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Idea was

The idea was to acclimate with one another to achieve a peaceful existence, belief is therefore trumped by reality, it needn't be, bring them both together, united to signify to you a very real Truth found in your very own belief!

If God's been waiting for us to choose for this long, God should have stepped in long before now, but not summoning Me until now, was a gamble that miraculously paid off, God'll be standing around for quite some time when it is not God we choose but the foul fear found in our creations! They've many names, Jesus, Muhammad, Krischnu, Doctrines! Every last one of them are wrong, this is the constant flux. Create it! Giddy up it and lets git `er done! When the time is ripe we shall rise to the occassion, none more so that Mark Richard Prime, who owes his use to Love and God, as the balance found in Peace. You are who you've believed you were from the beginning, God's, and since God can't be slapped on a page and drawn from imagini…

Listen Up, Brother!

The Christ was in Hell, spake the yelling man. Jesus was in the "fire" of "Hell", he did spout, to which, I told the church, `I'm in the fire now', to which an angels voice of righteousness cried out, a spontaneous, Amen! Caught me off guard, the ring in its tone, a righteousness which swiftly found itself out of breath- that was it, the time for Peace to be seen more and more, that those who I dance might know I mean them no harm, I am Peace, agitated? Sure. Wouldn't you be righteously humble i hour assessment of Me considering the truth that pours out my being. I have found God, and if it is not God, then I have tamed the foul beast of retribution! Rejoice with Me my friends! I am the last one! Won't I be surprised to see these looks on your irked faces, I am not the easiest one to assist, and for that I am most sorry. Backwards I go into Heaven, the back of the House, the door of belief open to reality, the marriage of Peace and God and Love and…