for our existence?

(Wow. That actually makes sense.)

So why are we humans still beholden to the illusion of time while we continue to destroy the very real thing that we're predominantly comprised of?

(Wow, you're two for two, but I'm afraid it's getting late and some of us have to get up early to go to work.)




I believe in God, am I not a true believer simply because I don't follow the ancient story of great suffering?

(You have to follow the teachings of Christ in order to get into Heaven, brother.)

The son of God has me as a brother, timid spirit, and I am carrying him up the mountain of writhing snakes and darkness. We're all the sons and daughters of God. Jesus isn't alone with that distinction my friend. It is a slippery slope to imagine it otherwise, at least it is in my belief. I am glad you have your belief, good for you, brother. Good for you. Me? I'm kind of busy being a savior to the savior, he's been on that foul cross for far too many centuries!

(You might be going to Hell, I'm pretty sure you are.)

Where am I right now?

(What do you mean?)

Where are you and I if not where we believe we are?


I believe I'm in Heaven as we speak and you just told me I was going to Hell which is the absence of God. I'm the one that should be confused.

(I- uh- I- …


So there's a Heaven for some, but not for all of God's children? Speaking of slippery slopes.

(For us true believers, there's a Heaven, for them other ingrates, there's eternal damnation, which is simply the absence of God.)

How can something that is absent of God still exist?


I mean if God is the creator of all things great and small and Hell is not a part of God in the least, it does not exist, or at least logically speaking it can't.

(That makes sense. Uh oh.)

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Post by Revolution News.

Shame on the Israeli government. All free peoples must stand for an end to the Palestinian people's horror. This tactic is the least of those that the Israeli government uses against them. Demand that not one more penny be sent to the genocidal government of Israel, not one more gun, tank, bomb, jet, nothing until they cease their terror campaign against the people's of Palestine.

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The "fact" is, our mind begins the process of "thinking" when we are born, therefore, “training” should be seen as an inner discipline, a natural process, which means "education" is an external contrivance which has the potential to be either a benefit to those being “educated” or an interference to the process of “thinking”. Ergo, “education” must always be a tool that benefits the (H)eartH and the collective humanity simultaneously… or it must be done away with altogether.

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In actuality (the fusion of reality and belief) the largest living spirit known to us is the (H)eartH. It can be sensed- seen, heard, felt, tasted and smelled. We, humankind, have traipsed upon its Heavenly ground from the beginning, had we recognized the spiritual that moves within us is truly in constant flux with what's outside, we'd have given praise to Home and Sky instead of use our genius to attempt to destroy them both.
We are supposed to give voice to the silent song within which brings us to dance and we are supposed to cherish what is given without asking for anything in return, air, water, soil, sight, nature's delight. The mistake humankind made, we began to think too much of ourselves individually and in groups (an animal thing) which led us to imagine an ownership over, instead of simply being a part of the collective whole of existence. Had we remained in touch with our inner spirit, we would never have spoiled the outer. Yes, there is one Spirit and we ca…


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Come on, dear people of this world… let's maintain our grip on our present reality. There is no great big horde of people out there who despise another for saying Merry this or Merry that or Happy that or Happy this or Happy Holiday or Merry Christmas or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, or pick your flavor. I pray we end the madness of demanding that our rightness, our righteousness, is the “Truth”. And I pray we end the madness long before all of our “rightness”, bar none, is shown to be, without question, wrong.

I don’t know, but I believe beyond doubt that it would behoove us to consider what is beneath our feet as Heaven and that those before us are angels, all, and that all living things are to be cherished, and, I believe, we must do so soon, before we put the final touches upon a Hell of our own creation.

(But, just before that last, didn't you pray for all to end the madness of thinking they’re right?)



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----"The army and people of the DPRK [Democratic People's Republic of Korea] are fully ready to stand in confrontation with the U.S. in all war spaces including cyber warfare space to blow up those citadels," said the statement, which was attributed to North Korea's top policymaking institution, the National Defense Commission. The statement did not provide further details of the threatened attacks. Pyongyang has a long history of issuing ominous warnings to other nations.----
__World Post

End all war and plans of war, spilled the rain!
End all revenge and plans of revenge, boomed the thunder!
End all lies and plans of deceit, strafed the wind!
End all treacherous plans, slashed the lightening!
End your attack of Home, quaked the (H)eartH!
(Boom boom!)
War is not humankind's to master,
Serenity comes before, not after.
What must we put between parenthesis?
Nothing less than (Love and Peace)…

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The day we decided that our love of plastics was more important than our love of trees.

The day we decided that our precious genius was more precious than the genius of the soil.

The day we decided that our fumes of industry were more acceptable than the exceptional air we breathed.

The day we decided that our immediate family meant more to us than the immediacy of the collective.

The day we imagined that we were crafting something worth repeating over what was returning within the constant flux.

The day we imagined that our toxins were acceptable as long as we could accept the status quo.

The day we thought we could own something and began smothering it all by the parasitic idea of ownership.

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