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Peace is the collective, Peace is Oneness with Life, Love, Forgiveness, Laughter... where One plus One equals One... an exponential and boundless truth in constant flux with all things.

Let humanity be the same, not alone, One.

Peace and Love
© 2015 Mark Richard Prime

The Weeping

I weep at our inability to see all as equals, brothers and sisters of the one seed, kinfolk, cousins, fellow stewards.

I weep at our indifference to Home and Family, our views of "those others", as if cleaving ourselves from their identical truth was some universal magic trick, some slight of hand that rendered us, the audience, blind to our own collusion with the illusion. I weep that the "illusion" produces a collective gasp of ignorance as the dove flaps its wings and emerges from beneath the veil.

Peace and Love

Mark Richard Prime

Opposing Instincts

Our opposing thumbs are the greatest difference between ourselves and most all other animals, so our instincts are able to go beyond a mere feeling or inclination and we can hone them toward our peaceful equilibrium.
I use the opposing thumb idea to draw a difference between our gift and our use of it. 
There is also the instinct of the spirit. I believe it's not just our physical that is, or can be, or will be ours to hone, yet our instincts should have evolved well beyond survival and reproduction by now. 
We are the most savage of all beasts. I suppose then, if we consider the fact of our savagery, we will sense that our instincts are diminished by our inventions and their destructive powers, and we might also begin to see that the instinct for survival and reproduction seem to be counter productive. Best we hone more than just those two "instincts", they're, quite literally, killing us and Home.
Survival, then, is different than living life in a state of goodnes…

Illogical Absolute

I see no point in our use if we don't take care of one another, if we don't cherish Home.

(Or if we don't worship God.)

Now you're just being redundant.

(God is not (H)earth or the collective, blasphemer!)

One spirit, God in all things, save for our destructive inventions, those are on us, much like war, theft, genocide, rape, starvation, pollution... all on us.

(When Jesus returns, all will be made well for believers.)

And now you're just being naive.

(Jesus is coming back for us, you Godless heathen!)

How am I Godless?



(You haven't asked God into your heart.)

I needn't ask. God is born within, never left. Any misuse of that truth shall be met by the swift recognition that the story is still unfolding in the constant flux and that any absolute is subject to change without notification.

(You're insane! Do you want to go to Hell?)

Hell's the absence of God, right?


Then hell doesn't exist.

(How did you figure that one?)

I d…