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Crazy Purposeful

Crazy or purposeful, either way, looks purposefully crazy to Me. My head had been hi-jacked, so I took back the ship, captain!

(All hands in the soil! Incoming seed, outpouring of food for thought is on its way to our evolution with Creation!)

Simmer down, captain, ye might run us aground!

(If we're to be digging in the soil as was meant to be, the ground's as good a place as any to land!)

Why are you yelling?

Purging the lies and the fears, the wars and the murder, the indifference and the greed of the fearful spirit.

It is time to create and go to God and Love with your great sorrow at how you treated Home and discarded Love.


Child of God and Creation...

© 2013 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime


This day is ripe with rebirth, prone on its haunches, ready to bring on the Truth as it speaks...

What am I sensing if not betrayal? Might I be sensing the plot within my own fingers? Might it be all a story to the never-end? Heaven is eternal and we've repeated now too many tries without knowing anything more than we did when we began to step off the pathway toward God, Love, Forgiveness, Peace and Laughter. Let me return to equilibrium with who, what and where I truly am. Balance is sought in all of us, according to who we were born to be. See? You have no jurisdiction over belief anymore than I do. Belief, when married to your reality, becomes truth within the belief, yet not necessarily the truth within the reality.

The wind reminds me of Home as it passes by, the birdsong is underscoring the traffic when I believe it must and should be the other way. Human traffic, noise, isn't a lone gunman. Noise is the army marching on our fledgling creation.

(Can We have a redo?)


Morning Garden

Good morning, Garden.

Good morning all my spirit filled cousins.

The birds grabbed me early this morning, their song whispering in my ear to remember where I am. The Original Peace Garden, sustenance, Life, Love and Laughter.

(Then speak your Peace and reap what you sow, my child.)


© 2013 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Higher Form

It's not the same as forgetting, remembering is a higher form of thinking, what We choose to believe to be coming that might greet us with its belief. I for one don't want to take another tour of hell, it's agonizing from so many, too many, unknowns for the truth in my dance to see the light of day. Imagine then as one of those that have truly seen the word of Creation, God and Love...

Should've brought your wife with you, messenger, you wouldn't be made to suffer from beginning to end if you went from the end to the beginning, no suffering, Peace

© 2013 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Before the People

Why do We not discuss these words in the least? God has opened the toy box that my child might play while the other prepared for a battle. I have a loving belief that I think needs to be put before the people, all peoples, let us begin to Love one another! Love! Love! Drop to your knees and beg forgiveness and it will be granted for every breath we put back into the (H)eartH from out of our actions and beliefs...

© 2013 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime