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There is a Balance to be Reached

The ultimate quirk of fate, is when you realize that what everyone is seeing you as is the person you've grown up to be instead of the person and loving spirit that had for so long been hidden beneath. Not something sinister below the ground, but something lovely, now and now and now, here and loving. Our reality is before us. Beliefs nowhere to be found, our truth, wafting within our frame, ready to battle within a personal wage along with the spirit’s walking the streets, those that are sitting idly by, and those across the ether whose prayers are aimed at Love’s tallness. When the rains come without warning and burst their sorrow upon humankind’s murderous Life, these, dare I say it, words, will comfort the blow of recognizing where I am. There is a balance that must be reached to preserve the Home, and it’s a practice to remember where you are, to keep you from trashing the place like its hell that you want to own… (Oh well, you can’t take it with you! Am I right about t

Merely Thought

I believe that all belief is merely thought, no different than this belief or any other thought formulated in the mind of the seeker. We, each in our own way, search for Love and experience Love according to our perception of Love and we should be commended for our search. In this belief, I only need remember where I am and thus know the truth of who I am and through my actions arises my purpose. © 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Merely Following Orders

I'm merely following orders from that which has yet to be known. It helps me make sense of it all to think of it in those terms. Love is different for all of us, as is our perception of where we are. Yet Love, not unlike the (H)eartH, is a single solitary, more than flesh and bone, something, that is, for now, unknown. It is believed, without a doubt, but the truth cannot be boxed in by our mere belief, not even in the free-flowing matrix, it can only be allowed to be. Pretty much the way it is for all of Life, especially for us destructive and fearful beasts. Love chose me, or I chose Love, either way I had no choice because it seemed to make sense. But I do not know, I simply believe. In my opinion there are great reasons to have it be known, but it is not up to me to decide when it shall be, it is but mine to scribe as I promised and then speak it when and if Love sees fit. The rest will come as it's meant to, until it does, I'll continue to choose the fullness of

The Story-line

The story-line weaves its way toward Love like none I've yet to imagine and, believe you me, when I tell you that my imagination is soaring with Love, there’s no telling where she’ll place us down, but, while we’re still breathing, we might as well join in! Boob boom and a rat a tat tat, boom boom bippety bop boom, dance with the spirit that’s in the room, dance with the spirit that’s in everyone and everything! Groove to its affections wafting about like a sultry lullaby that’s meant for those of us who've been asleep for far too long. I remember only that which is of Love… (So, if you've been afraid most of your life, but you acted as if you weren't bothered in the least, then why the abhorrent behavior toward fellow spirit vessels of flesh and bone if and when they ever tried to understand you?) I don’t know. I’d imagine it has to do with my instinct and my love being so connected with who and where I am that it often shocks me…? I’m waiting patiently. Tim

A Charlie Chaplin Halloween

Charlie was in the know. Everyone should dress up as Charlie Chaplin for Halloween. Millions of anonymous Charlie Chaplin's walking around offering Love and not fear... © 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Fear Cannot Win

Fear cannot win. Love is the stronger of the two. The only reason there's fear in the least, is to bring us to remembering our great fortune at having been "born" at all, and at that having been born to such Love, upon such awe inspiring Creation, within the HeartH; the eartH and the Heart of Creation... I just had a vision (thought) of my Grandma Ester, Ester Schell. It's always the same one; she's holding me in her rugged arms of love and forgiveness to all and anything that had ever done her wrong. One of those rare childhood memories when one recognizes where they are and who they are, it's the "what" that has me stymied... © 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Belief of Love

I am both my father and my mother, but I cannot deny that I am also a part of you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you... We're all interconnected through the one true and loving spirit. Whatever it may in turn be tethered to is of no known concern of mine in this our unknowable unknown. My reality swoons of Love's belief. The belief of Love might be the only truth we need to truly remember evermore...? © 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

The Dance With the Spirit

The dance with the spirit can be rather frightful, depending on the intentions of your dance partner. Perhaps instinct accompanies the future of human thought? I believe that we’re set to know, thereby rendering belief meaningless. I believe that I am set to know the facts of original belief. Original belief must have really been something, something akin to the truth of our reality. I hope, if it is to be thus, that I’m prepared to dance before the song begins to play, and pray that I’m ready to believe in my reality enough to heed the call of the HeartH, the (H)eartH and the Heart(H) of Creation. Let me begin. (If it's eternal, you can’t quite ask one to begin, now can you?) Then let us continue, only in a more loving direction. (Silence…) © 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Necessarily Measured Time

Reality is now bending to belief, Love, and this, my reality, is shaping my never-end, always with a loving confidence. (Love…) Time isn’t necessarily measured the way we human’s can comprehend the full scope, the breadth of what it means to be eternal. Time isn’t a measurement, it is an idea. Even though it may not be so in what we imagine as our reality, isn’t time, in and of itself, immeasurable since an end cannot exist in eternity? It may or may not be for us individually, but collectively, our accepted reality has implications. Let’s make sure that they are repercussions that echo with the fullness of Love... Time, I believe, is immeasurable. If it’s not, pray tell when it ends? (It doesn’t, not in the way that you’ve imagined, but in the way that Love has summoned.) Yes. (ping) (Echo…) (Silence…) (Love…) (Eternity…) © 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

The War Within (A Spiritual Battle)

The war in our spirit intends to destroy Love, the war at our own fleshy hands is no different. We can let the war be waged for us, by others, but we can, I believe, better implement peace and place our spirits within a loving reality if Love is our allied commander. Surely we'll have a greater chance of ending all wars in this; our flesh and bone reality, if we do? © 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Change Your Reality

I believe if you feel that they've got you right where they need AND want you, then they’ve got you. Why not alter your course to that of what you desire (of love), and leave your current and particular reality in the dust where it belongs? In doing so you will not be persecuted by those that don't or refuse to understand or accept you for who you are, because all will know and remember that they are equals, or so I'd imagine. I don't mean, change who you have become, I mean change your reality of self, for you are the only one that can... Love, peace and goodness to you, yours, all others and the Heart(H) of Creation... © 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime


Tango Charley, we have friendly’s on the ground! You are cleared to level their reality! Engage at will! Copy that, Loving Spirit, engaging now… What was that? (Frequency intervention, I’d imagine.) What the hell is frequency intervention? (There is no hell that I know of. There is only Heaven before my eyes.) Keep us looking up for salvation and we’ll forget that our salvation rests beneath our feet. It’s heaven if we want it! Who doesn’t desire Love? Who doesn’t desire peace and goodness for all of humankind? Who doesn’t desire a healthy eartH? Who truly wants to suffer in such folly when it’s always been up to us as angels to earn our Heavenly Home? We are meant to grow with Creation’s great unknowns and with Love’s most wondrous Heart(H)… (The hell you say!) Why must there be “hell”? Why couldn’t our belief marry our truth and have Love triumph in the end? Haven’t all of our stories, and paintings and words and music and dance, sought out that which was most lo

On the Use of Children

The use of children to further an agenda that you might have is a cheerless use of Love… Would you classify me as daft as a fox? (You mean sly. It’s sly as a fox, scribe.) No. I meant daft, I’m not a fox. But now that you mention it? (Silence…) When I write these words I am not thinking, I am reacting to the dance of the loving spirit. I interact with people and their spirit’s and mine automatically dance to a loving belief, which is tethered to my newborn spirit which is within the spirit of Love. The spirit's are laughing and crying and praying for Love! They are we, who we all, as one, are meant to be! Not as any number of our individual selves- but, within that scenario lies the truth, you see, the one exactness of humanity’s need- a loving balance, physical and spiritual balance. Home meets Love. Truth meets Spirit and Life finds its balance. (And they all lived happily ever after, I’m sure…) Life, dear loving spirit, is a stability to be found, not painted

Roar This Speech

This morning I roar this speech! Why roar, why not sing it, why not speak it within your silence? Why not stand up and be counted, seen as more than just another in the horde of others? If humankind is of one spirit then the term "horde" would mean the collective and if the collective stands up and demands that our beliefs join our reality, then we are destined for a conscience that can truly be beneficial to all life. And if all of life is our concern, we've got a journey ahead of us that will be filled with wonder and miracles never imagined coming from our actions and our thoughts. Let’s be careful then that we create with Love. In doing so, we can remove our unfounded fears forever. If it’s not instinctual, it’s irrational and if it’s irrational it’s unneeded and if it’s unnecessary, why think on it? (Because you brought it up.) Yes, but it’s not up to me to tell you, kind spirit, what to think about any particular proposition in belief, it’s up to you as

The (H)eartH is a playhouse built by Love

The (H)eartH is a playhouse built by Love. To me, in this loving belief, I've emptied any unneeded fears that might have tried to snuff out the light of Love’s truth, and if others have ill intentions toward any “fordrawn” conclusion in this belief, save for everything's going to be okay, when considering the one exactness, then it's on them. Belief can't end, it must continue until Creation says otherwise. Does that make sense? It is not mine to control, it is Creation, it is the (H)eartH, it is God, it is Allah, it is Jesus, it is our most precious belief turned toward truth that we can imagine. Ulaeal, unbelievably lovely and eartHly angel love... Tulaeal, the unbelievably loveliest of angels, Love… The traffic leaps in now as if to say we hear you. I reflect upon this great fortune within this belief come pouring its spirit before me. It is you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and yo

Memory's Return

It is amazing to me that what we remember and hold most precious is the thing that can give us so much needed Love in its return. Love, peace and goodness to you, yours and the (H)eartH, to Home... © 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Kind Spirit

Kind spirit, I hope this finds you well. In response to your heartfelt song, my friend, I can only say that I will let it flow from more than just a cross inside of my belief, I will urge it to flow within my every breath, this selfless love for all and everything, known and unknown and without an nth of fear, if full Love is indeed my target... Love, peace and goodness to you, yours and the (H)eartH... © 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

These words steadily flow in my prayer…

These words steadily flow in my prayer… Must I cease my quest for a Heavenly Home, isn't that a sure way to battle the possibilities of belief and reality in one fell swoop? “What if this” and “what if that” is our duty until we realize where we are. And then to bring ourselves to demanding the Heaven that is our calling. We've been devils since I can remember, so I believe it would benefit us all to remember where we are and realize that it is time to change our course. I don’t I can truly dictate an end to all of this, where would I begin? (Well, your head is upside down, so where else would you have put your eyes upon to then craft such a belief?) From each and every one of the individual spirits I gathered their Love instead of the reality that unwittingly they’d placed upon themselves through any and all of the fears found within their beliefs? Release these words, they are yours and yours and yours and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and y

10.07.12 I Thought, Why Create a Belief If It Isn’t Overflowing With Love

I thought, why create a belief that isn’t overflowing with Love, dancing with one and all? I mean, really, what’s the point in our fear if we don’t use it as an instinct to correct our dispirited failure(s)? (Is that a question or an answer?) Depends on how you perceive it. Most see the eartH as a stomping ground... and I’d imagine the eartH, if she’s made to choose, sees us in much the same way… (Sounds, sinister, scribe.) Depends on how you perceive it… © 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Creation’s Sound

Creation’s sound. The loveliest of birds greeted me this morning! They sang their morning warble as if to say all is going along as it should be, as it was meant to be. Their lovely song mesmerized me in dance with the eartH’s spirit swirling in me like October’s oft wintry breeze telling me that death is nothing more and nothing less than life gone beneath itself to the beginning, to Love… How could it be another way, my friends? How is it possible to have missed such a beautiful truth just beneath the feet? The HeartH of Creation’s song plays most crisp in the morning, it opens its eyes to itself as if it were all new again, as if the noise of life-fouled traffic were a waking dream and the truth was eartH’s sounds arising to greet itself and its sun… Love, you’ve been waiting for the day our noise won’t place itself upon the throne and bequeath this land as if to we and not, instead, for thee! O! Please forgive me my indifference! I am so sorry. Leave the motor running, the