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I will never give it over to those who imagine other's as having Hell to pay.
I will never give it over to those who have an agenda of enslavement.
I will never give it over to those who imagine themselves God.
This is either Home or Heaven, cherish it with stewardship.
Live, Love Laugh! And for the Love of God, simply be!

This isn't about belief or reality, it's about creating an actuality that makes sense and that lovingly surprises the spirit every day. Shall we? __Mark R Prime

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


Let us remember, spirit, the time has come, it is not something we can avoid. Come walk along beside Me, We could certainly use some air. ;)

Let us drink nature's water, not humankind's unnatural experiment. Fools. ;)
Let us put our hands and feet in the soil and celebrate our Heaven's tallness.
Let Me honor the vows where no deceit has been done against the truth as I knew and saw it.
I divorce myself from all man-made laws and rules and institutions, all of them!
I am wed to humankind by my very nature, beholden to myself and those vows taken with the truth already known. The other way around is not a vow, it is entrapment. Period. I shall rise beyond such foolishness as plans hatched for and against these words that pour forth from Mark Richard Prime's union with only the honest side of Love, not the pile of plans concocted long before awareness came to Me. That union is soured and can only be sweetened by divulging the full truth and nothing but the truth, so hel…

Prayed to God, Heaven Now

I prayed to God, I met God, I danced with God, I trembled at God, God trembled back, up the mountain to rid my half-brother of his sins I carried upon my back. Should have left a clearer runway to where you imagined we would take off from to escape your allowance of Hell in your beliefs in God, if God were so inclined to imagine us otherwise!

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Global M

Grand and noble are those that enter in to save a fallen angel,
the bully and the bullied. Same wings, different experience, still One Collective, all forgiven. It is always best that the collective find their way toward Peace and Love. Thank you for your noble cause and for your love of the collective. Bless you and yours, The BULLY Project... Love and Peace
© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Koch Brother's: Not For Everyone

The Koch Brothers may not be the seat of control, but if they spoil the environment because of their profit from a finite resource that they cannot own, they'll profit nothing for their greed without regard to all others and all things. It's a dance I wouldn't wish upon them, but it is up to them how their dance with Creation never-ends for themselves alone... Well one needn't be a rocket scientist to imagine the winner in a tug of war between humankind and the (H)eartH.__MrP

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Why Who Why

7,500 reward offered for info on the killing of bald eagle


To the eagle it matters not to catch one "cruel creep" among so many... not literally slaying the eagle, but warring it into oblivion nonetheless.




Perhaps the why is irrelevant... I can see the where, the who and the what, yet the "why" I cannot, which for me, makes it irrelevant to my now, action and word. Knowing that it is "wrong" should suffice.

We know it is wrong by the very nature, no pun intended, found in our instincts. We act upon those and we are good to go forward without shame in our hearts.

In order to end the cruelty found in humankind's nature, kindness must accompany all actions and words, soon we'll have forgotten about our idiocy. __© 2014 MrP

Triumphant Elements

I am not saying that Sharia Law is the same as the Old Testament Law found in the Bible. It is not the details that have me drawing a parallel, it is the result of ancient belief and laws that have rather similar results that need concern us, especially that which is incongruous with Love and Peace, Forgiveness and Laughter, these triumphant elements found in Creation's story. Nothing rises from the belief in Hell. Nothing...

I dance with Jesus' spirit, my friends. God is within Me, too, and I dance with God, I dance with all of the spirit. I have been challenged to keep such promises from lapsing, so I thought I'd come in from the opposite direction and distance myself enough from the status quo to land safely and begin the next leg of my journey.

I am the son of God. You are the daughter of God. All are the offspring of God, the omnipresent truth, the one exactness. I trust in God, my friend, I cannot explain it after that. Jesus is upon my back, a double entendre'…

Come and Ask Me

Come and ask me friends, readers. country, continent, friends, finely feathered, believers, agnostic, atheist, all kinds, all kind, One. God is within Me in my dance with anyone and all, the perfect storm of thirty years of misunderstanding, blindness on my part, God anger with my fledgling creation, but approving of my belief, because it was nearest to truth than all I had ever heard or imagined, that and it caught the eye of Creation.__MrP

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