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This is Heaven. If I Have a Doctrine let it Contain Only Those Three Words, This is Heaven.

This is the belief I chose. What of my Love? Might it soar like the awe found in the first moment of recognizing where you are? Might it urge we feed our brethren? Might it urge that we end all wars, all murder, suicide and greed? Might it take away our blindness that we see the hell of humankind and realize our gravest sin? Where was I? The sin of humankind is greed. The gravest, our inability to fully Love. Love’s acknowledgement for our loveless veins! We can only tread so long, until the cab bends with the wind and the rain and the grave sorrow of the tree. That’s where you were? No. I was not there, yet I know of its eternity. I have flown with the angels. I have fused my words with the sweet sound of Love, a belief emerged from under her grasp! I writhe, in heaven, evermore… ~ I saw myself fall pray to my own belief. It struck me when I least expected it, it’s danced inside of me forever. In all of us lives this other frame, a spirit that dwells in all of us, connect

The Wind Blows its Cold Through the Dark

The wind blows its cold through the dark and the willow tree kicks her arms and summons me to dream my belief to the pleasure of Love. On bent knee I cry out into the darkness. Nothing. I beseech the wind to forgive me. Nothing. I plead with the soil to allow me another chance to serve Love. Tremble, drum, string, wind, breathing love throughout heaven… She calls to me, she yearns for my touch, my Love to come sliding from my confident hands, drip from my every breath, from my deeds. None shall be in Heaven until they realize where they are. © 2011 by mark prime

I’m Telling You These Words are not Mine Own

I’m telling you these words are not mine own. They are of me but so are you and you and you and you and all and everything. Bring the cymbal crashing to heighten the suffering that needn’t ever have been. The scribe: I have been called to speak the next. Oh, Bach lift me out of this hell of my making! Bring Love home. On your tongues and in your hearts bring Love home. In your belief and in your humbleness, in your walk, in your word, in your actions, in all you do, bring Love home… Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Never cease your memory of what you know, cease the recollection, hold dear the truth. Though you may not know where you are does not leave you blameless for your own fate. Hell is not an easy place to emerge from, but if there’s another species on this planet that can think of a way to save us from spending eternity as having been for nothing and into such nothingness we shall slip, darkness, eternal sleep, not even a whisper, if

Oh Dear Sebastian, Play me a Heavenly Tune with Yo Yo Ma on Your Strings

Oh Dear Sebastian, play me a heavenly tune with Yo Yo Ma on your strings, with water flowing clear, trees standing for justice, mountains there to remind us of how small we are… nearing insignificance. And we think we‘ve the nerve to speak for Love? What on eartH made us think such a thing? Money. Greed. Rage. Loathing. Destruction of life. Sightless all, their eyes need open… Let us rise up and speak! Speak for Love’s sake! Speak what we will of our belief, but it must come after we serve the kingdom of Love. If we realize where we are, my brothers and sisters, we can have it evermore… © 2011 by mark prime

You’re Strumming at my Heart. You’re Filling Me With Love.

You’re strumming at my Heart. You’re filling me with Love on the strings of your walk to peace, to Love’s most precious truth, the Heart(H) of Love. The cello of full Love, the song of hope, the words of such a profound meaning that we are knelt in sorrow before Love. Oh! Raise up your spirits! Do not wait for a sign, a prophecy to raise its music ahead of our terror. The truth isn’t convenient to humankind’s imaginings, Love isn’t as profitable as fear. We with our wars! For what? No! Why war? Why do you poison the water that was granted by Love? Why do you plague Love with fear? Fear is humankind’s greatest flaw. The mind settles for bigotry over reason, for fear before Love and for  Love over the Heart(H) of Love… Echo… © 2011 by mark prime

Wouldn’t a Loving Peace and a Peaceful Love Serve the Heart(H)?

The midnight sky behind the stars went on forever, an eternal dream of mine, my never-ending reverie, my trance of evermore, my dance with destiny. More our dance, yours and mine, mine and yours, with a most willing spirit, the breath of Love. The one star looking back at me brought me to wonder, might we live forever with death becoming a new life to relive again and again and again until our beliefs center around the things we know? The eartH of Love calls out with creation’s thrumming Heart, begging we give up our belief and bring our eyes down opened wide and begin to feverishly pray we’ve still time to end our attempted murder of Life, restore the life we’ve drained from Love‘s precious eartH, return the Love we’ve claimed in blood. The tragedy’s a manifest destiny woven of fear eternal instead of Love’s echo, her never-ending return to Love held in the spirit’s hands that tell us life will come again and again and again and again and again and you will be exactly where your

The door to love stands open. Wait. Happiness is the will of Love.

The door to love stands open. Wait. Happiness is the will of Love, it does not include any meaning of death. The door to love stands open. Wait. Happiness is the will of Love, it does not include any meaning of death, save for our own preconceived imaginative notions of a Love that can create this eartH, this sun, this moon, this atmosphere, this universe and humankind, Love, laughter, trees, eagles, dogs, cats, the moon, the sun, the stars, the darkness, the light, and even death which gives rebirth over and over and over and over until death has no meaning, and we strip it of nutrients and poison her water and its air, trees, soil and Love and all the while humankind imagining themselves as the writers of the words of Love… No. My friends, we are all the children of Love, bar none. We are all beholden to the eartH, some call it the original gift to man, but I say it is so much older than that, it is as old as Love, as old and true as Life eternal, beneath our feet, and anyone that

I Chose Heaven... When I Chose My Belief, and so on...

I Chose Heaven. In my grant of creating a belief that is my own, yet not of me, but of all those with which I’ve danced, I found allies and angel’s all. I found Love. I dance with Love's spirit as much as I am able. Save my dreams for me, they are sacred. (We plundered dreams long ago.) I must not bend my tongue to fashion another’s thought, another’s belief into what I desire, but what she, the mother, the grandmother, the Heart(H) of Love, the (H)eartH, our Home and Heaven, what she must desire... We know no other! We cannot know, we can only believe. If we had always believed and known the same thing, we would have always known it and believed it at the same time, in which case, the meaning of “belief” would be rendered unnecessary. For that matter, “knowledge” would lose out. Either way, what we animals, what we, all of life, would have left, is Love. © 2011 by mark prime

If I Say I Love, Then Love Must Seep Through All of My Actions, Great or Small.

Where will I go when my belief reveals my fears? Might I ask Love what creation needs of me? What if I'm unable to give it, unable to be both, steward to Love and loving steward? If I say that I Love, then Love must seep through all of my actions, great or small. I say I Love, I show I Love. Simple enough. I am Love, Love for all of life, a welcome duty, difficult only when fear deals the cards, yet a pleasure when Love holds a full house. Trust is Love and Love is trust and both need the other to breathe. Love will be pleased that I’ve begun to Love fully. The miracle begins with opening my eyes to truth. To what I know.   Heaven's revealed to me if I’ll but begin to breathe only Love. I am Love, steward to the eartH, which is, I believe, the Heart(H) of creation. I don’t know if it is true, but I believe it to beyond doubt. No different than any man or woman speaking what they believe to be Truth. Man and woman, male and female, a part of life, animal, if you will, co